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300 words in American composition

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[essence] three 300 words American composition

In the ordinary study, work and life, the most familiar is composition. According to the characteristics of writing proposition, composition can be divided into proposition composition and non proposition composition. How to write a good composition? The following is a small compilation of the United States composition 300 words 4, welcome to read and collect.

 [essence] three 300 words American composition

American composition 300 words 1

Winter is a graceful, radiant girl.

She loves plum blossoms. Every winter, all the flowers wither. Only the plum blossom is blooming in Linghan. She is still so arrogant, just like a graceful girl. She is really "several plum blossoms in the corner, and Linghan is blooming alone"!

She loves white and snow. In winter, the snow is like many dancing butterflies swaying in the wind. On the street, on the branches, on the roof...... A vast white, to the earth put on a thick cotton padded clothes, to the wheat seedlings covered with warm quilt.

She likes popsicles. In winter, the river has a thick layer of ice, the children are dancing happily on the ice, and the fish are playing hide and seek under the water!

She loves to blow cool wind. In winter, gusts of cold wind blow face to face, blowing on people's faces, as if their faces were anesthetized.

She likes the cold, afraid of the cold frog hibernation; The migratory birds who are afraid of the cold fly to the south; The little insects who are afraid of the cold are hiding at home. The children are not afraid of the cold, they have a snowball fight in the snow, make a snowman, have a good time!

What a quiet and pure winter sister!

American composition 300 words 2

I love autumn. What attracts me is not the joy of harvest, but the leaves all over the mountains. Walking on the country road, I accidentally saw a strong ginkgo tree. With a gust of autumn wind coming out, the ginkgo leaf slowly floated downward. I stretched out my hands to catch it. Ginkgo leaf was like a sensible child, falling in my hand obediently. I carefully observe this piece of Ginkgo biloba leaves, the color has been green through yellow, yellow through green. But the vein is still very clear, a slender petiole supporting the whole leaf, leaves feel soft. I can't help but put it close to my nose, there are some delicate flavor. I super it gently blow, it will slide down my hand, back to the earth mother's arms. I continued to walk forward, foot on the leaves, and then made a "click" sound.

Through a field, I found a large maple forest in the distance, just like a big burning flame, dyed the sky red. Close to see, pieces of delicate maple leaves, like a shy girl, red face, look, Sha is beautiful. A gust of wind blowing, maple leaves like fairy scattered flowers falling. I picked up a maple leaf, it has five sharp corners, each corner has many small thorns, it feels slightly tied, a small petiole has a lot of hair, its veins extend from five corners to the petiole. The distribution of the whole structure is so appropriate and appropriate. Seeing this scene, I can't help but think of the poem of Du Mu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty: "parking and sitting in the maple forest is late, the frost leaves are red than the flowers in February." I love the colorful autumn, more love these beautiful leaves.

American composition 300 words 3

At this time, the river is already a song. Load by load of bracts were put on the river bank with sharp tips. The load by load of grain was full and laid on the beach. There are also bundles of soybeans, baskets of millet are picturesque on the beach. It's time to finish work. After a day's hard work, I have to jump into the river happily and wash it off, rub it off and wipe it off. Healthy tendons, strong chest, are naked in your field of vision, is a statue of tempting people, even if the original rough, but very soft and charming, intoxicated without a trace of evil ideas. Old people have an old story. The enviable experience, like a woman's scythe, is deeply engraved in his heart. Therefore, when young people's jokes float with the water, they only occasionally insert a supplementary sentence. Although the smile in the corners of the mouth has not disappeared, they are thinking and calculating in their hearts.

Appreciation: this passage is beautiful in style, like flowing water. It is a lively picture of autumn harvest: corn, millet, soybean, millet, river beach, young people, old people... Beautiful scenery. The scene of autumn harvest is even more beautiful. The author's style is beautiful, the language is vivid and expressive. He chooses some representative things to show the unique beauty of autumn harvest.

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