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Health teaching plan for middle class of tooth protection kindergarten

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Health teaching plan for middle class of tooth protection kindergarten

As an excellent educator, he often needs to prepare a teaching plan, which helps to carry out teaching activities smoothly and effectively. How to write a teaching plan can play a more important role? The following is a small series of carefully arranged tooth protection kindergarten class health teaching plan, welcome to learn from and reference, hope to help you.

 Health teaching plan for middle class of tooth protection kindergarten

Health lesson plan for middle class of tooth protection kindergarten 1


1. Appreciate and understand the story the big tiger without teeth.

2. Make children know that eating too much sweet food will damage teeth, and understand the basic method of cleaning mouth after eating.

Activity preparation:

1. Small pictures: candy, sweet biscuits, drinks, snacks.

2. Operation pictures.

Activity process:

1¡¢ Tell a story

The teacher uses animation to tell the story "the tiger without teeth", and guides the children to understand the reason why the tiger has no teeth.

Teacher: why does tiger have toothache?

2. What did it eat?

3. What happened to tiger toothache?

Teachers ask children to tell whether they have toothache and what they feel when they have toothache, so as to further guide children to find the importance of loving teeth.

2¡¢ Look at the picture

The teacher shows the picture of the tooth.

Teacher: what is this? What does it look like£¨ Guide children to say white, bright and hard.)

3¡¢ Discussion and demonstration

Let the children talk about what they like to eat most and what snacks they eat every day.

Teachers tell children that when there are too many sweets on their teeth, they will turn black and bad. Teachers show pictures of bad teeth, let children intuitively understand the changes of teeth.

4. Know how to clean your teeth

The teacher asked the children to talk about what methods can be used to clean and protect the teeth, so that the teeth will not deteriorate. Such as eating less sweets, gargling after meals, brushing teeth, etc.

Operation: filling teeth

Instruct children to paste teeth with small square white paper.

Health lesson plan for middle class of tooth protection kindergarten 2

Design intent

Recently, some parents have reported that their children love sweets and sweets at home, and have failed to develop bad habits such as persisting in brushing their teeth sooner or later and not paying attention to oral hygiene. For middle class children, greedy, self-control ability development is not perfect, leading to many children have dental caries problem, so the kindergarten tooth health education is very important. The design of this education activity fully considers the age characteristics and development level of middle class children. By using the stories that children like to be familiar with, the children can grasp the interest and attention of children, so that children can fully realize the importance of teeth, so as to learn to protect teeth and develop the good habit of brushing teeth sooner or later.

Activity objectives

1. Know how to protect teeth and cultivate children's awareness and habit of protecting teeth.

2. Learn the correct method of brushing teeth and form the good habit of brushing teeth sooner or later.

3. Educate children to develop good habits of cleanliness and hygiene.

4. Understand the discomfort caused by illness and learn how to prevent it.

Activity preparation

1. Pictures of the story "crocodiles are afraid, dentists are afraid"

2. Caries formation chart

3. A set of tooth model (good teeth, bad teeth), toothbrush

4. Wall chart of correct brushing steps

Activity process

1. Teacher: "it's said that crocodile is sick and wants to see a doctor. What's going on? Let's go and have a look¡°

2. The teacher shows the picture of crocodile afraid, dentist afraid and tells the story.

3. Teachers' questions:

(1) who are in the story£¨ Crocodile, dentist)

(2) what happened to them£¨ Crocodile goes to see a doctor)

(3) why do crocodiles go to see a doctor£¨ His teeth are sick)

(4) why do crocodile teeth get sick£¨ It doesn't brush its teeth and likes to eat sugar...)

4. The teacher shows the wall chart of caries formation, asks the children to observe, and the teacher explains the causes and hazards of dental caries.

Teacher: how do you think you should protect your teeth£¨ Brush your teeth in the morning and evening, eat less sugar, eat less sweets, gargle after meals...)

6. We should eat less sweets, remember to gargle after eating, spit out the dirty things left in the mouth and teeth, and remember to brush our teeth sooner or later to protect our teeth, so that our teeth can grow healthily and healthily, and we can have a happy life.

