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Teaching courseware for grade three of primary school

Time: August 26, 2017 13:34:46 Teaching courseware I want to contribute

Teaching courseware for grade three of primary school

Introduction: how to write the courseware for the third grade of primary school? The following is a small carefully organized for you about the third grade primary school teaching courseware, I hope to help you, welcome to read.

 Teaching courseware for grade three of primary school

¡¡ [teaching process]

¡¡ Section A

¡¡¡¡ £¨1£© Teaching objectives:

1. Learn the new words in this lesson and understand the words composed of new words.

2. Read the text correctly, fluently and emotionally.

¡¡¡¡ £¨2£© Teaching emphasis and difficulty:

Read the text correctly, fluently and emotionally

¡¡¡¡ £¨3£© Teaching process:

¡¡ 1. Create situations and stimulate interest

Do you know what the teacher wrote Topic: lotus.

2. Language rendering: from ancient times to the present, lotus is one of the most favorite plants of literati. There are countless poems describing and praising lotus. The great poets of ancient China, such as Qu Yuan, Li Bai and Su Shi, have all chanted lotus. People call lotus the gentleman of flowers.

Today, let's learn an article about lotus. The author is Ye Shengtao, a famous modern Chinese writer and educator. The title of the article is "Lotus".

3. Who have seen lotus? Please use a word to describe the lotus you have seen. I (graceful lotus, graceful lotus, varied lotus...)

Do you still want to see such lotus? Before learning the text, the teacher also wants to go with you to enjoy the beautiful beauty of Lotus by the lotus pool with wonderful music. Please look and think, what do you see£¨ The courseware presents several lotus photos and plays background music)

¡¡¡¡ 2¡¢ Read the text for the first time, edify the emotion

1. Arouse interest in reading: the teacher found that the students were almost fascinated when they were listening and watching. From your expression, the teacher can see that we are deeply attracted by the beautiful music and beautiful pictures. You see the lotus like this, so how does the author look at the lotus? Next, let's enjoy this piece of Lotus by Ye Shengtao to see what kind of enjoyment ye can bring us?

2. Students read the text by themselves. Requirements: (1) when encountering new words, you should read them several times. In addition to accurate pronunciation, you should also see the characters clearly£¨ 2) Read the sentence smoothly£¨ 3) Draw words that you don't know or understand.

3. Check self reading:

(1) show words:

The dragonfly broke a dress last night

(2) free reading; Name reading; Read by train; Read together.

4. Read aloud and activate the sense of language

(1) after solving these "obstacles" in reading, we can have a beautiful reading of Ye Shengtao's lotus. Who would like to read the text aloud?

Read the text in sections. For the students who raise their hands, give full affirmation to their confidence or bravery.

(2) how does grandfather ye see Lotus£¨ Can't wait to see the lotus, enjoy the lotus...)

(3) when the students understand how the author looks at the lotus, the teacher takes the opportunity to guide the students to say which text they have realized this from, and then repeat the corresponding paragraphs by histology£¨ The second paragraph of the text can organize students to recite in a divergent way, and encourage them to read out different feelings and charm in the way they like; In the third paragraph of the text, students can be organized to recite in a competition, and students are encouraged to read better than each other; In the fourth paragraph of the text, the students can be organized to recite the model, and the students are encouraged to learn to read from the excellent students.)

(full reading at the beginning of reading is to make students read through the text and lay a solid foundation for understanding the text. Read more, students understand more, teachers need to explain less. The ancients said: "the book reads a hundred times, its righteousness sees itself." This is the truth. Nowadays, we often say that students should read more and understand in reading, but it is far from enough to rely on the "reading" when reading the text. In a class, the teacher should lead the students to understand the text, but also let the students understand in reading. Time is not allowed at all. As a result, the teacher still "acts as a substitute" - the teacher talks more and the students read less. Therefore, in the first reading, students should read the text more and read through the text. After this pass, the students' perception and understanding of the text will come naturally when they read the text intensively and appreciate it.)

(4) in the process of repeated reading, teachers help students, or students help each other to solve the meaning of words they don't understand in each paragraph

Dancing: to dance briskly.

(2) being squeezed: this lesson describes that lotus leaves grow very close and squeeze each other.

Light fragrance: light fragrance.

(4) fullness: full to swell.

(5) rupture: cracks appear.

Posture: the appearance of the body.

¡¡¡¡ 3¡¢ Read the text again and clarify the context

1. Show questions and guide rereading: Ye Shengtao once said: "the author thinks that there is a way, follow the road and know Si Zhen." It means that when the author writes an article, he usually has a more thorough thinking and preparation. There are ideas in the article, that is, the internal context can be found. When we read and appreciate an article, if we can follow the author's ideas, we may have a more accurate understanding and grasp of the intention of the article and the author's sustenance.

Can you sort out the context of the text and grasp the author's ideas? With this question, please read the text carefully again.

2. Group discussion.

3. Communication and discussion results: there are five natural paragraphs in the text. According to the order of viewing lotus flowers, it mainly includes two parts: "seeing Lotus" and "thinking about Lotus", or "first smelling Lotus", "appreciating lotus posture again" and "transforming lotus flower".

Under the new teaching idea, we don't advocate dividing the text into paragraphs. In fact, the understanding of an article is also "different people see benevolence, and the wise see wisdom". There is no need to divide it into two parts, such as "looking at Lotus" and "thinking about Lotus", or "hearing the fragrance of Lotus", "appreciating lotus posture again" and "transforming lotus flower", and there are even other ways to divide it. However, it is also necessary to grasp the train of thought and clarify the context. It is only necessary to be flexible in methods and ideas. As long as it is reasonable, there is no need to pursue a rigid and fixed answer.)

4. Summary: the article narrates, describes and expresses emotions. The context is clear and deep. It vividly shows the beauty of lotus and pushes the author's passion for lotus and nature to a climax step by step. Let's read this article again.

5. Read the full text with music.

¡¡ 4. Operation arrangement:

Read the text correctly, fluently and emotionally.

2. Collect the famous poems and sentences of lotus chanting in ancient times by means of "consulting" ancient poetry, asking parents and searching on the Internet

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