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Teaching plan of physical exercise

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Model text of teaching plan for physical exercise

As an excellent people's teacher, he often has to compile teaching plans according to the teaching needs. The teaching plans are conducive to the improvement of teaching level and the development of teaching and research activities. Come to the lesson plan you need! The following is a small carefully collated physical exercise lesson plan, welcome to learn from and reference, I hope to help you.

 Model text of teaching plan for physical exercise

Lesson plan of physical exercise 1

1、 Guiding ideology

According to the needs of social development and the requirements of the curriculum reform, the new physical education and health curriculum has a new development and focus in the aspects of educational ideas, education methods, teaching content, teaching evaluation, etc. for the stage of compulsory education, it pays more attention to the development of students and the pleasure of students' sports. In order to develop a good habit of physical exercise. To form the consciousness of lifelong physical exercise, lay a solid foundation. It emphasizes students' sports experience, students' autonomy and cooperation, and the formation of inquiry learning mode, which has strong practicality. It improves students' physical health, mental health and social adaptability to a new level, attaches importance to the cultivation of students' three-dimensional view of health, and increases students' sense of social responsibility.

2、 Textbook analysis

"Consciously participate in physical exercise" is a compulsory volume of senior high school physical education and health, Chapter 1, Section 1. This section of the textbook is divided into four parts.

The first part: physical fitness and health, the importance of good physical fitness is explained from the perspective of health, so as to guide students to strengthen exercise and improve physical fitness.

The second part: understand your physical fitness, mainly to introduce students how to evaluate their physical fitness.

The third part: the contents and methods of developing physical fitness. According to the different elements of physical fitness, especially those related to health, it introduces how to exercise scientifically and improve continuously.

The fourth part: to make a plan of human energy development, which mainly determines the principle of scientific exercise as a whole, and the specific steps and implementation methods of the plan according to the principles.

3、 Analysis of learning situation

The teaching object of this course is senior one students. The students' quality is good in all aspects. The students are united and help each other. The class collective has formed initially. They have a certain sense of cohesion and cooperation. However, there are some difficulties in the way of cooperation with others. The students have a strong thirst for knowledge, high enthusiasm for learning, strong motivation, and good psychological quality. Be able to complete inquiry, autonomous and cooperative learning under the guidance of teachers.

4、 Teaching objectives

According to the new curriculum standards, the characteristics of teaching materials and the reality of students, I have determined the following teaching objectives:

Knowledge and skills: to understand the elements of consciously participating in physical exercise.

Process and method: through thinking, discussion and case analysis, we can understand the basic points of consciously participating in physical exercise.

Emotional attitude and values: sense the value of health, have a strong sense of responsibility, and actively cooperate with others.

5、 Key and difficult points in Teaching

According to the content of this lesson and the setting of teaching objectives, the key and difficult points of this lesson are determined as follows:

Key points: the basic elements of consciously participating in physical exercise.

Difficulties: according to the actual situation of students, how to realize self-conscious participation in physical exercise in daily life and study.

6、 Teaching and learning methods

In addition to classroom teaching, teachers should pay special attention to infiltrating the contents of this course into the teaching of practical courses, and improve students' physical ability through actual sports activities.

The learning content of this section is not only theoretical, but also very practical. The content in the textbook provides some methods and means for students to improve their physical fitness. Students can learn and practice independently or form exercise groups according to these contents under the guidance of teachers, so as to cooperate and explore learning.

7、 Teaching process

In order to better complete the content of this lesson, enable students to master the basic requirements of consciously participating in physical exercise, and know how to consciously participate in physical exercise according to personal actual situation, I will design the following teaching links:

(1) introduction of new courses

In the new course introduction link, the language guides the students, at the same time, questions and questions are set to stimulate students' interest in learning. Have the following dialogue with students in class:

The students have learned some basic knowledge and cultural knowledge of physical education and sports culture in the nine-year PE and health classes in primary and junior high schools, mastered some basic technical skills of physical education, exercised and strengthened their physique; Some students also have interest in some sports, and in and out of school or higher level of competition has achieved good results. It can be said that some students have fallen in love with physical exercise. So, in high school, can we actively and consciously participate in physical exercise? How to consciously participate in physical exercise? Today we will discuss this topic in this class.

