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Excellent teaching plan of beautiful rainbow

Time: 09:39:42, October 4, 2018 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Excellent teaching plan of "beautiful rainbow" in the second volume of first grade Chinese of Beijing Normal University Edition

¡¡¡¡ Design concept:

 Excellent teaching plan of "beautiful rainbow" in the second volume of first grade Chinese of Beijing Normal University Edition

¡¡¡¡¡¶ chinese "Like reading" is regarded as the first goal of reading teaching in grade 1-2. To enable students to "read the text and feel the interest in reading", we should take a variety of means to make every student like reading, reading actively, and then regard reading as a kind of fun, a kind of enjoyment. Let students practice "yearning for a beautiful situation, feel the characteristics of language" and reading fun through reading.

¡¡¡¡ Textbook analysis:

This lesson is unit 10 of the textbook - the second theme text in the rain¡¶ Beautiful rainbow is a children's song full of children's interest. The author depicts the beautiful scene of rainbow after rain with rich imagination. This paper mainly describes a series of imagination triggered by the sight of rainbow by several children. Through the narration of Ding Ding and Dong Dong, as well as the questions of younger brother and sister, the beauty of rainbow and nature is described. The whole nursery rhyme is divided into six sections, each section is easy to understand, easy to read, and permeated with natural knowledge in learning, so students are very interested in learning.

¡¡¡¡ Teaching objectives:

Read the text correctly and fluently. Read the text, discuss and exchange, experience the beauty of rainbow, expand rich imagination, and experience the beauty of language in poetry.

2. Read 13 characters and continue to use various methods to read.

3. Be able to write 6 characters, write in order of strokes, write normally and correctly.

¡¡¡¡ Teaching emphasis:

Let the students learn the new words and read the text with emotion.

¡¡¡¡ Teaching difficulties:

Feel the beauty of rainbow and arouse the love of nature.

¡¡¡¡ Teaching methods:

Discussion and conversation

¡¡¡¡ Teaching strategies:

Independent, cooperative and inquiry learning mode

¡¡¡¡ Teaching preparation:

New word cards, multimedia courseware

¡¡¡¡ Teaching process:

¡¡¡¡ 1¡¢ Passion introduction.

Teacher: the teacher is glad to see that every child is full of energy. In order to reward everyone, the teacher brought a riddle. Do you want to have a guess?

Please pay attention to listen to: "there is a color bridge in the sky, so you can't walk without cement and wood. The sun made it.". Who knows what it is£¨ Rainbow, remind students to speak completely)

Do you and this classmate think the same? You know how to use your brains. Right, the answer is rainbow£¨ We all know that rainbow is a phenomenon in nature. Today, Mr. Hong invited rainbow to our classroom. Let's have a look at it!

(show the picture) a rainbow appears near the waterfall£¨ A rainbow is high in the blue sky£¨ There is also a beautiful rainbow by the lake. How do you feel when you see these rainbows?

(beautiful) the classmate is sincerely praising the beauty of the rainbow. The teacher heard that many children could not help but praise the beauty of rainbow. Today, teacher Hong invited a word doll to make friends with rainbow. What is this word? very smart. Students, do you use reading to tell the teacher what kind of rainbow it is£¨ "Beautiful rainbow"

Our good friends Ding Ding and Dong Dong see this beautiful rainbow, they also come, they also wrote a beautiful poem to express their happy mood at this time, let's share it, OK?

¡¡¡¡ 2¡¢ Read the text for the first time

Teacher: students, please gently open the 58 pages of the book. Mr. Hong is very happy to see that many children have opened their textbooks quickly and sat upright. Mr. Hong suggests that you use your little fingers to listen. If you hear the words you circled in the preview, you should listen more carefully. are you ready?

(play music and read aloud to students)

Teacher: students, you listened very carefully just now. It seems that you, like Mr. Hong, are attracted by this beautiful poem, aren't you? Do you want to learn it? Now, the teacher will ask you to read the poem with your little hand. If you encounter a word you don't know, you can ask, guess or check. Starting now.

Teacher: OK, the children are very serious£¨ I want to praise this classmate. He has just solved a word with XX method. Other children can also use this method when they encounter words they don't know.) Seeing that our children read so seriously, our rainbow friends are very happy. It specially invited every section of our poetry to our screen. It wants to see if you can read it through your own efforts.

Teacher: (show the first section) who will have a try? The other children's eyes look at the big screen, listen carefully to every word he reads, is it correct£¨ You read well. Please give him a little applause.

In this section, there are three words in red. Let's get to know them. The teacher comes to see which child sits the most upright. The teacher asks him to say hello to these two words.

(show: it's sunny after rain. The children read it better than before. There is also a word in red. As soon as it appears, we will call it by name£¨ Good. Let's read the first bar together. Students have read the correct pronunciation, if you can read more fluent, it would be better.

Teacher: the second section is coming out again. The teacher saw that the children of group X and Y raised their hands very actively. Please read it together£¨ Are there any other big groups clear about the problem? See who has the best ear, really capable)

The words in this section are also dressed in red. Look, who is it? I asked a child who could read her correctly to read it£¨ There is also a word in red, do you want to know it£¨ Show: how to remember the distance

Now please read it together.

Teacher: the other two groups, now it's up to you to show yourself£¨ Show section 3) other groups to evaluate our two groups. The next time we read, we should remember the little advice that this child gave us. I believe it will read better£¨ Emphasizing "must" is a postnasal sound)

(show: Fairy) who knows the word£¨ I hope you can read as loud and energetic as Mr. Hong. Who wants to try again? See the children so energetic, there is another word baby put on red clothes and say hello to everyone. Mr. Hong hopes you can read the word as loud and accurate as the teacher£¨ Show: wear)

Ask a child to read the passage together. Don't read it properly£¨ Other children look at the big screen and listen carefully£¨ How did he read? Give him a little applause.)

