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Delicious spinach_ Teaching plan of small class in kindergarten

Time: 2021-03-19 18:32:30 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Delicious spinach_ Teaching plan of small class in kindergarten

Before teaching activities, teachers often need to prepare teaching plans, which are the general organization program and action plan of teaching activities. Come to the lesson plan you need! The following is the delicious spinach collected by Xiaobian_ Kindergarten small class teaching plan, for reference only, welcome to read.

 Delicious spinach_ Teaching plan of small class in kindergarten

Delicious spinach_ Small class teaching plan 1


1. Learn to press and hold the rolled ball with your hand to improve your control ability.

2. Experience the joy of playing ball together.

Activity preparation: one ball for each person, tape recording

Activity flow: experience d practice

Activity process

Teachers' assumption and children's reaction

Warm up exercise: mother cat leads her baby to do exercises together

2. Kitten learning skills:

1. Catch the mouse: press and hold the rolling ball.

1) children's demonstration: press the ball rolled by the partner with your hand.

2) divide the children into six groups and stand up. Then one group of children rolls the ball over. The opposite child presses the ball rolled by his partner with his hand, and he should make a hand in the front of the ball Capable children can lengthen the distance between two people)

1,3) guidance of children's game teachers.

2. Chase and catch the mouse: first roll the ball out, and then immediately catch up with it until it catches up with the ball and holds it down.

3、 Relaxation exercise

Increase children's activity atmosphere by introducing plots

This link is the key content of children's learning, so that children learn according to the ball skills.

This link is to increase the difficulty and strengthen the amount of activities, so that children run on the basis of the ball

This link reflects mutual help and friendship, and reaches the goal of relaxing the body

Extended activities: integrated into ordinary games


1. This activity is suitable for some children with weak sports ability, but it is not suitable for other children. The goal is too low and there is no certain desire to challenge them.

2. It is better to run through the activities in the form of games, which children prefer.

Delicious spinach_ Small class teaching plan 2

   Activity objectives

  1、To learnmilk。


3. Stimulate your baby's interest in English activities.

   Activity preparation

1. Pictures of cake and milk.

2. A box of milk models.

3. Music tapes.

   Activity process

1. Warm up:

1. Rhythm song: "Butterfly".

  2、Daily talk

  TWhat¨ s your name

  SI¨m 〜 〜。

  THow do you do

  SHow do you do 

2. Topic:

  1、TLookatme The teacher showed milk's model and asked, "what's this?"

Teach the pronunciation of "milk".

Game: taste milk.

How to play: the teacher asked the children to come up and taste milk, and then said Give the name of the thing to taste. At the same time, correct children's wrong pronunciation.

  2、GameRun and Touch。

How to play: the teacher takes the picture of cake and milk respectively, and asks two children to come up to the competition. The child who has a quick reaction and takes the right picture can be rewarded.

Delicious spinach_ Small class teaching plan 3

Activity design background

In order to let children better understand the wind, understand the role and harm of wind, I let children watch the courseware of wind, go outside to watch the wind, touch the wind, and feel their existence.

According to the age characteristics of children, inspire them to love nature, let them fall in love with science since childhood.

Activity objectives

Let children know that the formation of wind is the function of air flow.

2. Cultivate children's perception and observation ability.

Key points and difficulties in Teaching

Understand that the formation of wind is the function of air flow.

Activity preparation

Let children go outside to watch the red flag fluttering and the branches swinging.

Activity process

Talk: the flying red flag, the swing of the branches, whose role is responsible for these natural phenomena?

Let the children watch the courseware: sailing on the sea, using fans constantly in summer.

Teacher's demonstration: let the children blow out the lighted candle, let the children blow the air into the wind and blow away the scraps of paper.

Let children give examples of what such phenomena still exist in life.

The formation of wind is the function of air flow.

Expansion: the role and harm of wind in industrial and agricultural production.

Reflection on Teaching

In this class, I think it is well done, the teaching arrangement is reasonable, the interaction between teachers and students is good, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of children to participate in activities. The bad aspect is that there are not many incentive languages. In the future, I will correct the deficiencies and improve the effect of the activities.

Delicious spinach_ Small class teaching plan 4

Activity content

Clapping and nodding

Key areas


Related fields

Society, language

Activity objectives

1. Be familiar with music, and learn to sing and act in tune with the music.

2. Be willing to try to create lyrics and act accordingly.

Key points, difficulties and key points: be able to sing songs in time with the music.

Difficulty: create lyrics and do corresponding actions.

Activity preparation

A puppet doll.

Activity process

First, stimulate children's interest in activities.

Teachers show puppets to clap and nod, and say hello to each other.

