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Beautiful sentences of love

A collection of 99 beautiful sentences about love in 2021

Tell everyone. You're his baby. I always leave you a message. I'll write you love letters. The following are about love beautiful sentences 99, welcome to refer to.

 A collection of 99 beautiful sentences about love in 2021

1. Autumn wind is Xiao Yun is still playing leisurely, autumn leaves is butterfly dance, still floating lingering, cool thoughts are still spreading. In this cool and Yingying season, how can I stop my reverie flying in the vast sea and sky.

2. Standing beside the tree, I watched the cherry blossoms falling one after another. My concubine's heart seemed to fly with these broken flowers, and finally sank into the endless stagnant water.

3. The tree of love blooms with its petals.

4. I miss the song to the ocean to listen, the ocean gave this wish to the sky, the sky entrusted to the clouds, into light rain gently falling in front of your window, recently why the weather is changeable? It's all because I miss you!

5. You are my Youlemei, making me happy every day; You are my Wang Laoji, let me have no anger every day; You are my Wahaha, make me happy every day! Dear, as long as you are there, I will always be happy and happy!

6. Most of the time, inadvertently know some things, the surface of the indifferent, with a smile to cover up, in fact, the heart than anyone else.

7. At this time, I can't tell right from wrong. To be exact, I don't want to distinguish what.

8. Since when, I have been gradually alienated from this space, and at the beginning, I have been indifferent to the rules of fate, despised the frivolous game of youth, picked up the pieces, Wu self healing heart, when the flowers bloom, remove the dust in front of me, I found myself again, since then, regardless of the old dream of the world of mortals, do not look at the secular love field, just want to be myself quietly. If you are well, years do not hurt, from now on, be a smiling angel.

9. In fact, when a person is really free, unrestrained, arbitrary. Just a person for a long time, do not know what they want in the end, is not no one chasing, not do not want to love. The so-called aestheticism only exists in the plot. Because we are not aestheticism, we will seek hard; Because it is not aesthetic, let us know that there is another thing called hope.

10. Love makes people happy and sad. Do not like obsession, do not like sadness, can see the flowers fall, the heart can not help but be sad. But it turns out that all the emotions are due to the king. My concubine's world Jun once came and left a bunch of light. After you left, my world was gray. Then the bone cutting once was the kite with broken string. Up to now, its whereabouts are unknown.

11. Love is actually love. Su Qin said: don't be infatuated with love. Character is more important than that. Love is temporary, character is eternal. When love fades away, the relationship between two people depends on kindness. Take a good look at how he treats the people around him. Maybe that's the state of your life in the future.

12. Once thought that as long as the heart to love, there will be results, but my concubine is wrong. I have no ability to calm down to love another person, I had to give up and love together, but I did not give up love.

13. If there is no north-south road in front of the door, this life can avoid parting. It's dusk and the banquet is over. Seriously, I can't keep you. However, there is no need to force it. Life has its own reasons. If you have to do something, you'd better go on the road. You know, tomorrow, the end of the world, there will also be my concubine to follow.

14. The music stops, and Xiaoyou completes the process of her ugly duckling turning into a white swan. Xiaoyou didn't notice the thunderous applause under the stage, but anxiously searched for the figure that gave her infinite strength. No, nothing. Xiaoyou was disappointed and dropped her head. A tear fell down and bloomed like a flower. Xiaoyou raised her head and wiped away her tears. There was no expression on her face.

15. Sunny days with you to watch sunrise, rainy days with you to see the rainbow, foggy days with you to feel the ethereal feeling, just hope you can accompany me for a lifetime. In the end, what really matters is not the years of life, but the years of life.

16. Perhaps, only being loved is the happiest.

17. Whenever I look at the sky, I don't like to talk again. Whenever I speak, I dare not look at the sky again. Men are naturally amorous, but they will love someone. A woman is born to be affectionate, but she can be heartless to someone. When a man is with a person he likes, he still has one or more of her in his heart. Because he's sentimental. When a woman is with someone she likes, all she thinks about is him. Even if a better man appeared, she would not give up. Because of her expertise. And when she decided to give up, there was no room for anything. Because she is heartless!

18. Forget the original you also forget the original yourself.

19. Finally see love is too far fetched, finally debunk all mediocre tricks.

20. Stone to see texture, mountain to see pulse, people to see ambition tree to see material. Where the ambition is going, gold and stone are open. Who can resist it? The trend of ambition is not far away, and the poor mountain and sea can not be limited; The aim of ambition is to be invincible.

Fool, as long as you are happy, the world is willing to withdraw from you.

22. The couple of a family have no RV, and their bankbook is small. They never break up. Although they were relatively poor, they were very warm, never quarreled and often walked.

23. You must be happier than me, so as not to let me out in confusion.

I'm afraid I can't hold on to it any more. It's really sad to like someone.

How long will you love me? When my love becomes your happiness, when we are old.

Love is such a need to express, just like an electrical appliance that exhausts too fast, it is recharged every day. Describe love repeatedly and freshly. It is an art of courage and wisdom.

27. Love is the softest feeling in the heart, a kind of sweetness, a kind of deep feeling, a kind of bewilderment, but love is a kind of responsibility. Responsibility is the bond of love and the eternal pillar of love.

