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300 words in American composition

Time: 2021-03-19 15:13:08 Classic American I want to contribute

Three 300 words about American writing

In our ordinary daily life, we are more or less exposed to composition, with the help of composition, people can reflect objective things, express thoughts and feelings, and transmit knowledge and information. Do you know how to write a composition well? The following is a small compilation for you to sort out the United States composition of 300 words 3, welcome you to learn from and reference, I hope to help you.

 Three 300 words about American writing

American composition 300 words 1

Autumn is very beautiful. In the morning, my mother and I took a walk in the park. We unconsciously came to a big maple tree. The maple leaves were as red as fire, like red stamps. We continue to go forward and went to the green banana tree, banana tree is like the "moon tree", the "Moon" on the moon tree is very beautiful dancing with the wind. I took off a banana, peeled it off and took a bite! The flesh is soft and smooth, sweet and delicious. When I looked up, I suddenly saw a cute little squirrel, holding a small pine nut in the tree, as if in celebration of finding pinecones. I can't hear the frog's singing. I may be digging more holes and preparing to hibernate. I don't have time to sing! I went to the chrysanthemum cluster next to the brilliance of chrysanthemum, delicate and colorful, aroma, close to them, smell a very strong fragrance, secrete people's heart and spleen. From afar, the yellow flowers are particularly beautiful against the green leaves. It's really beautiful to smell the fragrance and see the beauty from afar. Birds were chirping about in the big tree. There are yellow pears, thorny durian, high sugarcane, golden orange... Ah, autumn is so beautiful, I love your beautiful autumn!

American composition 300 words 2

Today, our class held a "American reading contest". The whole class must recite a beautiful article with loud voice, emotion and fluency. Many students have participated in the competition, they recite vividly and vividly. Some got 95 points, some got 98 points, some even got 99 points, they all performed very well

Before I knew it, it was my turn. I am confident in myself and hope to get high marks. Recitation began. I imagined beautiful pictures with the content of the text. My enthusiasm became more and more unrestrained. Recitation became more and more passionate and fluent. Sometimes there were action performances. After reciting, the students gave me warm applause. After the students' opinions, my 'score is: 98 points¡° Yes£¡ I got 98 points! " I was very happy in my heart. The competition continued, the students showed their reading skills, some students also put the action on it!

The game is over, our highest score is 100, but there are only three people. In this competition, I learned a truth: confidence is very important. As long as you have confidence, no difficulty will come to you. Confidence is half the battle.

American composition 300 words 3

I love autumn. What attracts me is not the joy of harvest, but the leaves all over the mountains. Walking on the country road, I accidentally saw a strong ginkgo tree. With a gust of autumn wind coming out, the ginkgo leaf slowly floated downward. I stretched out my hands to catch it. Ginkgo leaf was like a sensible child, falling in my hand obediently. I carefully observe this piece of Ginkgo biloba leaves, the color has been green through yellow, yellow through green. But the vein is still very clear, a slender petiole supporting the whole leaf, leaves feel soft. I can't help but put it close to my nose, there are some delicate flavor. I super it gently blow, it will slide down my hand, back to the earth mother's arms. I continued to walk forward, foot on the leaves, and then made a "click" sound.

Through a field, I found a large maple forest in the distance, just like a big burning flame, dyed the sky red. Close to see, pieces of delicate maple leaves, like a shy girl, red face, look, Sha is beautiful. A gust of wind blowing, maple leaves like fairy scattered flowers falling. I picked up a maple leaf, it has five sharp corners, each corner has many small thorns, it feels slightly tied, a small petiole has a lot of hair, its veins extend from five corners to the petiole. The distribution of the whole structure is so appropriate and appropriate. Seeing this scene, I can't help but think of the poem of Du Mu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty: "parking and sitting in the maple forest is late, the frost leaves are red than the flowers in February." I love the colorful autumn, more love these beautiful leaves.

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