2. Guide children to clap and nod while singing.

1. The teacher demonstrates the puppet and sings "clapping and nodding".

2. Children should clap their hands and nod their heads while singing along with the music.

Third, organize children to create lyrics, and do the corresponding action in time.

1. Inspire children to create their favorite body movements.

Question: "besides clapping and nodding, what can puppets do with clapping hands?" For example: clapping hands and feet, clapping hands to touch the face, clapping hands to hit the ball, clapping hands to drive the car, etc.)

2. Teachers infect children with their own emotions and praise them happily for creating new lyrics and actions.

3. Children listen to music, sing and act in tune.

4. In the case of being familiar with this song, the movements created by children can be increased. Such as: clap hands and nod, clap hands and feet; Or clap your hands to nod, clap your hands to hit the ball, clap your hands to fly the plane, etc.

Delicious spinach_ Small class teaching plan 5

Nice to meet you

[activity objectives]

1. Feel the joy of music and experience the happy mood of dancing and communicating with friends.

2. Be able to make up actions according to the lyrics, and learn to dance invitation dance.

[activity preparation]

I'm so glad to meet you.

2. Before the activity, children can be familiar with the song by playing the song tape and singing together with teachers and children, so that children can be familiar with the song and can initially sing it.

[activity process]

1. Listen to the music tape and sing along with the music. Clap while singing to consolidate the song and rhythm.

2. Create the action according to the lyrics, and then discuss it collectively to determine the action of the invitation dance.

3. Teachers and children should practice performing while singing along with music, and the movements should be in harmony and beautiful.

4. Learn to dance invitation dance to remind children to make eye contact with their peers.

In the prelude, the invitees stand on the circle and clap their hands according to the rhythm. The invitees do small running movements in the circle. The last beat stops in front of the invitees, and then they sing and perform together. The game can be repeated several times. After the children are familiar with the dance, it can be carried out continuously. At the same time, the teacher can participate in the dance to enhance the happy atmosphere of the dance.

Activity extension:

In the performance area, song tapes are provided for children to practice invitation dance, consolidate the dance they have learned, and further experience the joy of cooperation and communication with friends.

Delicious spinach_ Small class teaching plan 6


1. Understand the story "chicken crossing the river" and learn polite expressions and phrases: wide and narrow.

2. Guide children to be polite, intelligent and capable children.

3. Willing to actively express themselves and experience the happiness of success.

Focus of activities: develop children's language, educate children to be polite and use their brains.

Activity preparation: 1. Computer courseware: chicken crossing the river.

2. Picture: two chickens, one giraffe and one turtle.

Activity process:

I. the beginning part:

1. Children watch the courseware and enjoy the songs of chicks: Jiji, Jiji. We hold hands and go on an outing together.

2. Children sing chicken songs.

The second part is about the implementation

1. Analyze and understand the story

(1) the first river: can chickens cross the river? Why? How does giraffe help chicks cross the river? What did the chicken say? What do giraffes say Learn polite expressions)

(2) the second river: can chickens cross the river? Why? What skills does a turtle have? How to help chickens cross the river? What did the chicken say? What does the tortoise say Learn politeness again)

(3) the third river: can chickens cross the river? Why? If the chicken wants to cross the river by himself, what's the best way Children answer)

2. Children fully appreciate the story.

(1) know the name of the story and ask: who do you like? Why?

(2) children talk about their skills.

The end part:

Children and animals to make friends, go out to play.

Delicious spinach_ Small class teaching plan 7

   Activity objectives

1. Practice putting the ball into the basket and training children's hand eye coordination ability.

2. Be able to actively participate in outdoor activities.

3. Develop the flexibility of children's hand movements.

4. Experience the happiness of cooperation and the satisfaction of success in the game.

   Activity preparation

Each person has a small ball and a number of baskets.

   Key points and difficulties

Practice putting the ball into the basket.

   Activity process

1. The teacher places two baskets side by side in the middle of the field. The teacher draws two horizontal lines about two meters away from the basket. Ask all children to stand behind the horizontal line and give each child a ball and tell them to throw the ball into the basket. The teacher asked two children to throw the ball every time, and they clapped their hands when they got the ball right; It's not a good shot. Keep going until it's in. After all the children have finished throwing, the teacher will give the ball to the children, and each one will take a ball to continue to throw. It can be played repeatedly.

2. Relax. Under the guidance of the teacher, the children roll the ball around their arms and body parts to relax their bodies. At the same time, they summarize the activities and praise the children who actively participate in the throwing activities.

   Activity extension

The teacher can increase the difficulty and lead the children to throw continuously under the basket.

Delicious spinach_ Small class teaching plan 8

Subject: ground squirrel

Teaching content: Game - play


Teaching purpose:

1. Learn mouse click through this game

2. Train students to master the usage of mouse

3. Cultivate students' exploration spirit and consciousness of protecting crops.

Teaching ideas:

1. Understand the left and right mouse buttons and how to use the mouse correctly.

2. Discuss how to hold the mouse is correct, and the division of labor between index finger, middle finger and other fingers.

