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Teaching plan of winter in Jinan

Time: September 16, 2017 12:01:09 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Teaching plan of winter in Jinan

Teaching is a kind of creative labor. Write a good one Teaching plan It is the comprehensive embodiment of designer's educational thought, wisdom, motivation, experience, personality and teaching artistry. The following is the "winter of Jinan" teaching plan, welcome to read.

 Teaching plan of winter in Jinan

Teaching plan of winter in Jinan

¡¡ [teaching objectives]

1. Learn to grasp the characteristics of the scenery, describe the scenery and blend the feelings and scenes, and cultivate the students' ability to discover and express the beauty.

2. Read repeatedly, taste the beauty of the artistic conception of the article, and feel the accuracy and vividness of the article language.

3. Understand the author's thoughts and feelings, and cultivate students' love for their hometown and motherland.

[key and difficult points in teaching]

1. Learn how to describe the scenery according to the characteristics of the scene.

2. Learn the natural, lively and expressive language of this article.

[class hour arrangement] 1 class hour

[teaching process]

First, the introduction of questions, stimulate interest

In Zhu Ziqing's works, the spring in the south of the Yangtze River is characterized by beautiful weather, beautiful mountains and clear waters, long grass and flying Orioles; In Li Daoyuan's works, the scenery of the Three Gorges is beautiful and swaying in four seasons; How about winter in Jinan described by Lao she? In the autumn of Jinan, he said: "God gave the art of summer to Switzerland, spring to the West Lake, autumn and winter to Jinan." Today, we will learn from his "winter in Jinan", to see what kind of beautiful scenery God has given Jinan, which makes the author so intoxicated.

¡¡ Second, read the text aloud to cultivate the sense of language

1. Writers and works.

(1) students exchange the collected materials.

(2) (courseware display)

Lao She (1899-1966), formerly known as Shu Qingchun, is a Manchu and a famous modern writer. His representative works include the novel Camel Xiangzi, four generations in the same hall and the drama Teahouse.

2. About Jinan.

It is located in Shandong Province, with Qianfo Mountain in the south, fomao mountain in the East, Ma'anshan and Sili mountain in the west, forming the natural barrier of Jinan. They are all "hills", and the highest thousand Buddha mountain is only 285 meters. The winter climate of Jinan is quite different from that of other places in northern China. There are many springs in the city, so it is called "Spring City".

3. The teacher should read with music Study Students should pay attention to teachers' language sense.

(the courseware shows the winter scenery)

4. Students read freely.

(1) with the help of reference books, remove the obstacles of writing and cultivate students' ability to solve problems independently

(courseware display)

Sound (XI) ¨£ It's sunny ¨®) Fall ? Spacious (CH ¨£ ng) ? Storage ¨´) Storage

Ch ¨¦ NG) Qing Ji (J ¨¬) ? Algae (Z ¨£ o) Xi ¨¢) Narrow ? Ethereal

(2) guide the students to discuss the method of reading aloud. Such as speaking slowly, soft tone, friendly tone, read love and so on.

Teacher's instruction: when reading the text, imagine the picture described by the author in mind.

5. Students can show and read with music.

Teachers and students should understand the emotion of reading aloud.

Third, grasp the overall situation and clarify the context of the full text

Teachers suggest reading methods: rough reading, grasp the basic content; Read carefully, understand the theme, figure out the vivid description, and understand how the author describes the scenery characteristics.

1. Students read silently and think.

(1) summarize the overall impression of the full text in one sentence£¨ From different angles).

(2) what are the general characteristics of winter in Jinan?

(3) which scenes are described in detail?

(4) how does the author describe the scenery?

2. Students cooperate to discuss the above problems.

(summary by teachers and students)

The full text grasps the characteristic of Jinan's "sound clear" in winter and describes the scenery of Jinan, such as mountains, water, city and snow.

From the perspective of their own feelings, the article always writes about the characteristics of "Xiangqing", and then describes three pictures of Jinan's warm winter: Jinan under the sun, the mountain scenery after snow, and the water of Jinan in winter.

The students read the text silently again.

¡¡¡¡ 4¡¢ Innovative activities: being a tour guide

1. If you are a tour guide, according to the understanding and understanding of the text just now, you want to introduce the winter characteristics of Jinan to a person who has not been to Jinan. How do you plan to explain it? Please use your own language to integrate the main contents of winter in Jinan.

2. Group communication display.

3. The whole class shows and the teacher comments.

5¡¢ Summary

1. Through different levels of reading perception. We have made it clear that the author has grasped the characteristics of Jinan's "ringing and sunny" in winter, and described the unique winter scenery of Jinan, expressing the author's deep love and praise for Jinan; Tour guide activities, deepen our grasp and understanding of the main content of the article.

2. Read the text carefully again, find out the wonderful pieces you like, and try to understand and taste them.

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