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Curriculum design of primary school safety education

Time: 18:08:38, July 19, 2018 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Curriculum design of safety education in primary schools

Safety education in primary schools Teaching plan Design is compiled by fresh graduates, especially for those who need education plan. It is only for reference. The contents are as follows:

 Curriculum design of safety education in primary schools

   Teaching purpose:

1. Make students understand the potential safety hazards in the community and indoor.

2. Play proper games in the community and indoors and pay attention to safety.

   Teaching process:

1、 Import

1. There is a little boy as old as you, named Huanhuan. He is smart and lively, always alive and kicking. Even when he comes back home, he jumps from the stool to the sofa, and then from the sofa to the bed. His parents do not listen to him. As a result, when he was about to jump out of bed, he accidentally bumped into the foot of the cabinet and hit a big bag on his head. He was crying in pain.

Do you like him? Why?

2、 Teach new lessons

1. Play safe games in the community

(1) what should children pay attention to when they are playing in the community?

(2) the students expressed their opinions and expressed their own opinions. The rest of the students can express their opinions according to what they said 3) Teachers and students summarize the safety of playing games in the community; Do not climb the roof, climb trees, cross the ditch, jump from high places; Don't hide under the car, don't hide in the hiding place to scare others

2. Pay attention to safety when playing at home

(1) home is a paradise for children. Is there any potential safety hazard?

(2) why can't we chase and fight with children in the room?

(3) if you jump on the bed, is there no danger? Why?

(4) some children especially like to do handwork. They always put sharp objects such as scissors on the bed. Do you think this is right? Why?

3、 Extended training

1. There is a child named Kangkang who likes watching TV at home. He likes watching cartoons and children's programs, such as windmill, children's knowledge contest or intelligence contest. He won a prize in the competition! His parents often praise him, saying that he is more and more intelligent. What TV programs do you like to watch?

2. What other useful and safe games can we play at home?

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