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Excerpt of beautiful sentences in Chinese Valentine's Day

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Excerpt of beautiful sentences in Chinese Valentine's Day

A lovesickness, a rain, an infatuation, a love, a paper oath, a paper sincerity, a romance, a dream, the following is a small arrangement of the Chinese Valentine's day Beautiful sentences Excerpt, welcome to read reference!

 Excerpt of beautiful sentences in Chinese Valentine's Day

Excerpt 1 of beautiful sentences on Chinese Valentine's Day

1. Love on the left, love on the right, walking on both sides of life, this long journey, dotted with fragrance of flowers, walk through the branches and brush the leaves, in the meantime, there is your presence, even if stepping on thorns, you don't feel pain, calm days, there may be tears to fall, but not sad, warm and full of moving, let love always fresh. Tanabata is coming, dear, let's be happy together

2, Chinese Valentine's Day is coming. Give love to those who understand love, happiness to those who love, hope to give to those who wait, those who succeed, and those who are reading short messages!

3. The butterfly is in love with the flowers, the weaver girl follows the cowherd, the white clouds accompany the blue sky, and the green water surrounds the green mountains. My dream is to spend every day with you. Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!

4. A beautiful magpie bridge has been built in my heart, with romantic fragrance, lingering whispers, veiled eyes, shy looking back, and even the little memories that you and I have known each other. Tanabata arrived, I just want to hold your hand and walk through the beautiful bridge in my heart.

5. The bright Milky way is rippling with the waves of love. The Cowherd and Weaver Girl interpret the love between the heaven and the earth. The magpie and the yellow cattle are the matchmaker. The legend has been handed down that lovers will get married. May you: meet on Chinese Valentine's day and fulfill your dream.

6. On the night of the Double Seventh Festival, what twinkles is not the starlight, but my missing; What burns is not candle, but my love; The bright is not the rose, but your figure; What is moving is not romance, but your heart. Dear, Tanabata arrived, I accompany you until old.

7. "Tanabata Festival is full of fresh flowers, bright stars and bright moon. You are the weaver girl and my cowherd. You are a wonderful flower, which is hard to find in the world. I am willing to pay for you, care for you, and depend on each other forever. On the Chinese Valentine's day, we will look forward to the stars and the moon and love forever!"

8. The flowers are fragrant, brewing the sweetness of love; The birds are singing joyfully, calling the lingering love; Sincerely throw out olives, express love oath: Tanabata Valentine's day, love you sincerely, think of you every minute, love you every moment!

9. With the passage of time, I miss you more and more deeply. I listen to the meandering stream of the river, sing the song of love between you and me, smell the fragrance of flowers, and arouse the happiness of being with you. The arrival of the Chinese Valentine's day, I look forward to meeting you for a long time. Love your heart will never change.

10. Fortune dominates the way of life, full of flowers; Sincerely open the happy channel, broadcast safety; Care builds a wall of happiness and delineates friendship; Love occupies the highland of life and releases sweetness. Tanabata arrived, give you sweet love.

11. The Milky way in the sky is vast and infinite, but it can't stop the true love in the world; The magpie bridge in the sky is narrow and curved, but it carries the immortal love of fairyland. Chinese Valentine's Day is coming, I sincerely wish that there will be lovers who will never suffer such hardships again and fly together between heaven and earth!

12. Cut off the Milky way in the sky and merge it into a river of love and flow into your heart; Take off the magpie bridge in the sky and turn it into the heart bridge of love. Put it in your heart. Give you the same love in this life. Happy Chinese Valentine's Day.

13. Brother is very handsome, no one is more lovely than brother; Brother is crazy, who is more open than brother; Elder brother is very strong, can carry hardships; My brother is the best, and I wish you every holiday; I wish love always in the Chinese Valentine's day, smile often, remember brother's care!

14. Toad dating swan, swan beautiful; When the cat dates the mouse, the mouse laughs; Grey wolf date pleasant goat, Happy Goat arrived; Impossible become possible, not the action of the action, Tanabata date right now!

15. A heart is only attracted by you, which is single-minded; A love only for you surging, that is infatuation; A song only sings for you, that is infatuation; A word only whispers to you, that is to love you. Tanabata arrived, and you write the chapter of love.

16. Love is coming, stepping on colorful auspicious clouds. Love comes, facing the fire in July. When love comes, build a romantic magpie bridge. Love comes, hand in hand with Cowherd and Weaver. Tanabata Valentine's day, love mysterious attack, be careful!

17. I can't forget every beautiful memory, every sweet smile, every happy journey, and the warmth around you. When the Chinese Valentine's day arrives, I just want to keep you until I'm old.