7. Teacher: you all say that brushing your teeth sooner or later can protect your teeth. Can you brush your teeth£¨ Will)

8. Ask children to demonstrate how they brush their teeth at ordinary times. Other children should think about whether this is right.

9. The teacher will evaluate the demonstration children, show the tooth model, and explain and demonstrate the correct brushing method.

10. Teachers should lead children to learn the correct method of brushing teeth.

11. Show the wall chart of correct brushing steps and lead the children to practice brushing while reading nursery rhymes.

Teaching reflection:

Children know that healthy teeth are white, no pain, no gap; Unhealthy teeth can hurt and delay the color of yellow or black. Some teeth have wormholes, and some can't bite slightly harder food. When discussing how to protect their teeth, some children lack the habit of talking and communicating in a low voice. They can't listen to their peers' speeches according to the requirements. They have strong self-awareness. Some groups have the phenomenon of competing for speech signs. The routine activities need long-term training. Generally speaking, children know the causes of tooth disease and master the methods of protecting teeth.

Health lesson plan for middle class of tooth protection kindergarten 3

Activity objectives

1. Guide children to observe and compare the eggshells soaked in vinegar and those without vinegar, to understand that acid will corrode teeth.

2. Make children know how to gargle after meals and brush teeth in the morning and evening to protect teeth, and preliminarily master the correct brushing method.

3. Through activities, make children develop good health habits.

Key points and difficulties

Master the correct method of brushing teeth and develop good hygiene habits.

Activity preparation

1. One eggshell soaked in vinegar and one eggshell not soaked in vinegar.

2. VCD cartoon "tooth decay king", some pictures of tooth protection.

3. Tooth model, toothbrush, biscuit, mirror, paper cup and water.

First, lead to the topic, stimulate children's interest.

1. Play the disc "tooth decay king" for children to watch.

2. Question: why does the tooth decay king in the cartoon have cavities?

2. How can children observe and discuss tooth decay?

1. How about looking at your teeth in the mirror?

2. Please observe each other's teeth to see if there are holes in the baby teeth.

3. Discussion: how can there be holes?

3. Through observation, we know that acid can corrode teeth.

1. Please observe the eggshells soaked in vinegar and those not soaked in vinegar.

What's the difference between them?

3. Discussion: why is the eggshell soaked in vinegar black and soft£¨ Remind children to smell the vinegar) teacher summary: acid can corrode the calcium in the eggshell, so the eggshell in vinegar will turn black and soft.

4. Please taste the biscuits on the table. After eating, look in the mirror and observe what is on the teeth?

5. Ask professional dentists to explain and summarize; After we eat, there will be a lot of small food left in our mouth. If we don't rinse our mouth immediately, the food will become as sour as vinegar. Our teeth will become black and soft like the eggshell just now. As time goes on, holes will appear.

4. Please talk about the feeling of decayed teeth: what will happen if you have cavities?

Discussion: how to protect your baby teeth?

(children think freely and show pictures while talking)

1. Brush your teeth in the morning and evening and gargle after eating.

2, healthy diet, do not eat hard, too cold, overheated food. Don't eat snacks before going to bed, eat less sugar.

3. Check teeth regularly.

6. Learn to brush teeth correctly.

1. Please tell the children how to do it.

2. The teacher shows the tooth model and toothbrush while reciting nursery rhymes, and demonstrates the correct brushing method.

3. Children and teachers do it together.

7. Lead the children to the washroom and gargle with the cup.

After teaching reflection, through learning, children understand the causes of dental caries and the harm to human body, children also master the correct brushing method, which is conducive to develop a good habit of brushing teeth in the morning and evening, and receive good results. The whole teaching activity is progressive, from materials, formation to organization, teacher's language and children's performance, etc., which are personalized and constantly stimulate children's desire. Children take the initiative to explore, learn and discover knowledge. In short, it is the combination of boring scientific activities, language activities and health activities to achieve the purpose of integration.

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