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 Teaching courseware

Teaching courseware (teaching courseware is a good way for teaching)


To help students better integrate into the classroom atmosphere, attract students to pay attention to classroom teaching knowledge, help students to improve the understanding of teaching knowledge, so as to better achieve the purpose of learning. Use computer, projector or electronic whiteboard and other video tools to show teaching materials related to the course, such as pictures, text, audio, video, etc., and even show some related books for students to watch. More > >

 Teaching courseware
Teaching courseware

one Design principles of teaching courseware

1. Educational principle: we should make clear the teaching objectives, highlight the key and difficult points, have flexible teaching forms, and have targeted teaching objects. 2. Heuristic principle: mainly includes interest inspiration, metaphor inspiration, and topic setting inspiration. 3. Scientific principle: courseware should be able to correctly express the knowledge content of the subject. 4. Principle of artistry: the artistry of courseware is shown in the pictures and the information transmitted by human-computer interaction. 5. Principle of technicality: the technicality of courseware is mainly determined by the data structure, program structure, control skills and operation reliability of the program.

two The function of teaching courseware

¢Ù Various teaching information to learners; ¢Ú It is used to diagnose, evaluate, prescribe and guide the learning process; ¢Û In order to improve learning enthusiasm and create learning motivation, it is used to strengthen the learning evaluation information of learning stimulation; ¢Ü Teaching strategies and learning process control methods are used to update learning data and realize learning process control. PowerPoint is the best choice for the teachers who have just started courseware theory and technology. Because the operation is very simple, most people can master it in half a day. Therefore, you can spend your mind on how to implement the design intention of the case in the courseware and how to enhance the effectiveness of the courseware. This is not only a technical progress, but also a theoretical deepening. Through the production of several related cases, the concept of courseware will enter the mind and brain.

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  • The sun is the teaching design of everyone's courseware 2018-11-20

    Through a variety of reading methods, we can understand the content of the text, realize that everyone is equal, people of all countries get along with each other, and feel the happy atmosphere of poetry. Reading, feeling, analysis, association and creation of poetry are the main learning methods. The unique musical beauty of poetry is used to guide students to feel, understand and sublimate their love for the sun

  • Teaching courseware of two birds' eggs 2018-11-02

    Teacher: (play the accompaniment song "bird" and teachers and students add action.) Please do it with me! Teacher: what is this song about? Teacher: what do you know about birds? Teacher: where is the bird's home? Teacher: Yes, where there are trees, there are birds

  • Teaching design model of Chinese courseware of pottery pot and iron pot 2018-10-28

    Teaching objectives: 1. Understand the text content, understand the truth of this fable. 2. Grasp the key points, words to read the text, comment on the characters in the story. 3. Read the text according to the roles, perform the important and difficult points in the textbook play, grasp the key words and sentences, read the text, comment on the basic mode of character image teaching in the story

  • Teaching cases of children learning courseware 2018-10-26

    [teaching objectives] 1. Read and recite the text correctly and fluently. 2. Understand the text content, know the characteristics of the four seasons, feel the beauty of the four seasons, and stimulate the love of nature¡¾ Teacher: last class, we read the poem "four seasons", and we know that there are

  • Teaching design of information technology courseware 2018-09-20

    [teaching objectives] knowledge and skills: 1. Consolidate the method of making PowerPoint courseware; 2. Deepen students' learning process and methods of PowerPoint courseware making: 1. Demonstration and teaching; 2. Inspiration and discovery; 3. Task driven; 4

  • Excellent courseware for the teaching design of the first apricot flower in Grade Four 2018-08-23

    Fourth grade Chinese volume two fourth grade "the first apricot flower" teaching design first, teaching process 1, show the teaching wall chart what is the picture of the flower? Who can talk about the appearance of apricot flowers? Who are the three people in the picture? What are they talking about? 2. Read "Zhu, Zhen" two words, can read the quasi pronunciation. 3. Ask for

  • Design of teaching courseware for the second class of "watching the tide" 2018-08-03

    [teaching objectives] 1. Create situations through multimedia to let students appreciate the magnificence and magnificence of Qiantang River tide, and stimulate students' love for the beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland. 2. Learn the author's observation method of order and characteristics, and cultivate the habit of paying attention to things around and accumulating materials. 3. To practice being emotional

  • Teaching courseware of zuiwengting 2018-06-23

    Teaching Objectives 1. Understand the author's idea of "sharing happiness with the people" and the teaching design of zuiwengting Ji. 2. Understand the way and function of scenery description in this paper. 3. Accumulate classical Chinese vocabulary and recite the full text. Key points: (1) understand the content and theme of the article£¨ 2) Accumulate classical Chinese vocabulary. 2. Difficulty: reason

  • The effectiveness of multimedia courseware on teaching quality 2018-05-20

    The disadvantages of the traditional teaching mode, the new curriculum reform in China puts forward: "the training objectives of the new curriculum should reflect the requirements of the times. It is necessary to make the students have the initial innovative spirit, practical ability, scientific and humanistic quality and environmental awareness; Have the basic knowledge, basic skills and methods to adapt to lifelong learning. " Among them, base

