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Small class teaching plan Tangram

Time: 2021-03-19 16:42:36 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Small class teaching plan Tangram

In the actual teaching activities of teaching workers, we have to write a teaching plan, which is the basic condition to ensure the success of teaching and improve the quality of teaching. Come to see how the teaching plan is written! The following is the small class teaching plan "jigsaw puzzle", we welcome your reference and hope to help you.

 Small class teaching plan Tangram

Small class lesson plan Tangram 1


1. Consolidate the understanding of triangle, square and quadrilateral.

2. Be able to make different graphics according to the drawings.

3. Like to participate in group activities, interested in tangram.

   Activity preparation:

1. A set of jigsaw puzzle.

2. Several different drawings.

3. Ppt courseware.

4. Music "happy ocean"

   Activity process:

   1、 Know the jigsaw puzzle.

Teacher: there are many graphic babies coming to our class today. Are you welcome? Let's see who they are?

The teacher shows the tangram and guides the children to observe the figures and colors in the jigsaw puzzle? Consolidate children's understanding of triangles and squares, initially understand "quadrilateral", understand the characteristics of "quadrilateral".

Teacher: let's see what colors they are? What shape? Do you know a new friend? Let's count. How many sides does it have? It has a nice name called quadrilateral.

3. Preliminary understanding of Tangram

Teacher: the home where these graphic babies live is called the tangram.

   2、 Graphic baby moves to a new home.

Teacher: Graphic babies have lived in the tangram house for a long time. They want to change their home. Let's see what their new home looks like.

2. Show the drawings: plane, fish, house, bird.

Teacher: they have so many new homes. Let's help graphic baby move to a new home!

Teachers demonstrate the operation (house), children together to help graphic baby move to a new home.

Teacher: what do you think of the new home moved by graphic babies House)

   3、 Children operation activities.

1. Teacher: the children are so smart that they have all been sent home. Next, I'd like to ask you to help the graphic baby move to another new home.

2. Teachers put forward operation requirements:

Teacher: each child chooses a favorite "home" to help graphic babies move from the "jigsaw puzzle" home to a new home! Let's go!

3. Children operation.

   4、 Exhibition of works

Show children's works, please tell me what your new home looks like for graphic baby?

   5、 Games like moving

Teacher: the graphic babies are very happy when they move to their new home. They invite the children to play games together.

The teacher plays music and the children end the activity in the music game.

Small class teaching plan Tangram 2

   Activity objectives

1: make children perceive the changes of graphics through various senses, so that children are interested in tangram.

2: cultivate children's imagination and creativity.

3: guide children to actively interact with materials and experience the fun of activities.

4: cultivate the habit of telling while operating.

   Key points and difficulties in Teaching

Using Tangram to make various patterns and create new patterns

   Activity preparation

1: the teacher has prepared a jigsaw puzzle pattern in advance. 2: On each child's table is a Qiqiao, which is the same in color and size.

   Activity process

Import activity

1: let children observe the figure on the table and ask: what is this? Who can say their names? Children answer: triangle, square. Teacher: great. Teacher: how many figures are there in your hand? Child: say seven yuan at a time. Teacher: let me tell you, they have a common name called tangram. They can make many unexpected patterns with them. It's very strange. Don't believe the babies to have a try, OK? The teacher first showed the previous works, and the children found it very interesting to see it, so they immediately cried out that the teacher wanted to try.

2: let's go. Let's move your smart brains and your flexible hands.; As a teacher, the children observe and explain or give examples to children who don't understand the lesson. Xiyao children boldly put forward that teacher, I only used a triangle and a square to build a house. I laughed and said that you are wonderful, but there are seven pieces of tangram. When you use it to spell other patterns, seven pieces are indispensable. Do you see the teacher's "is this fish seven pieces?"? Xiyao seriously counted and nodded and said yes, I encourage her to do it. Let's have a try together, but Xiyao said, "no, I can do it, teacher.". After listening to it, I think I admire such a small child. He is confident enough. This tells us not to underestimate children.

3: after free assembly, I asked the children to stand up boldly and introduce their works to everyone. The children were very excited. Xiao Gang said I've put together a car waiting for me to take you out to play, very interesting children. Yuhan said that I put together a boat, but some children said it was not like a small flag on the ground. I said you were all right. That's what you think it is. After I said this, it seemed that the children had no worries and were all competing to introduce their own works.


Some children didn't spell it out. I suggest that we should cooperate with each other in the next class to see which group works well.

Small class teaching plan Tangram 3


1. Know the name of the figure in tangram.

2. In the game, boldly splice the tangram, change different shapes, and associate the shapes.

3. Like to play the game of jigsaw puzzle and be interested in various shapes.

4. Guide children to enrich their works with auxiliary materials and cultivate their bold innovation ability.

5. In the process of imaginative creation, you can use simple materials to decorate and experience the pleasure of success.

Experience preparation:

Know how to operate tangram.

1. Wall chart (the picture made by the teacher with Tangram).

2. One set of tangram.

Activity process:

Teacher: what kind of toy is this? How can you play Tangram The children can imagine freely, and the teacher can also use the jigsaw puzzle with the advice of the children.)

2. The teacher will hang his own Tangram pictures on the blackboard.

(1) the teacher took out the first picture and asked the child.

Teacher: children, what do you see in this picture What is it made of How many of them are there What shape is there in it There are triangle, square and parallelogram; The teacher and the child talk and take out the corresponding graphics to let the children remember.) How many triangles are there? How many squares are there? How many parallelograms? What else can the tangram do?

(2) the teacher takes out the figures in turn and observes and discusses with the children how to spell the tangram.

The end.

Teacher: children, I've seen so many pieces of jigsaw puzzle. Do you want to make a jigsaw puzzle yourself Let the child think about how to spell it.

Extension activities:

Children, today's Tangram can be taken home, let's spell it with mom and dad.

Teaching reflection:

As a teacher, we should be good at discovering the different characteristics of children, give each child incentive evaluation, fully excavate the successful things in the works, give positive affirmation, so that they can get the successful experience, feel the fun of manual activities, and enhance their self-confidence.

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