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Teaching plan of small class pig bath

Time: 15:03:08, March 28, 2018 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Teaching plan of small class pig bath


 Teaching plan of small class pig bath

1. Master the action of rolling, roll from one end of the mat to the other, and do not shake after standing;

2. Like rolling activities, like to play "piggy bath" game

   Key and difficult points:

Master the action essentials of rollover, roll from one end of the mat to the other, and do not shake after standing. Activity preparation:

   Experience preparation Children have experience of rolling on the grass.

   Material preparation: Arrange the field in the activity room with two cushions; Music "happy pig", "Bath Song", "blue sky"

   Activity process

1、 The beginning part

1. Explain the role: the teacher plays the role of pig mother, and children play the role of pig baby.

2. Warm up activities: listen to the music "happy pig" activities.

2、 Basic part

1. Children try to roll freely

Introduction: "piglets, we are clean and beautiful pigs. Today, mother will take you to take a bath in the river. Look! Here are two small rivers. You should wash from one end of the river to the other (the end with the arrow on the tip). You should wash the front and back of the body, up and down. After washing, many friends would like to play with us! Be careful to stand on the shore (where the green line is posted) after washing. "

Children try to roll their bodies on the mat, and the teacher observes the children's activities. Remind children: the body must be washed before and after.

2. Ask individual child to demonstrate roll action

Introduction: how does this little pig take a bath '?

The teacher explains the essentials of roll: sit gently (at the beginning of the cushion), lie down slowly (lie down carefully to avoid touching the head), roll quickly (with a certain speed), and stand firm (do not shake the body after standing).

3. The children try to practice the rollover again. During the practice, the teacher uses language or body language to remind the children to master the action essentials.

4. Game: Pig bath

Baby pigs, now we're going to take a bath together! Children line up to practice the roll movement completely, with the music of Bath Song.

One, two, three, four, soap (small hands on the chest to draw a circle); Two two three four, rub a rub (hands to rub); Three two three four, a scratch (small hands on both sides of the body to do itching shape); Four, two, three, four, one punch. Xiangxiang pig is ready!

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