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Big class lesson plan "beautiful national flag"

Time: 2021-03-19 11:22:05 Teaching plan I want to contribute

Big class lesson plan "beautiful national flag"

As a people's teacher, we have to write a teaching plan. With the help of the teaching plan, we can properly choose and use teaching methods to arouse the enthusiasm of students. How to focus on the teaching plan? The following is a small compilation of the big class teaching plan "the flag is really beautiful", for your reference, hope to help friends in need.

Big class lesson plan "beautiful national flag" 1

   Activity objectives

1. Be familiar with the melody and lyrics of songs, and learn to sing songs.

2. Feel the beauty of melody.

3. Let children understand and understand the national flag, enhance their pride of "I am Chinese", and cultivate their patriotic feelings.

4. Feel the motion of multimedia pictures and experience the happiness of activities.

5. Be interested in music activities and be happy in singing and playing.

   Key points and difficulties in Teaching

Let children be familiar with the melody and lyrics of songs and learn to sing songs.

   Activity preparation

1. Electronic organ

2. Self made courseware

3. National flag, paper and pen

   Activity process

1、 Sound training

Requirements: children should learn to follow the piano quietly, pay attention to intonation and rhythm.

Second, understand the characteristics of the national flag and prepare for singing.

What color is the national flag? What's on it?

What color are the five stars?

Where have you seen the national flag?

How do you feel when you see the national flag?

3、 Teacher's model singing

4. Enjoy the song and feel the melody and lyrics of the song.

5. Play the courseware, listen to the songs, and combine with the pictures to help children get familiar with the lyrics.

6、 Learn to sing songs

While playing the piano, the teacher leads the children to sing, and the teacher consciously uses body movements to give hints.

7、 Enjoy the song again

Listen to the melody, clap your hands and get familiar with the melody.

8、 Performance

9、 Activity extension

Teachers give children paper and pens, in the music accompaniment, draw the heart of the national flag.

   Reflection on Teaching

In this activity, I show the national flag to let the children know the national flag. I also asked children to discuss what the national flag is like and guide them to master the lyrics. I also pay attention to give full play to the children's participation ability, so that the children can really understand the songs and learn knowledge in the activities. Through this activity class, the children feel the beauty of the national flag, know the greatness of the motherland, enhance the pride of "I am Chinese" and cultivate their patriotic feelings. However, the teacher did not effectively summarize and timely praise the children's performance. Some children may not be able to keep up with the rhythm. When teaching children to clap their hands, some children do not clap properly, In the future, I should pay attention to the individual differences of students.

Big class lesson plan "beautiful national flag" 2

   1、 Objectives:

1. Children have a preliminary understanding of the 'characteristics of our national flag.

2. We all love the national flag and love our motherland.

   Key points and difficulties:

Master the correct method of folding Pentagram

   2、 Materials and environment creation:

One side of the national flag, red and yellow paper, scissors

   3、 Design idea:

Now our big class is carrying out the theme of "I am Chinese". Children always have endless words in front of the five-star red flag, but I also found that children do not know much about the meaning of the national flag. In this activity, we will carry out this activity around the discussion of the folding method of five pointed stars.

   5、 Activity flow:

Observe the national flag - children exchange - imitate the national flag - children do it

   6、 Activity process:

1. The teacher shows the national flag. The children observe the characteristics of the national flag and say what they mean

2. Children's communication, how to make the five pointed star on the national flag

3. Children imitate raising the national flag

4. Children make a national flag

5. Exchange of works.

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