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Understanding the large class teaching plan of safety signs

Time: November 13, 2020 11:38:38 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Understanding the large class teaching plan of safety signs

As an excellent educator, it is inevitable to compile Teaching plan The teaching plan is conducive to the improvement of teaching level and the development of teaching and research activities. Do you know about the lesson plan? The following is a small collection of knowledge of safety signs large class teaching plan, you are welcome to learn from and reference, I hope to help you.

 Understanding the large class teaching plan of safety signs

¡¡¡¡ Activity objectives

1. Encourage children to be observant people in life.

2. Further develop children's ability of language expression, observation and judgment.

3, help children to understand some common signs in life, the main understanding: be careful of electric shock, be careful of poisoning, prohibit fireworks.

4. Know basic safety knowledge, know simple self rescue methods after fire, and improve self-protection awareness.

5. Cultivate children's ability to solve problems with their existing life experience.

¡¡¡¡ Activity preparation

1. A set of multimedia courseware

2. A set of safety signs

3. Four wall charts

4. Arrange "safety picture exhibition"

¡¡¡¡ Activity process

1. The beginning part: the sign that the multimedia courseware can talk is introduced. Subject: who was talking just now to remind us to pay attention to safety (safety signs) there are many such signs around our lives that remind us to pay attention to safety, so we need to know it. Children see it - it's coming (logo doll appears on the big screen: Hello children! I'm a symbol doll. Today I brought a lot of friends. They are hidden in the activity room. Can you find them and be good friends with them Can you tell the teacher where you found it? Was it found above or below the little chair?

2. Basic part: get to know the safety marker: children, let's sit down and whisper with your logo friend, and see what his name is?

Remind us what to do? You can also tell your best friend the name of your logo friend. Let's talk to each other. Think about it£¨ Now the teacher asks the children to introduce your logo friend to everyone, so that everyone can get to know him (ask three children to introduce his logo friend). So many children want to introduce your friend, so please send your logo friend to the magnetic board, and the teacher and you can get to know each other. The teacher has a small request: please put the same color, the same shape logo friends in a row, if there are two of the same 'we only leave one.

(the teacher and the children come to know the safety signs together) the children have invited the logo friends to the large screen when they look at the sign dolls. Just now, some of the logo dolls came late. We haven't known each other. Can you find them£¨ Children look for, teachers operate multimedia to find three signs: be careful of electric shock, be careful of poisoning, no fireworks) be careful of electric shock: warn us that there is electricity, danger, tell us that children do not touch with hands, can not go in to play, to stay away from this place.

Be careful of poisoning: remind us that the items here are highly toxic and must not be touched by hand.

No fireworks: tell us that all the things piled up here are inflammable. No lighting, smoking and firecrackers are allowed here. Otherwise, there will be a fire.

Children, is the fire terrible? Heartless fire can swallow houses, make people homeless, fire can also swallow a piece of forest, let animals have no home, fire can also burn people and animals, let us feel pain, so fire is too terrible. Children, what should we do in case of fire around us£¨ The teacher here have a few questions for children to think about: if there is a small fire around us, what should we do£¨ What if a small fire turns into a big one£¨ If we are trapped in the house after the fire, what should we do£¨ Let's not let the smoke enter the room. Then open the window, take out the most colorful clothes and shout: help! People will come to you when they hear the call. What do we do with friends on the big screen£¨ Today, the teacher and the children know so many safety signs. You know what to do after the fire? We not only protect ourselves, but also learn to help others. Here are some pictures. Many dangerous places have no safety signs. We put a safety sign on it so that people will know what to do when they come here£¨ The children are divided into 4 groups to paste safety signs on the designed scene, and finally the teacher leads the children to summarize and comment)

3. Closing part: visit the safety picture exhibition. Today's children have performed very well. In the future, children should pay attention to the signs around your life to remind us what to do? We also have a logo picture exhibition here. The teacher will show you around. We will also be small designers to design more signs.

4. Activity extension: design logo for kindergarten

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