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Language teaching plan for big class of strange tree

Time: 11:24:33, February 7, 2019 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Language teaching plan for big class of strange tree

Teaching objectives:

 Language teaching plan for big class of strange tree

1. Guide children to understand the main plot and characters of fairy tales, and preliminarily learn and summarize the theme of the works.

2. Helping children experience caring for others will bring happiness to themselves.

3. Help children feel beautiful, smart and bald.

Teaching preparation:

1. Magnet activity teaching aids "strange small trees", small ants, small leaves of various shapes and oranges, apples, dates, pears.

2. Music tapes.

3. Computer floppy disk.

Teaching process:

1. Discussion: what is the function of leaves.

Second, tell the story in sections and layers, guide children to discuss, help children feel the story initially, understand the main plot of the story, and tell the story in sections.

put questions to:

1. What does the little tree think when there is only one small leaf left?

2. Can small trees save ants? What does it think? How?

3. What has become of the small trees?

4. Where is the strange little tree? Do you like it? Why?

3. Name the story "strange little tree"

Fourth, the use of multimedia teaching, the second complete story telling, further guide children familiar with the story, understand the story plot, initially learn to summarize the theme.

5. Discussion:

1. Why does the story say that small trees are strange ones?

2. What can we do to help the tree?

How does a small tree become a strange one

Why are people willing to help it?

4. If you plant strange trees, what do you want to grow on them? Draw it when you get home.

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