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Excellent teaching plan for the second class of Xueer

Time: 09:29:28, November 9, 2018 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Excellent teaching plan for the second class of Xueer

¡¡¡¡ Teaching points: Learn the text, expand imagination, guide reading, and experience my feelings for Xueer.

 Excellent teaching plan for the second class of Xueer

¡¡¡¡ Teaching process:

1¡¢ Talking into new lessons

1. Review the first paragraph.

2. Transition: how lonely I am at home alone, and how I yearn for the bright spring outside! At this time, Dad

Bring me a pigeon.

3. Look at the picture.

Show the picture: students, look, this is the pigeon. How does it look£¨ Do you like it?

But it wasn't so cute, it wasn't so beautiful when Dad brought it home. What does it look like? Please read the second paragraph.

2¡¢ Intensive reading of the text

1. Learn the second paragraph.

(1) students read the text with questions and communicate.

What kind of pigeon did dad bring back£¨ Look at the picture)

How did the pigeon get hurt?

(2) what would you think if you saw the injured pigeon£¨ I'm not sure

My father and I think so, so how do they treat this poor pigeon£¨ Please read the text again and draw out the sentence of how Dad and I treat pigeons

Name of bath dressing)

(3) imagine: if it was you, what would you do? Combine with real life, imagine and practice speaking.

(4) after careful treatment by my father and I, what changes have taken place in this pigeon£¨ Look at the picture again)

It became white, so I named it


Imagine: what do you want to say when you see such a beautiful snow?

I love it more and more, so I say to it lovingly

The guide read my words with love.

(5) teachers and students read: from then on, I went to see (the white clouds floating on the blue sky) with Xueer every day. Can you give Piaoyou another word£¨ Freedom)

Imagine: looking at the blue sky floating leisurely. White clouds, what will Xueer and I think?

Guide reading: we should not only read the love for Xueer, but also read the yearning for nature of Xueer and I, and hope that our injuries will get better soon!

(6) read the second paragraph together.

2. Learn the third paragraph.

Transition: after a period of time together, the relationship between Xueer and me is getting deeper and deeper day by day. I also learned other things about Cher from my father. What have I learned? Please read the following paragraph freely.

(1) students read by themselves.

(2) student discussion.

Xueer is a carrier pigeon. She is not afraid of any difficulties and obstacles. She can fly over thousands of mountains and rivers. She is a blue sky messenger and a loyal friend of human beings. We should protect them and help them sincerely.

(show the pictures and write on the blackboard: hope, fly over mountains and rivers, and convey information)

(3) guide reading aloud.

3. Guide the study of the fourth and fifth natural paragraphs.

(1) teacher: Xueer is a faithful friend of mankind. I hope Xueer's injury will get better soon. Can my wish come true? When finally one day, Xueer can spread out her wings again, what's your mood£¨ What would you say?

(2) my mood in the text is the same as ours. Please find out which sentence has been written in the fourth paragraph of the text£¨ Blackboard writing: cheers)

(3) (show sentences) guide reading and comment in time£¨ Who can read the happy mood

(4) when the teacher reads the third sentence, the students close their eyes while listening and imagine how Xueer flies in the air.

How does Cher fly in the air? Who can show you?

Do you want to fly with Cher? Read and act the fourth paragraph together.

(5) Xueer is finally able to fly again. What's her mood at this time?

Although Xueer can fly, but it is also very reluctant to leave. Which sentence in the fifth paragraph reflects Xueer's mood at this time? Please read the fifth paragraph£¨ First sentence)

Xueer growled, what did she want to say to the little girl who took care of it?

Students practice speaking.

(6) Xueer, who has lived together for a long time, is about to leave. What will my mind think? What would I say?

Guide to read aloud and summarize.

4. Learn the sixth paragraph.

Read and show the sentences to understand the word "comfort".

Guide reading.

Third, summarize and instruct recitation

1. After learning this text, what kind of child do you think the little girl in the text is?

2. Through the study just now, which paragraph do you think is most touching? Can you write it down£¨ Students practice recitation freely. Name test.)

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