(writing on the blackboard) - "take part in physical exercises consciously"

(2) contents of new lecture Seminar

In the new lesson teaching link, I mainly divided into two parts of the content of teaching, through questioning, discussion, summary is equal to the interaction of students, so that the classroom has a certain atmosphere, but also to improve students' interest in learning.

First is the first piece of knowledge: consciously participate in physical exercise

Consciously participating in physical exercise is a behavior that people have a clear and profound understanding of the purpose of participating in sports activities and actively participate in physical exercise without the promotion of external forces under the regulation and control of correct belief and world outlook. Only by consciously participating in physical exercise can you feel from the bottom of your heart that you are the master of learning. From passive acceptance to active, active and creative learning, you can experience the multiple values of sports for healthy growth.

(1) the teacher asked the question: which student thought that he had consciously participated in physical exercise? Why? What are the specific manifestations? Please make a self-evaluation according to the following key points that you should have to participate in physical exercise consciously, and see which aspects you have the conditions to participate in physical exercise consciously.

This paper introduces "knowledge point one" Blackboard writing -- "the basic elements of consciously participating in physical exercise"

Seven elements:

First, they should have a correct understanding of participating in physical exercises consciously;

Secondly, we should abide by the classroom rules and teach physical education and health class consciously and actively;

(3) make exercise plan according to one's health condition consciously;

4. Insist on physical exercise and exercise with classmates;

(5) take the initiative to learn scientific exercise methods;

Actively participate in extracurricular, off campus and holiday sports activities;

Have a strong sense of responsibility and actively cooperate with others.

(2) case analysis of teaching materials

The teacher asked the question: "in the process of basketball learning, why are the consciousness and results of Zhang Fan and Wang Fei different? Combined with your experience, analyze the benefits of self-conscious participation in physical exercise for personal growth and overall development.

Students read the "case analysis" in the textbook, think carefully, then discuss in groups, speak and answer questions. It leads to "knowledge point 2" Blackboard writing -- "the significance of consciously participating in physical exercise for the healthy growth of senior high school students"

"Significance": the self-reliance, self-esteem, self-confidence, competition and cooperation, exploration and innovation, success and failure, success and failure, success and frustration, intimate communication between peers and the improvement of organizational ability, which you have experienced in sports games and competitions, will play an important role in your life development.

Secondly, to teach and learn the second plate of knowledge: how to consciously participate in physical exercise

(1) ask questions: through the above self-evaluation and case analysis, you have a certain understanding of some concepts and behaviors that should be possessed in participating in physical exercise consciously. But what do you think should be done in order to participate in physical exercise consciously?

(2) according to the "exploration garden" in the textbook, the students make the plan of "how to participate in physical exercise consciously", and then check their own plan through group discussion, and revise the improper points.

(3) consolidation and improvement

In order to better enable students to use the knowledge learned in this course in the future sports, in the link of consolidation and improvement, the three topics are discussed respectively, and group cooperation is explored to consolidate the key content of this lesson.

1. The basic elements of consciously participating in physical exercise.

2. The significance of consciously participating in physical exercise for the healthy growth of senior high school students.

3. Consciously participate in the steps and elements of physical exercise plan.

(4) summary of work

Teacher's summary. The students' learning attitude and learning process were evaluated. Through investigation, interview and case comparison, the basic points of consciously participating in physical exercise were summarized and communicated with other groups.

8、 Blackboard writing design

In the design of this book, we follow the students' cognitive level, based on the outline type blackboard writing, and infiltrate the content summary of clues in series, so as to help students master the key knowledge of this course quickly, and then break through the difficulties of this course.