3. Learn how to use the mouse and know the standard pointer of the mouse.

4. Introduce the game rules and usage.

5. Students practice clicking with the mouse.

6. Learn how to open the small software of "hit the ground mouse": double click

7. Learn how to use it. Click the button go in the menu

8. Move the mouse, aim at the target with a small hammer, and click the mouse to hit the hamster.

9. After entering, there are 10 chances to hit a hamster, 1 point will be added for each hit,

10. Learn to observe the integral and timing when entering the stage of difficulty improvement. After entering the 15 second timing time, the time will continue to reduce to 0, and the total number of Ten hit opportunities will continue to reduce to 0, and negative numbers will appear if there is no concentration.

11. In the specified time, see which person hit the most hamsters. The whole class played together.

12. Use the rest of the time to introduce a tooth protection game to you. Ask students to study by themselves to see if they can play and go home to check the information about tooth protection.

Delicious spinach_ Small class teaching plan 9


Be able to listen to music and participate in activities happily

2. Learn to act according to the rules of music games, and cultivate children's listening ability, self-control ability and reaction ability

   Key points and difficulties:

Act according to music signal

   get ready:

Toy dogs, headwear and building blocks


   First, show the toy dog and communicate with the children about the dog: how does the dog bark, what do you like to eat, and what skills do you have

   Second, enjoy the song: "little dog"

Children are familiar with the melody, understand the lyrics, and have the interest in learning to sing

   Three learn to sing the song "little dog", and make a simple action performance

1. The teacher guides the children to understand the scene: the small chair is surrounded by a circle as a home, let the toy dog squat at the door of the house, and put some small building blocks on the circle instead of meat bones.

2. When the teacher leads some children to act as little dogs while singing (outside the circle), they sing to the last sound of the last sentence - "want to eat meat bones"

Take the bones and the game starts again

   Four songs performing spring

Delicious spinach_ Small class teaching plan 10


1. Guide children to learn how to draw kittens in order according to the hints of children's songs to show the main characteristics of kittens.

2. Encourage children to paint boldly and add background.

   Activity preparation:

Paper, crayons, toy cats.

   Activity process:

First, arouse children's interest.

Teacher: meow! Meow! Who is calling Show the toy cat, the cat's tone said) I'm a cat mother, my child is missing, children, please help me find it? My child and I look alike. I'll draw a picture to show you. Children look carefully, how my child looks.

2. Teacher's explanation and demonstration.

1. The teacher is demonstrating and reading children's songs: there is a house with two small windows on it. There are two good children living in the house. They share a small pot and each has a pair of small chopsticks. There is a mound under the house with a small hook hanging behind it.

2. The teacher leads the children to read the children's songs while practicing.

3. Children's painting and teachers' tour guidance

1. Distribute painting tools and guide children to put oil sticks and paper orderly.

2. Guidance of kindergarten painting teachers:

According to the content of children's songs, children can be painted with more cats and painted with bright colors to inspire children to draw simple plots.

4. Comment.

1. Organize children to pack up painting tools.

2. The teacher showed the toy cat and said in the voice of a cat mother: "I come to find my child. What is my child doing?" Finally said: "my children have been found, is the children to help me find, thank you.".

Delicious spinach_ Teaching plan of small class in kindergarten


Cultivate children's hands-on exploration ability, let children find different characteristics of fruit through various senses.

Activity preparation:

Self made fruit book, oil painting stick.

Activity process:

Review song "apple"

1. Show fruit books, arouse children's desire to make fruit books.

Teacher: what did the teacher bring today Display the fruit books made)

2. Understand fruits and guide children to discover different characteristics of fruits.

put questions to:

Do you know these fruits?

What fruit do you like best?

3. Take a look and think about it. What's the difference between these fruits?

3. Hands on operation, painting fruit books.

1. Inspire children to discover their different characteristics from the size, taste, skin thickness and moisture content of fruits.

2. Encourage children to draw fruits, observe and compare the results.

3. Summarize the statistical results

4. Appreciate the fruit books and summarize the evaluation.

Let's have a look at the self-made fruit books with children and talk about how they draw them? What do you find different about fruit?

Delicious spinach_ Teaching plan of small class in kindergarten

   1、 Activity objectives

1. Develop children's divergent thinking, rich imagination and flexibility.

2. Let children know their name, gender and age, and develop their language expression ability.

(2) personality goals lead children to flexibility and excitement

1. Develop children's divergent thinking, rich imagination and flexibility.

2. Let children know their name, gender and age, and develop their language expression ability.

(2) personality goals

Guide children to develop towards the direction of creative personality characteristics such as flexibility and excitement, and cultivate children's habit of listening to others.

