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Tire lesson plan for middle class sports activities

Time: 2021-03-19 17:14:34 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Model text of tire lesson plan for middle class sports activities (5 selected)

In the actual teaching activities of the teaching staff, it is often necessary to compile the teaching plan, which is the joint point of the transformation from lesson preparation to classroom teaching. So how to write a teaching plan? The following is a collection of small class sports fun tire lesson plan (selected 5), for reference only, hope to help you.

 Model text of tire lesson plan for middle class sports activities (5 selected)

Tire lesson plan for middle class sports activities


1. Guide children to explore a variety of tire playing methods boldly and actively innovate.

2. Through the game practice walking, running, jumping and other basic skills, improve children's sensitivity and horizontal sense.

3. Experience the happiness of independent games and the awareness of friendly cooperation with others.

4. In the activity, let the children experience the joy of playing with their peers and be willing to play with their peers.

5. Through activities, children learn to play and feel the fun of games.

Activity preparation:

Several tires, balance beam, obstacles, rope, safflower, music, etc.

Focus of activities:

Can explore how to play with tires.

Activity process:

1. Warm up activity preparation: everyone finds a tire to warm up.

Second, explore how to play with tires.

1. The teacher guides the children to talk about several ways to play with tires. Ask the children to demonstrate and guide them to learn from each other and correct their actions in time.

2. Guide children to pay attention to self-protection when playing games with tires.

3¡¢ Breakthrough game

The teacher guides the children to say how to play the tire and divides them into groups.

Play one: (drive the car) roll the tire. Roll the tire with one or both hands, and be able to bypass obstacles.

Play 2: (cross the log bridge) roll the tire on the bench. Each child has a tire and is divided into two groups. One by one, the tires rolled on the bench.

Play three: (rabbit jump) jump tire. The children jump from the center of one tire to the center of another.

Play four: cross the river (take the tire).

1. The tires are placed on the ground one by one, and the children walk on both ends of the tires.

2. Put the tires one by one on the ground, and two children hold each other and step on the tires.

(small Porter) transport tires. Take the tire mountain away (two people work together to transport the tire with rope), and after transporting the hill forest, you can get the prize (little Honghua).

5. Relax and finish the conversation.

Teacher: are children tired after playing with tires? Let's find a tire and sit down for a rest.

Teacher: today, children have come up with many ways to play with tires. In fact, there are many tires in our garden. As long as children use their brains, they can have more interesting ways to play with tires. Roll our tires, let's go home!

Fun tire lesson plan for middle class sports activities 2

Activity objectives

1. Children can freely explore and discover all kinds of playing methods of tires.

2. Be able to play together with other children and be willing to communicate with others and share different playing methods.

3. Cultivate children's creative and diffusive thinking and stimulate their interest in sports activities.

Activity preparation

1. Courseware: Song Health Song

2. Some tires.

Activity process

1¡¢ Stimulate interest in activities


Teacher: children, it's a nice day today. Let's do some exercise together!

Following the "Health Song" music, the teacher led the children to do warm-up exercise together.

2. Children are free to explore various ways to play with tires

1. Organize children to come to the activity site with tires.

Teacher: what can tires do?

(let children speak freely)

Apart from being used as wheels, what else can a tire do?

(encourage children to use their imagination and speak out their own ideas.)

2. How to play with tires?

3. Children and teachers explore different ways to play tires.

In the process of exploration, children are encouraged to communicate with each other in creative ways, and their creative interest and enthusiasm are encouraged.

3. Exchange and experience all kinds of new ways to play tires

Guide children to cooperate with each other, impart experience, improve children's sports ability.

1. Cross the bridge: put the tires in a row, and children walk over it.

(exercise children's ability to walk and balance)

2. Crossing obstacles: line up the tires and jump in line.

(training children's ability to jump)

3. Pusher: children push the tire from the starting point to the designated place.

(exercise the flexibility of children's hands and feet)

4. Cave drilling: two children, one left and one right, hold the tire while the other children drill through the middle of the tire.

(develop children's ability to drill and climb)

5. Catch up with the tire: force the tire to roll, and then follow the direction of the tire rolling to catch up.

4¡¢ End of the event

Teacher's summary: there are many ways to play tires. Children can use their brains to think more. You can also play with your friends.

Fun tire lesson plan for middle class sports activities 3

[activity design]

The goal of sports activities is to develop children's basic movements, improve their physical quality, cultivate their healthy psychological quality and improve their intelligence level. Physical activity is not only the 'Education (physiological goal) of the body, but also an activity of education through the body. We collected the tires of the car. In the process of the activity, the children played new tricks. I combined these patterns to become children's favorite game activities, and thus designed a large class sports activity: Fun tires.

[activity objectives]

1. Try different ways of playing tires, develop basic movements such as balance and jumping, and improve the coordination and sensitivity of movements.

2. Freely explore the method of carrying tire with load to enhance the strength of upper limb muscles.

3. Cultivate the will to overcome difficulties and experience the happiness of sports activities.

4. Cultivate children's sense of cooperation and learn unity and humility.

5. Cultivate children's concept of unity and cooperation.

[activity preparation]

Tire number, logo, ring, music.

[activity process]

1¡¢ Preparation activities

1. Children act according to the command

2. Formation practice: six columns - three columns - Dayuan - liuliuhuafa - three columns - six columns - even number arrangement walk - run.

In this link, I organized children to carry out queue training, warm-up exercise.

2¡¢ Exploration activities

I allow children to freely explore a variety of ways to play "tires", which can be played by one person or by many people.

The teacher conducts inspection, guidance and encouragement to make children pay attention to safety, trip and collide with children.