Lesson plan of physical exercise 2

1、 Teaching objectives

1. Make students understand the characteristics and performance of common psychological defects in senior high school, and know how to correct psychological defects through physical exercise.

2. Improve students' understanding of the role of physical exercise in promoting psychological development, and guide students to consciously and actively engage in physical exercise.


The second teaching goal is the goal set by books and textbooks, and the first one is my expansion goal. After the first goal is achieved, the teacher can naturally achieve the second goal with a little guidance.

2、 Analysis of learning situation

The class I (10) of senior high school in our school has been formed. The class has a good learning atmosphere and students have a strong thirst for knowledge. But many students have different degrees of psychological defects. If some of them are eccentric and not gregarious. Some people are afraid of the exam and can't play it normally. Some work rashly and carelessly. wait.

3、 Design ideas

1. In the selection and integration of teaching materials, we should focus on the realization of teaching objectives and emphasize that the teaching contents are easy to understand and have strong pertinence and practicability.

2. The teaching methods used should be able to effectively adjust the classroom atmosphere, effectively promote the interaction between teachers and students, and help students form a learning form of autonomy, cooperation and inquiry.

4、 Textbook analysis

The content of this lesson is the theoretical knowledge of the first volume of high school physical education and health. The original topic is the psychological characteristics and physical exercise of high school students


1. The book gives a general description of the "psychological characteristics of senior high school students". There are many professional terms, such as feeling, perception, cognitive ability, etc. It is difficult for students without systematic learning psychology to understand these contents. If the teacher talks thoroughly and deeply, it is not conducive to the realization of the teaching goal of this lesson.

2. The exposition of "physical exercise promotes mental health" in books is also straightforward, and fails to highlight the pertinence and practicability of knowledge, which is not conducive to the use of various teaching methods and to the mobilization of students' learning enthusiasm.


1. Replace the theoretical "psychological characteristics of senior high school students" with "common psychological defects of high school students" around students.

2. Replace the original "physical exercise to promote mental health" with the more practical "use of physical exercise to correct psychological defects".

5、 Teaching method and learning method

The content of the whole class is mainly based on the diagnosis of psychological patients and prescription of exercise.

Teachers play multiple roles in the teaching process. They are not only patients, but also the guide of the whole class. In the teaching process, scientific use of role-playing, questioning, guidance, incentive and other means of teaching.

While experiencing the fun of being a doctor, students should actively think, discuss, explore and discuss under the guidance of teachers, so as to develop good learning habits.

6、 Teaching process

Lead in - activity discussion (I am a psychologist) - see a doctor - write exercise prescription - Summary - homework

(1) import

Connecting the preceding with the following, the paper introduces the main topic.

Through the study of last class, we know that physical exercise can promote people's physical health, not only that, physical exercise can also promote people's mental health, can effectively correct all kinds of psychological defects.

Activity discussion: I am a psychologist.

1. See a doctor:

(1) the teacher listed the common psychological defects of high school students: nervous type, timid type, vain type and impatient type. At the same time, tell the students about the activity method.

(2) the teacher narrated the performance of different psychological defects. I usually do well in my studies, but when it comes to the exam, I'm very nervous, and I forget a lot of knowledge.

(3) according to the symptoms and characteristics described by the teacher, the students discuss with each other and judge the types of psychological defects.

(4) teachers and students summarize the characteristics of various psychological defects (teacher blackboard writing).

2. Prescribing exercise

(1) according to the characteristics of various psychological defects, students discuss which sports can correct the psychological defects. The teacher guides the students' thinking. For example: impatient people are mainly impatient, what sports need a long time of patience and resilience?

(2) the teacher analyzed the items recommended by the students, and the teachers and students summed up the commonness of this kind of sports.

(3) students should make reasonable exercise prescription according to the generality, and compare it with the sports items listed on the blackboard.