   2、 Game preparation

(1) material preparation

Three phones, safflower, yellow flower.

(2) knowledge and experience preparation

Children have a preliminary understanding of the telephone's question and answer form and their age.

   3、 Game method

1. Introduce the subject.

2. Game playing methods and rules.

Two children hold a microphone to talk with each other. One side asks and the other answers. The content can be one side asking the other party's name, gender and age. The right answer will be awarded to little safflower.

3. After children are familiar with the game, teachers encourage children to play different roles, such as mother, father, etc.

4. Children with coherent language will be awarded little safflower, and those who can basically meet the requirements will be awarded with small yellow flower.

Delicious spinach_ Teaching plan of small class in kindergarten 13

   Game objectives

1. Stimulate children's interest in sports activities, cultivate children's independent consciousness and experience the joy of success.

2. Develop the coordination of children's body movements and enhance their physique.

3. Guide children to walk through the balance beam and rock climbing wall through the game to develop children's basic movements such as balance, climbing and coordination.

   Game preparation One side of the climbing wall, one balance beam, one swing log, two rope skipping, and some big balls.

   How to play games

1. Small class: "cross the bridge". Start from the starting point, walk on the balance beam independently, and after reaching the end point, you can beat the ball 20 times in a row, and you can get the prize.

2. Middle shift: "guodang bridge". Starting from the starting point, you can walk through the "Dang bridge" independently. After reaching the end point, you can jump rope 10 times in a row, and you can get the prize.

3. Daban: "rock climbing". Starting from the starting point, you can walk through "rock climbing" independently and jump rope for 20 times continuously after reaching the end point, and you can get the prize.

   Rules of the game:

1. Children must complete the game according to the prescribed number.

2. All activities should be completed by children themselves. Parents can remind them but not help them.

Delicious spinach_ Teaching plan of small class in kindergarten 14

   Teaching objectives:

1. Be able to draw balloons

2. Cultivate children's observation ability

3. Experience the fun of painting

   Preparation materials:

1. Painting paper, colored pen and face tag

2. Several round covers of different sizes

3. Balloons of different colors

   Activity process:

1. Observation balloon

Let's have three balloons in each group. Please tell the color, shape and size of the balloons.

2. Drawing balloons

The teacher introduces the tools and materials to the children and puts forward the requirements: children can draw balloons with colored pens or cotton swabs, or draw balloons with the help of round covers of different sizes; Children who have finished drawing balloons don't forget to draw strings at the tail of the balloon; To pay attention to the cleaning of the picture, children can draw balloons of different sizes.

Children in groups choose their favorite materials and tools to draw balloons, which are divided into two groups (one group: draw balloons with face tags; the second group: draw balloons with colored pens).

Guide children to draw balloons while watching. Tell children to observe more objects when drawing balloons, and try to draw balloons and strings with different materials and tools.

3. Decorative balloon

After the children draw the balloon, they can decorate it to make it more beautiful

Activity extension: Art District (colorful balloon city)

Delicious spinach_ Small class teaching plan 15


1. Understand the shape characteristics of spinach.

2. Know that it's good to eat more spinach and have the habit of eating vegetables.

3. Experience the feelings shared with others.

   Activity preparation:

1. Teachers and children go to the optional market to select spinach, arrange the shelves of the optional market in the activity room, and put the washed vegetables, spinach, radish, etc. into disposable plates, seal them with fresh-keeping film and put them on the shelf.

2. Teachers' use: electric frying pan, spade, plate, chopsticks, egg, onion, ginger, oil, salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate.

3. For children: small cutting board, plastic knife, small basket, small plate and toothpick.

   Activity process:

1. Arouse children's interest in making scrambled eggs with spinach together with teachers in the tone of game.

2. Observe the shape characteristics of spinach

First, please wash your hands. Then, tear the plastic film and take out the spinach. Let's have a look at the spinach The leaves of spinach are green and the roots are red or pink white)

3. Discuss how to eat spinach Oil fried, cold mix, soup, dumplings) let children talk about the nutrition of spinach.

4. Pick spinach. Let children break off the leaves one by one and count how many leaves there are in the spinach picked by themselves.

5. Cut spinach. The teacher reminds the children to pay attention to safety.

6. Fried spinach with eggs.

The teacher first introduced the cooking utensils and condiments, and then beat eggs. The children count and beat several eggs, observe what kind of eggs are just opened and poured into the plate, what are the eggs after hard stirring, listen to the sound of eggs into the oil pan, see what the scrambled eggs look like, smell the smell of scallion into the pot and the taste of fried spinach eggs.

7. Taste and share.

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