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Small class lesson plan beautiful balloon

Time: 2021-03-19 15:10:18 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Small class lesson plan beautiful balloon

As an outstanding teaching staff, they may need to prepare teaching plans. With the help of teaching plans, teaching quality can be improved and expected teaching effects can be achieved. How to focus on the teaching plan? The following is a small class teaching plan "beautiful balloon", I hope to help you.

 Small class lesson plan beautiful balloon

Small class lesson plan "beautiful balloon" 1


1. Be able to use familiar and favorite graphics and colors for simple decoration.

2. Like painting, learn and be willing to express their own ideas

Activity preparation:

1. Ppt courseware beautiful hot air balloon

2. Hot air balloons of various sizes and colors

3. Gouache pen, brush, acrylic and other tools and materials

4. Be able to provide hot air balloon painting when necessary

Key points and difficulties:

Key points: be able to use familiar and favorite graphics and colors for simple decoration.

Difficulties: like painting, learn and be willing to express their ideas

Activity process:

(1) the beginning

Arouse children's interest: "let's decorate our art area beautifully, OK?"

(2) on going part

1. Guide children to understand the size, color, shape and structure of hot air balloon by watching the courseware

Key questions:

(1) what color of "hot air balloon" do you see?

(2) what are the shapes of hot air balloons?

2. Support and encourage children to observe and play with hot air balloons.

Teacher: "you go and choose a balloon of your own color."

3. Support and encourage children to decorate hot air balloons with their favorite colors.

Requirements: choose your favorite color; Use as much paint as you need, and take it when you've run out; Keep the floor clean, etc

4. Children show their works and introduce them to teachers and children.

Teacher: "will the decorated children share with the teacher and other children?"

(3) closing part

Decorate the balloon decorated by children

Teacher: "look! Is our Art District beautiful? Give yourself a big hand

Small class lesson plan beautiful balloon 2

   Activity objectives

1. Cultivate children's interest in color and fully display their feelings of color.

2. Cultivate children's ability to observe color.

3. Stimulate children's imagination.

4. Experience the balanced beauty of color and pattern symmetry in creation.

5. Cultivate children's good painting habits.

   Key points and difficulties in Teaching

Emphasis: add red, yellow, blue three kinds of color understanding

Difficulty: draw your favorite balloon according to your imagination.

   Activity preparation

1. The classroom is decorated with colorful balloons?

2. White paper, oil painting stick

   Activity process:

The beginning part: play balloon, arouse children's interest.

Teacher: "now let's go and see how our classroom is different from usual.

Wow, do you like so many balloons? You go and play Children play with balloons freely)

Basic part:

1. Children find their favorite balloons and learn about color together.

Teacher: "do you like so many colorful balloons? Now find a balloon you like and tell your partner what color it is

2: group play the game "balloon jump"

Teacher: "let's play the game" balloon jump "to see who has the highest balloon jump.

Children read children's songs: "big balloons, really fun, there are yellow, red, blue. Jump, shoot, my balloon is so funny. "

3: after the game, please return to your seat and come to the front desk one by one to tell you what color the balloon is.

4: Children's painting

Teacher: "the colorful balloon is so beautiful, can we try to draw it on the paper?" Teachers guide children to draw.

The end part: children appreciate each other's works.

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