18. The magpie bridge on the double seventh day of the Lunar New Year is full of love; The romance of the Double Seventh Festival is melodious and the Star River is brilliant; Tanabata fragrant flowers, Acacia mianmianmian; Tanabata love continues, love you boundless. Wish you a happy Chinese Valentine's day.

19. The magpie bridge flies across the good fortune, and the Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet happily. It has been thousands of years since we truly love each other. Today's Chinese Valentine's day will read you, only wish to hold hands together. The river of love is touching, and it will never change for a lifetime. Dear, happy Chinese Valentine's day.

20. Marriage is a good match, wealth and beauty is a trade. Eternity is a myth. Once owned is a memory, and congeniality is the real love. Love is a thing, and it teaches us to live and die. Chinese Valentine's day, may you harvest sweet love!

Excerpt 2 of beautiful sentences in Chinese Valentine's Day

1. A good match is marriage, wealth and beauty is a transaction. Eternity is a myth. Once owned is a memory, and congeniality is the real love. Love is a thing, and it teaches us to live and die. Chinese Valentine's day, may you harvest sweet love!

2. I am a person who is used to walking alone in loneliness. No matter in real life or in the virtual network, I am like a faint shadow. I come gently and return quietly. I don't want to disturb the birds in the forest. They have their own happy songs.

3. I invited you in my life many years ago, so I cherish the meeting today! Even if the distance is longer, there is my concern! No matter how far away, also have my blessing!

4. On the seventh day of the lunar new year, the stars are bright and the Milky way is bright. Cowherd and Weaver Girl meet on the magpie bridge. On the Chinese Valentine's day, the world is full of lights. The lovers dress up in pairs and send gifts and flowers to each other to express their heartfelt feelings. Chinese Valentine's Day: May you find a sweetheart soon.

5. There is no way to send Acacia on the Chinese Valentine's day; Half moon miss you, full moon love you, words in the moon, heart outside the moon; The stars dotted in the night sky are my dense Acacia. Happy holidays, dear!

6. When I met you, at that moment, I had a kind of cool touch. I think, this or the fate of the track can not be changed, the heart lit up a raging fire, burning is full of missing.

7. Love you is so inexplicable, is so unforgettable, I know I will not be the only one in your life, but you are the love of my life! Happy Valentine's day to you

8. In my heart, you are the only difference. I don't care if I understand your love. Your joy and anger let me heart, I would like to be the wind under your wings.

9. The groves we visited, the blue, yellow and pink flowers we had seen... Everything is still the same. When will you come back and we'll travel together again?

10. Love is a feeling, even if it is painful, you will feel happy. Love is an experience, even if the heart is broken, it will feel sweet. Love is an experience, even if it is broken, it will feel beautifulí░

11. In the long life, I found you. It was you who gave me the confidence to survive. It was you who made my life no longer dull. I love you!

Before I met you, I always had short hair and eyebrows. After meeting you, I deliberately tied up my hair secretly, just to treat my long hair and waist, and you to roll up my long hair for me. Since then, I no longer long for a beautiful encounter, because in this life, you are enough for me.

13. Magpies witness our love and rush to build bridges; Grape witnessed our love, busy to rumor, Galaxy witnessed our love to do meteor to take Zhinv's wish: cowherd, meet magpie bridge on time today

14. It is not too early or too late to arrive on schedule; Tanabata is in the moment, not far or near; Qixi magpie bridge meet, never give up; Tanabata is love you, regardless of time, do not ask fleeting time. Dear, happy Chinese Valentine's day.

15. You are my most simple happiness, knowing you is the best thing in my life, I love you is what I want to say to you.

16. It is easy to see the moon in July, but it is difficult to see the monarch

17. Sincere heart is only open to you, true love is only infatuated with you, and sincere words are only for you. Tanabata arrived, please believe that my love, will be like a cowherd, love you will never change!

The fish said to the water: you can't see my tears because I'm in the water. Water said: I can feel your tears, because you are in my heart.

19. Cut off the Milky way in the sky and merge it into a river of love and flow into your heart; Take off the magpie bridge in the sky and turn it into the heart bridge of love. Put it in your heart. Give you the same love in this life. Happy Chinese Valentine's Day.

20. I really want to be your mobile phone, carry it in your arms, hold it in your hands, see it in your eyes and remember it in your heart!

21. Missing you flies out of the harbor and comes to you; The love for you is shining in your heart; The craziness of you flutters in the heaven of love. Dear, happy Chinese Valentine's day.

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