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Lesson plan design of seed friend

Time: December 28, 2018 11:44:29 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Lesson plan design of seed friend

   Teaching objectives: (knowledge goal, ability goal, thought goal)

 Lesson plan design of seed friend

1. I like to use my brain to enrich my activities and games.

2. Experience or know your own ability in the process of solving problems.

3. Be able to use more than one thing in life, reflecting innovation.

4. Understand safety knowledge to prevent accidents.

   Analysis of learning situation:

Playing with seeds is an opportunity for students to have close contact with seeds. Various kinds of seeds will arouse students' Association.

   Teaching equipment: Multi-Media

   Teaching methods: Activity teaching

   Teaching emphasis: I like to use my brain to enrich my activities and games.

   Teaching difficulties: In life, it can be used in many ways, reflecting innovation.

   Teaching key points: Experience or recognize your ability in the process of solving problems.

   Teaching procedure: (write the preparation and teaching process before class)

Game: a little gourmet

Teacher: shall we play a game? The name of the game is little gourmet.

Rules of the game:

1. Select one student from each group to cover their eyes and prepare for tasting.

2. Each group chooses another student to choose different food seeds and feed them to the blindfolded students. Let them guess what they are eating?

3. Come and taste it.

Is it delicious? Do you know what we're tasting?

Do you know which seeds are grain? Do you know how they came from?

Take a close look at the seeds we collect. What do you find?

Game: masquerade ball

Teacher: the seeds we collect are all different. Shall we separate them? After the division, please tell us how you separate them and what you divide them according to, OK?

Teacher: who will tell me, what is the basis for you to separate them? Now, if you compare them again, what are the differences between these seeds.

3. The animation shows that a seed appears several times repeatedly to make a beautiful picture. Do you want to try it?

Game: see who has the ability

Students, look at these lovely seeds, use them to spell out beautiful pictures, think about how this is done? Try it, too!

2. We are going to participate in the small gallery exhibition. Remind students to cooperate with each other in production.

3. Display the students' works to see who has the most skills and the most beautiful pictures.

4. Guide students to string the seeds together to make ornaments.

5. At the beginning of the dance, students show themselves.

6. Animation: what else can I do besides painting? Think about it!

7. Discuss in groups and find ways.

8. Each group reports its own achievements.

Homework: tell your parents what you found.

Blackboard Design: seed friend


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