  • How to make good use of multimedia courseware in Chinese Teaching 2018-05-20

    With the rapid development of multimedia technology, modern educational technology has rapidly penetrated into all levels of teaching activities. In classroom teaching, the wide application of multimedia courseware makes the classroom structure from "flat" to "three-dimensional", the teaching mode from "single" to "rich", and the teaching form is more colorful. In

  • Teaching design of mathematics courseware for small class in kindergarten 2018-04-12

    Part 1: the purpose and educational value of puzzle board making: let children distinguish between long and short, and review the number concepts from 1 to 10. Production materials: watercolor bottom, Wantong board, straw, red sticker. Making and setting: wrap the red sticker on the straw, cut the watercolor pen into 10 rows, and then stick the bottom of the watercolor pen on the Wantong board

  • The teaching courseware of the basic properties of inequality 2018-04-12

    Teaching difficulties: correctly apply the three basic properties of inequality to deform inequality. [teaching objective] 1. Explore and master the basic quality of inequality. 2

  • Chemistry teaching courseware for grade nine 2018-04-11

    1¡¢ Objective (1) knowledge and skills 1. To have a preliminary understanding of the displacement reaction between common metals and salt solutions, and to be able to explain some chemical problems related to daily life. 2. Be able to use the order of metal activity to make a simple judgment of the relevant displacement reaction, and can use the order of metal activity to explain some

  • The teaching courseware of e-mail in contact with friends 2018-04-11

    Teaching content: This course is the learning content of lesson 4, Volume 5 of Hainan primary and secondary school information technology textbook. Students' learning analysis: the teaching object of this course is the sixth grade students. In the previous class, we learned how to explore the website on the Internet. Therefore, the students have some understanding of the email address

  • Teaching courseware about blue Venice 2018-04-11

    1¡¢ The blue Venice is a travel essay. The author first introduces the characteristics of "water city" and "open the door to see the water", and then introduces the historic sites in the city, the history and deep friendship between the Venetian people and the Chinese people

  • Computer and multimedia courseware 2018-04-11

    Teaching objectives of the first class: 1. Learn new words, computer and multimedia. 2. Guide the students to understand the words according to the text. 3. Make clear the context of the text and perceive the content of the text as a whole. Teaching process: 1. 1. Introduction: students, with the continuous development of science and Technology

  • Reflection on courseware teaching after midterm examination 2018-04-11

    The mid-term examination is over, the biology test is not difficult, and the key and difficult points in the textbook have been tested. The highest score is 96 points. In the three classes I teach, class 4 has the best score, and the highest score is in their class. The gap between Class 3 and class 4 is too big. The lowest score is in their class. Although the students in class 5 are not as good as those in class 3 and class 4, but in class

  • Our classroom text teaching courseware 2018-04-10

    Teaching objectives: 1. Experience the author's love for a good learning environment and cherish today's happy learning life. 2. Learn the 8 new words in this lesson and understand the meaning of words such as "spacious, brand-new, excellent, nursery". 3. Be able to find metaphorical sentences from the text and understand their meanings. Can use "

  • Multimedia courseware teaching 2018-04-10

    Multimedia courseware is another language of teachers. Some teaching tools, courseware and blackboard writing used by teachers are another language of teachers. The application of multimedia courseware will help children better understand the process of activities and effectively achieve the preset teaching objectives. In our daily activities, we usually make

  • Teaching courseware of five ancient poems 2018-04-10

    "Five ancient poems" [teaching objectives] 1. Understand the content of the work, understand the author's thoughts and feelings and the performance skills of the works. 2. Try to understand and taste the language of poetry, and feel the conciseness and image of poetry language¡¾ The content, thought and emotion of poetry¡¾ The taste of language

  • CAI courseware and ideological and Political Teaching 2018-04-10

    With the rapid development and popularization of computers, there are new changes and new opportunities for development in the field of education. The use of computer (Multimedia) assisted classroom teaching is in the ascendant, the majority of Ideological and political teachers have overcome various difficulties, actively practice and explore, and have achieved gratifying results and experience. Here, I want to

  • Advantages and application principles of courseware assisted teaching 2018-04-10

    The development of modern educational media has changed the monotony of "one mouth, one book, one chalk and one blackboard" in traditional teaching. At present, all schools attach importance to training teachers' basic skills in courseware making. Many teachers apply courseware to the classroom and optimize the classroom teaching

  • On the beauty of using multimedia courseware in Chinese Teaching 2018-04-09

    Abstract: the universal application of multimedia courseware in primary school Chinese has achieved the goal that Chinese teaching could not achieve before. It is of great significance to modern teaching, and plays an important role in students' knowledge mastery, ability improvement, thinking training and cultural edification. Key words: Chinese; Multimedia courseware; Transport

  • The deep integration of multimedia courseware in English Teaching 2018-04-09

    1¡¢ The deep integration of multimedia courseware and word teaching, as a basic teaching method in English class, has been relatively single. The traditional teaching methods are mostly blackboard writing or word cards, extensive reading by teachers and follow by students. Most of the students memorize words by rote, so the effect of classroom teaching is not very good. With

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