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Teaching plan design of purple vine waterfall

Time: 14:35:38, January 14, 2019 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Teaching plan design model of purple vine waterfall

¡¡¡¡ Teaching objectives

 Teaching plan design model of purple vine waterfall

1. Grasp the context of the article, understand the main idea of the article, and read the text with emotion

2. Learn and use the learning methods of observation, feeling, association and thinking

3. Comprehend the author's implicit and profound thoughts and feelings and his thoughts on life

4. Self reflection, positive and optimistic attitude towards life setbacks, love life, cherish time

¡¡¡¡ Teaching focus

Read the text with emotion, understand the hierarchical structure and central idea of the article, and figure out the expressive power of words and key sentences

¡¡¡¡ Teaching difficulties

1. The symbolic meaning of wisteria and the manifestation of its theme

2. Understand the writing techniques of expressing emotions by means of scenery and expressing one's aspiration through things

¡¡¡¡ teaching method

Students' autonomy, cooperation and inquiry are the main teaching methods, and group discussion and class discussion are adopted

¡¡¡¡ Teaching preparation

1. Let students preview by themselves to understand the general idea and writing background of the article

2. Prepare several hanging pictures of the flowers of Wisteria vinifera

¡¡¡¡ teaching process

¡¡¡¡ Section A


1. Display the big wall picture of Wisteria vinifera to let students have a specific perception

One flower, one world, one tree, one Bodhi. These natural plants all contain profound philosophy. Today, we will also learn the same profound meaning of purple vines, open the text "Purple vines waterfall cloth", let's learn a new lesson, What is the author's feeling about the waterfall formed by the blooming Wisteria? What kind of enlightenment does purple vine bring to the author's life, and what kind of enlightenment does it give us?

2. Quickly read the text silently, mark each natural paragraph with a paragraph number, grasp the main idea of the text, understand the main idea of the text, segment the text, and see the main content of each paragraph?

There are 11 natural paragraphs in this paper

First paragraph: the first to the sixth natural paragraphs

The writer occasionally saw a lush purple vine

The second paragraph: the seventh to ninth natural paragraphs

The writer's anxiety and grief turn into spiritual, quiet and life joy.

The third paragraph: the tenth to eleventh natural paragraphs

The writer realized the eternity of life

3. Listen to the text recording, guide the students to experience the emotion of the work while listening, and think about the question: from what aspects does the author describe the wisteria in full bloom? How does the author describe the flowers of Wisteria?

Ask students to answer thinking questions

The author writes from three aspects

(1) color: a brilliant lavender, deep light purple, purple large banner, with a little silver light, like a splash of water. How do students understand the word "splash"?

(2) shape: it is like a waterfall falling down from the air, without its origin or terminal. A tree of shining, blooming vines. Flowers in clusters, one after another.

(3) state: it seems to be flowing, laughing and growing. In and the sun tease each other, push each other squeeze.

The author writes about each spike first, and then each more flower. First write the color of flower interest, "each ear of flower is in full bloom on the top. Under the sail, there is a cabin with a sharp bottom. The cabin is bulging, and it looks like a smile that can't help laughing, and it is about to bloom." Finally write the fragrance of the flowers, "the faint fragrance of flowers, the fragrance seems to be light purple, and the dream gently covers me."

(4) read the text aloud. Read the text in groups and sections to see which group can read out the feelings expressed in the text best.

(5) homework after class

Complete "discussion and practice" 2

¡¡¡¡ Section B


In the last class, we learned the general idea of the article, grasped the context of the article, experienced the author's delicate description of the purple vine, and experienced the author's emotion. In this class, we will continue to study the text deeply, understand the central idea, feel the emotional changes of the author and the feelings gained by the author in appreciating the purple vine.

(1) reading the text in different ways, such as reading separately, reading together, reading with emphasis, and so on. Set thinking questions.

A. what is the function of the first paragraph of the article£¨ Answer points: the author's inner reaction, the suspense foreshadowing of the full text)

B. in what aspects does the second paragraph of the article describe Wisteria? What are its characteristics£¨ Main point: flower shaped, characterized by "like a waterfall")

C. from the third to the seventh natural sections, what are the main aspects of describing Wisteria? How to understand the author in this paragraph by the lively flowers to write their own spirit of writing ideas£¨ Main points: the color of the flower, the lively of the design and color caused the author's anxiety and grief, and missed his brother)

D. what about the eighth and ninth paragraphs? And from what aspects is the description of Wisteria? What are the characteristics? Why does the author mention the destruction and rebirth of wisteria and what is its purpose£¨ Key points: floral fragrance, connecting the preceding with the following)

(2) independent inquiry learning, group discussion, thinking about the changes of wisteria and the author's emotional change and perception

On the basis of intra group communication, select the common and representative problems, and then communicate between groups. If there are different opinions, the whole class will discuss and give guidance. Guide students to sum up the problems as follows:

Issues discussed in group 1

A. what changes have happened to Wisteria? Why does the author have such strong feelings for Wisteria vinifera£¨ Ten years ago, the wisteria outside my house was demolished. After many years, the flowers of Wisteria are in full bloom again. The author is moved by the scenery and his thoughts fluctuate.)

B. what changes have taken place in the author's feelings? Why is there such a change?

Issues discussed in group 2

C. in connection with the author's emotional changes, try to talk about the symbolic significance of Wisteria£¨ The fate of Wisteria vinifera, from the rare flowers to the destruction, to the present, is the portrayal and symbol of the fate of the whole country for more than ten years.)

D. appreciate the use of exquisite sentences in the passage, and realize the author's perception of life caused by the purple vine waterfall£¨ Let students play freely, and then give comments)

Issues discussed in group 3

E. how to understand "flowers and people have all kinds of misfortune, but the long river of life is endless?"£¨ When encountering misfortune, we should not be overwhelmed by adversity. We should keep firm faith in the beauty and long-term of life. After bad luck, we should face a new life, cheer up and devote ourselves to the great cause

What is the profound meaning of the last paragraph and what is the relationship between the last paragraph and the first paragraph£¨ Feel the eternity of life and take care of the first natural paragraph)

Issues discussed in group 4

G. summarize the central idea of the article (the writer meets a tree of Wisteria in full bloom, feels relieved by seeing things, and turns the grief and anxiety of losing his brother into spiritual tranquility, realizes that life is eternal and praises the tenacity and beauty of life

(3) open thinking and discussion

After the students have an overall understanding of the article, after understanding the author's writing background, students can have a new understanding of life and life through the appreciation of the three parts of the content: looking at flowers, remembering flowers and thinking about flowers.

What sentences in the text resonate with you? Talk about the experience.

B. after studying this text, how do you think you should deal with the setbacks in life, and let's talk about your thinking about life and life.

(4) classroom summary

The purple vine waterfall shows us the picture of life: the purple vine does not compete with the flowers, it blooms alone when the flowers are withering, no one loves them in spring, and the bees and butterflies do not care about them. However, they show their lives to their heart's content, and they are proud and confident to exult and frolic for their beautiful life. However, looking back on the past ten years, the "anxiety and grief" in our hearts will make us feel a kind of heavy, a kind of sadness. Careful taste of this short article makes people suddenly realize that only those who have experienced hardship will cherish life and cherish life. Just as Zongpu said, "the long river of life is endless", everyone should be like the flowers of Wisteria vinifera to live in the long river of life with full vitality, making life more colorful.

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