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Lesson plan of color of objects

Time: 2021-03-19 20:13:39 Teaching plan I want to contribute

The color of objects

As an outstanding staff member, he often needs to write a teaching plan, which is the joint point of the transformation from lesson preparation to classroom teaching. How can we write a lesson plan? The following is a small compilation of the "color of objects" model text, I hope to help you.

 The color of objects

The color of objects lesson 1


1. Learn to find objects of the same color from a variety of color objects and classify them.

2. Promote the development of children's comparison and comprehensive ability.

3. Cultivate children's ability of comparison and judgment.

4. Guide children to actively interact with materials and experience the fun of mathematics activities.

5. Arouse children's interest in learning.

Activity preparation:

1. Environment creation: create the scene of spring garden, in which there are several flowers of red, yellow, white and three colors.

2. Material preparation: several flower baskets, red, yellow and white butterfly headwear, one third of the number of children, tape recorder and music tape.

Activity process:

(1) children are free to visit the spring garden with soft music.

Question: how many colors of flowers are there in the garden? What colors are there?

(2) teacher's story "three butterflies" (adapted)

Question: 1. How many butterflies are there in the story? What color are they?

2. What color flowers do they like?

(3) guide children to classify by color.

1. With the game of "sending flowers", guide children to classify colors and ask them to check whether they have sent the right flowers.

(1) please send the red butterfly the flowers it likes.

(2) please send the yellow butterfly the flowers it likes.

(3) please send the white butterfly the flowers it likes.

2. Guide the children to classify the colors with the game of "shelter from the rain".

(1) the teacher explains how to play the game,

How to play: please choose your favorite color of butterfly headdress, play the butterfly, and fly freely in the garden. When you hear the sound of thunder, quickly look for flowers of the same color as yourself to avoid the rain. When the sun comes out, butterflies happily sing, dance and play games on the grass.

(2) children's games are guided by teachers.

Focus on guiding children to find the right color.

(4) children end their activities naturally in the game.

The color of objects lesson 2

1. Activity objectives.

1. Know red and yellow.

2. Match according to the color of objects.

2. Activity preparation.

1. Create the scene of spring garden. There are several red and yellow flowers in the garden.

2. Some red and yellow butterfly chest cards, and one child operation material.

3. Activity process.

(1) with the soft music, children drive a train with their teachers to visit the garden in spring.

1. Teacher: Hello, children! The teacher wants to take the children to a mysterious place to play, do you want to go? Let's go by train!

2. Question: what color flowers are there in the garden?

3. Know yellow and red.

(2) show the chest card yellow butterfly red butterfly, arouse children's interest, learn to match.

1. Teacher: today, two butterflies came to this garden. They said that they couldn't find good friends. They wanted to ask the children to help them find good friends together.

2. Introduce yellow butterfly and red butterfly's good friends are Huanghua and Honghua sister.

3. Please bring a chest card to find a good friend and say it after finding itกฐ กมกม Follow กมกม It's a good friend.

4, evaluation of children very find a good friend, give praise to the right, wrong to give evaluation and correction opportunities.

5. Ask the children in the group to bring chest cards and good friends to play at home.

6. Children look for flowers according to their colors and take them to the arches of corresponding colors.

(3) operation.

Each child has a copy of operation materials to consolidate the color matching, and the teacher will conduct inspection and guidance.

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