(3) summary

1. Summarize the content of this class.

2. Encourage students to actively engage in sports activities and correct their psychological defects.

3. Remind students to use physical exercise to effectively correct psychological defects, and pay attention to the intensity, quality and time requirements of sports.

(4) operation arrangement

According to their own psychological characteristics, find out the sports activities that are helpful to their mental health.

7、 Expected effect

1. The classroom atmosphere is active, and students can actively think, discuss and carry out inquiry learning under the guidance of teachers. Students can judge different types of psychological defects, and prescribe scientific exercise prescription.

2. Students can diagnose their own psychological state independently, and take part in physical exercise consciously and actively, and use physical exercise to adjust and correct themselves.

Lesson plan of physical exercise 3

1、 Guiding ideology

Implement the spirit of the National School Physical Education Work Conference and the decision of the Ministry of education, the State General Administration of sports and the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League on carrying out sunshine sports for hundreds of millions of students in China. We should set up the modern health concept of "health first", "exercise one hour every day, work healthily for 50 years, and live a happy life for a lifetime". We should vigorously promote the large-scale sports recess activities, fully implement the "students' physical health standards", and vigorously carry out "sunshine sports activities". In order to cultivate the spirit of hard exercise of students, to cultivate the spirit of school sports, to create a good campus sports culture atmosphere, so that students consciously participate in one hour of sports activities every day.

2、 Institutional setup

Leading group: (name here)

Group leader: (responsible for leading and coordinating all aspects of work)

Deputy Group Leader: (in charge of equipment supply and management)

(responsible for student organization and safety)

Group members: (design and guidance of class sports activities)

(design and guidance of class sports activities)

(design and guidance of class sports activities)

3、 Theme

"I am healthy, I am sunshine, I am growing up, I am happy"

4. Activity requirements:

"Everyone has the project, the class has the team, usually has the test, the year-end appraisal"

5、 Specific projects

1. Designated events: rope skipping, 50m dash, standing long jump, 400m round trip.

2. Optional Events: track and field, games, dance, ball games, sports amusement park activities.

6、 Activity principle

1. The principle of full participation. No teacher is allowed to do other things in the classroom or office.

2. One hour a day. Every day's interval exercises, eye exercises, recess activities and afternoon school organized sports activities more than half an hour.

3. Combine the inside and outside class principle to do a good job of parents' propaganda, and adopt the way of home school linkage, so that all teachers, students and parents can take part in this national fitness activity.

4. Safety principle

When designing activities, each class should fully consider the age and site factors of students, formulate appropriate activity plans, pay attention to safety when selecting equipment, and teachers in charge should have a high sense of responsibility.

7、 Activity measures

1. Open enough physical education and give good physical education. Physical education teachers should take every physical education class seriously and organize the teaching activities of each physical education class well. No physical education teacher should teach physical education as a sheep herding type.

2. Do well the exercises between classes and eye exercises.

3. Organize and carry out the extracurricular sports of 30 minutes in the afternoon. Due to the limited space, each class carries out activities according to the activity location allocated by the political education department.

8、 Sports equipment

Both the students' own and the school's purchase should be taken into consideration.

9、 Activity support

1. Each class should make a good schedule for the week on Monday.

2. Do a good job in the propaganda of the whole school teachers, all students and their parents, pay attention to "sunshine sports activities", and do a good job of this work.

3. Each teacher should lead a team and record the participation in the column of extracurricular activities in the annual assessment.

4. In the middle of June every year, the school organizes an activity achievement display for evaluation.

5. Any class that fails to implement the students' one hour sports activity every day shall not be rated as excellent class and the responsible person shall not be rated as advanced individual; Those who do not seriously organize students to actively participate in one hour sports activities every day shall not be rated as advanced class teachers; Students who do not actively participate in one hour sports activities every day shall not be rated as "three good students".

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