After children play with tires, teachers guide children to talk about how to play with tires£¨ Please show the children how to play

3¡¢ Children's weight-bearing games

Teachers inspire children to use a variety of methods to transport tires, children try to practice. Through the teacher's demonstration of the method of transporting tires, people stand in the tires, lift the tires with both hands, and practice in groups.

On the basis of the children's learning how to transport tires, the children are required to cooperate with each other.

4. Relaxation exercise.

After the whole activity, the amount of exercise and exercise density were in place. The teacher asked the children to sit in the tires, beat their legs and "row a boat.". This is conducive to the elimination of children's physical fatigue, more conducive to children's health, in the joy of success to end the entire activity.

Fun tire lesson plan for middle class sports activities 4

Activity objectives

1. Develop children's big muscle group, and practice walking, running, jumping, balance and other basic movements.

2. Learn team work to complete the task.

3. Experience the happiness of success in the game.

Activity preparation

1. Some tires (one fourth of the number of children) and rubber balls.

2. Audio: the sound of flood, the sound of driving train, the music of game.

Activity process

I. import part:


1. Introduce a good friend Yuanyuan (tire)

2. Self made tire rhythmic exercise: each child stands in the middle of the tire, listening to the happy music and doing head, shoulder, body rotation, archery, tiptoe and other movements around the tire.

2¡¢ Game part

1. Game: driving the train.

(1) teachers organize children to build a train and practice "running, squatting, jumping" and other movements.

Teacher: today, the teacher will take the baby animals to the forest. Please listen to the teacher's command carefully; The small train is going to drill a cave... (the teacher stressed that when taking the train, hands should not be let go, and "one car is connected with one car") the road ahead is so steep£¨ Teacher takes children to practice jumping

(2) "suddenly it rained. Oh, the flood is coming. Find a place to hide." The teacher led the children to stand on the tire, and reminded the children to find a way, not to let their children fall in the flood, must protect their peers.

(3) "the little animals come to the grass", the teacher asked the children to tell us how to save themselves in the flood.

Teacher: just now the teacher found that some small animals fell under the tire and were submerged by the flood. Why is this? Guide children to understand that peer care is necessary to overcome difficulties.

Teacher: how can we keep all our baby animals from falling off their tires?

The teacher asked four children to show their imagination freely. The four children stood on the tire in groups, so that they would not fall off the tire.

(4) "the flood is coming again, go to the round home" children play again, trying to feel the joy of success without falling off the tire.

2. Game: eat watermelon.

Situation: the small animals continue to walk, walk, walk, come to a desert, the desert is full of sand, no trees, no water. Small animals are thirsty are almost exhausted, small animals are saying: "who will help me?" All of a sudden, at this time, a big watermelon fell from the world. (the teacher received the ball) the teacher bit a "big watermelon" to quench his thirst. Every small animal bit a big watermelon to quench his thirst (children circle around and pass the "watermelon" one by one)

Requirements: watermelon can not fall to the ground, faster and faster£¨ Teachers and children around a circle, eat watermelon, if in the process of eating, watermelon fell to the ground, then eat watermelon again. The teacher stressed that don't drop the watermelon on the ground. If it falls on the ground, other small animals will be very thirsty and uncomfortable if they don't eat it.)

3. Small ball crossing the bridge:

Scene: Yuanyuan wants to have a river, but there is no bridge on the river. What should I do?

Please hold hands with each 2 children, one by one to build a bridge, small ball on the bridge built by children's hands£¨ Requirements: the ball should not fall into the water when crossing the bridge) children should first practice to let the ball cross the bridge and discuss how to prevent the ball from falling down.

3¡¢ Closing part

Relax: ask children to play ball (but not one for each person), so that children can learn to share toys.

Fun tire lesson plan for middle class sports activities 5

Applicable classes : Taipan

Materials used: Waste tires, colored rope, etc.

Objective: To study the clinical effect of the method Exercise children's arm strength and joint flexibility.

Activity design:

1. Driving a car: hold the tire with both hands and roll forward. You can walk along a straight line or a circle, or walk around an obstacle; It can be fast or slow.

2. Hercules: please stand in the tire, grasp the inner ring of the tire with both hands, and walk along a straight line or change formation.

3. Crossing the bridge: put the tires in the shape of a bridge in turn. The tires can be separated by a certain distance, or the height can be increased, so that the children can keep balance and walk over. You can increase height or speed after proficiency.

4. Walking in square array: put the tire in any shape, and ask children to walk freely in the square array. The foot cannot step on the ground, if the foot is not careful to step on the ground, it is a foul.

5. Tamping: tie four ropes evenly on the tire, four children in a group, each pulling a rope. Lift the tires together, then put them down together. We can shout slogans to play games and cultivate children's cooperation ability.

6. Trailer: tie the rope to the tire, hold the rope with both hands and walk forward or backward. You can walk freely or along the line.

7. Dwarfs walking: children sit in the tires and become dwarfs, dragging the tires forward with both hands. When pulling the tire upward and forward, the body should leave the tire; When the hand stops, the body can sit on the tire and walk faster than the dwarf.

8. Jumping circle: standing on the tire with two feet, gently jump up and down again, you can perform your favorite action or shape while jumping.

9. Circle: two children stand face to face on the tire, gently grasp each other with their hands, and walk clockwise. Their bodies should keep balance. If they step on the ground, they will lose. They can also walk back to back.

10. Roll around: two children stand face to face. A pair of children hold the tire and push it forward after hearing the command. The opposite child catches the tire and pushes it back. Compared with which two children insist on a longer time, and the tire did not fall down.

11. Bumper car: two children stand face to face with their tires, listen to the command and push the tires forward along a straight line. If the two tires collide, whose tires fall down first is the loss.

12. See who can throw the ball correctly: put the tires in various shapes, ask the children to stand behind the sign line and throw the ball hard to see whose ball can enter the "cave".

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