Teacher: seeing that Ding Ding and Dong Dong meet the beautiful rainbow, there are so many good questions that my little brother can't help asking Caihong. The teacher asked the boys in our class to read it together. We have to learn from XXX. Boys are ready£¨ Evaluation pronunciation)

(show: top) boys must be good teachers, read the correct pronunciation, and then read the word. Girls have a try. Boys are going to be primary teachers again (show: slide down) and girls come to read. How do you remember the word "slippery"? This girl read carefully, her eyes are always staring at our big screen, never left. Let's read these two words again.

Teacher: my little sister, please read what our girls said. I hope you can read as well as our boys£¨ I think some of our boys have found out the little advantages of our girls, haven't they? We should have eyes that are good at finding out the merits of others.

Teacher: there is only the last section left. Please raise your hand if you want to read it. Our children are really positive. The teacher gave the opportunity to everyone in the class. Let's put down their hands and read it together.

There are two words in this section that are particularly difficult for children who dare to challenge them and read them twice when they appear. One is (show: color) and the other is (show: getting lighter).

Teacher: students, our poem is back in our text again. Let's read the text together and feel the beauty of the rainbow£¨ It emphasizes the pronunciation of individual words, especially the front and back nasal sounds)

¡¡¡¡ 3¡¢ Read the text again

Teacher: hearing that the children are reading so smoothly, our rainbow friend specially entrusts Mr. Hong to ask questions to you to see if you can answer them by reading aloud. Please open the book.

Teacher: take care of the first section. What happened in the sky after the rain£¨ How nice, how can a rainbow hang in the sky? Who's going to read it? The teacher thinks that the rainbow is not high enough. Who will read it again£¨ I think it's a little high. Who will read it again£¨ Good reading. The teacher seems to see a rainbow hanging high in the sky. Let's read it together.

Teacher: what did Tintin say when he saw the beautiful rainbow? Let's read it together£¨ Ding Ding said, rainbow is a magic what? Please answer the teacher by reading aloud£¨ Rainbow is like a bridge! What kind of bridge is rainbow£¨ Let's talk about it together. What is a rainbow?

What bridge does Tintin want to do? Who will read it. How far is the Milky way from us, so we say it's far away. Children, Tintin thinks this bridge is very magical. Can you read it out? Try it all together. The teacher has felt the magic of the rainbow.

Teacher: after hearing what Ding Ding said, what did Dongdong say? The teacher asked the girls to read Dongdong's words£¨ What does winter and winter compare to rainbows? Winter and winter imagine the rainbow so beautiful, children, can you read the rainbow so beautiful with your voice? Read the whole class together£¨ You read the rainbow beautifully.

Teacher: seeing such a wonderful and beautiful rainbow, our little brother has a lot of problems. Let's ask curiously£¨ What does little brother think of the curved rainbow£¨ Where does he want to slide£¨ Boys and girls compete to read, read out the tone of questions)

6. Teacher: Ding Ding thinks that the rainbow is like a bridge, the winter and winter feel the rainbow is like a necklace, and the little brother also thinks that the rainbow is like a slide. Now we are standing in front of the rainbow. What do you think of the rainbow? Teachers like children who use their brains£¨ Speaking of color, the teacher felt the color of the rainbow was very beautiful/ Well said, it's shaped a bit like a scarf.

Now Mr. Hong wants to talk about what our rainbow looks like. Would you like to hear it.

Teacher: the little sister also has many questions. Who will play the little sister and ask them curiously£¨ Who makes the rainbow so beautiful£¨ Who painted the colorful clothes for it£¨ Who has such a huge pen£¨ Please answer)

How do rainbows come into being£¨ Supplementary knowledge)

Teacher: children, look, our rainbow has been hanging high in the sky. It is a little tired and wants to go home£¨ How does the color of the rainbow change? Can you send the rainbow home with your voice this time£¨ Look! Rainbow is really home! Would you like to invite rainbow back? Please open the textbook and read it again. Please read it with emotion. Maybe Caihong hears you read well and comes back again. The teacher gives you music.

¡¡¡¡ 4¡¢ Consolidate new words

Teacher: students, if we want to see the rainbow, we still need to climb a hill. When we get to the top of the mountain, we can see the rainbow. Mountaineer, please sit up straight and raise your fingers to challenge£¨ Show me the magic of sunny day, far away, the color will be smooth gradually)

Teacher: now we are at the top of the mountain, students, let's look up. Who is coming? Are you happy? Our rainbow also brings you a new word to make friends with you. Do you know it£¨ Who knows its structure? See if you're right£¨ The stroke order of this word is a little special. Let's have a look. Your little finger can follow the book together£¨ Do you remember? Let's have a book together. Now please carefully observe the position of "Ju" in the field grid, to share with you how to write this word well. Open the 59 sides of the textbook, the teacher said that the children described a stroke. While tracing, observe the position of the new characters in the field grid£¨ What kind of enthusiastic children come to make friends with our "giant" character?

¡¡¡¡ 5¡¢ Summary

Students, the rainbow is so beautiful and moving, from one end of the ground to the other, just like a ribbon woven by flowers, tied on the skirt of the blue sky. Red, orange, yellow, green, green, blue, purple, how charming. It solidifies all the soft colors of the world in the sky. It seems to bring us into a fairy tale like world, brilliant.

Do you want to read this beautiful rainbow again? While reading, you can add actions according to your imagination. In this way, rainbow friends will praise you for reading well. Let's stand up and read, and keep the beautiful rainbow in our hearts forever with our most beautiful voice!

¡¡¡¡ 6¡¢ Assign work

After going home, read and recite the text with your parents, OK?

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