28. In this world, there is such a person, even silence, can hurt you.

29. Be sure to have your own opinions and say directly where to take her. Don't always let the girls decide.

30. The man who was in the small interlayer of my backpack accompanied me across the sea. After every journey, the invisible Scarecrow guarded my innocence. He once thought that love could make the future for only one person. The person who turned off the lights and was still in the corner of my desk became a specimen of my love for many years, and the disappeared youth of that person could not return, Never forget that those who have loved will take the past seriously.

31. Love without trust is sad. It is the cold that can run through the bone marrow and the pain that makes people tear heart and lung.

32. Believe in sincerity, but don't blame hypocrisy; Believe in success, but don't avoid failure; Believe in fate, but don't wait blindly; Believe in love, but don't ask for all blame. Simple and natural, with heart and soul.

We are all loved by the world.

In my life, I can like many people, but you are the only one I love.

35. Since you left, I think it's hard for me to meet another person who is worth my emotional words.

I don't like rainbow, it is beautiful but illusory; I like you, you like a lively stream, clear and bright, see the bottom at a glance.

Don't hate those who hurt you and leave you. It's you who choose to be hurt by them. Whether their existence makes us grow up and mature or make us stupid and extreme, it's all up to you. We can not forget the past, but we must put it down.

38. The lamp is red, the wine is green! The city is gray, but you are brilliant! I am ordinary, and I always look forward to being with you! Words are short, missing you is frequent!

39. Thinking of you is a happy feeling with a happy mood; Miss you, is a sweet taste, has a pleasant mood; Love you, is a kind of warm taste, has the wonderful mentality; Love you for life, is a sincere promise, with eternal determination, dear, I love you for life.

40. Love is a feeling, even if it is painful, you will feel happy; Love is an experience, even if the heart is broken, it will feel sweet; Love is an experience, even if it is broken, it will feel beautiful. Falling in love with you is only for a moment, forgetting that you need life. Whether you still remember me or not, in your heart, there is always a drop I shed for loving you. Tears, always there

41. My love is so simple that it is only for one person.

42. No matter how desolate the world is, in love, breaking up and holding hands are changing the protagonist at any time. This is love. Don't lose the courage to love again because of one failure. No one is the passer-by, just can't stay too long. The end of a relationship means that there will be a new love.

43. I want to weave a warm and lingering dream for you with my long and long yearning for you; I will cast a magnificent palace and imprison you with my everlasting love for you. 1212 love day, come, my princess, ride with me on this strong white horse and travel around the world.

44. Every step is in, like walking on thin ice.

I am here, I love you, I have always loved you, and I will always love you. When I'm not by your side, I always think of you and keep thinking about your appearance in my mind. When I tell you that I don't want you, this is actually the most serious blasphemy.

46. It doesn't matter how long two people are together, nor does the age difference. What matters is whether you are in this person's heart. Some people have been together for a day, but they have lived in their hearts for a lifetime.

You, like the sun, have a temperature that I can't get close to. Silence each other for too long, even the initiative needs courage. Sometimes, forgetting is the best relief; Sometimes silence is the best way to speak.

48. I can't forget, just because of the parting sentence "don't abandon, don't give up, believe, this is just a temporary farewell, and the unity of the sky and the sea is in the rain and fog not far away".

49. You are like a star in the Milky way. The dazzling light makes me feel sacred and inviolable. I often just watch from a distance to see if there is a God in your pen, the clear sky under your fingertips, and the beautiful landscape in your words.

50. When single, envy the sweetness of love; When in love, cherish the freedom of being single.

No one will be responsible for your happiness. Soon you will know that you have to look for happiness yourself. Put your spirit in another place. After a while, you will get used to the new life. You think, the world can't be the same, the sun can't go around you, you'll grow up sooner or later - life is full of disappointment. Don't whine. If it's part of your life, you have to accept it as if nothing happened.

Is there something that is beautiful only in memory.

53. There is always such a person who cooks and washes clothes for you, there is always such a person for you to keep out the rain, there is always such a person waiting for you in silence, there is always such a person who knows and cherishes you. Please say to that person: Happy Valentine's Day!

54. Love is like a dress. If you put it on, you will become more and more beautiful. Today, let's put on this beautiful dress and go to our festival together!

Love flowers fresh, sweet in the heart. Friendship flowers, true feelings around. Family flower exhibition, happiness in front of you. 512, I want to love, love is always in bloom!

When you need me, you need to be interested.

57, if you want to, I will always love you, but the end can not escape a person's Acacia.

58. With you on the way of love, everything becomes different. I want to draw a picture for you to know each other, to play a never-ending movement for you, and to write an ending for you to grow old with your son. On April 12, I swear to love you and pledge to never change my heart.

59. The street lamp stands there, always bowing his head. He is not humble, he is just lonely

Who controls my time, eclosion yesterday.

61. The dream is gone, the heart is broken, and leaving is just preparing for leaving.

62. I have a warm heart, but I can't hold your free hand all the time.

Ambiguity is that every time he mentions his other half, you will shoot through your heart.

64, you left, with all my love, just a break-up, I bear tears to look at your back, I really want to hold you for one time, I want to say "I love you" to you once.

65. Love the world's first class, love to walk the road of life, love the lights, the forbidden area of love.

66. Because this is only my love, so sad, sad, afraid, can only pretend that you are around, but you are not around, so more sad, sad, afraid, finally can only slowly sad, sad, afraid. Strength is growing.

Don't you know that you are a very strange kid paper? Zhong Lu, don't you know you are so beautifulˇ¶ You are the April day of the world

68. I don't want no one to accompany me when I'm driving!

69. It's yours. It's yours. The more grip, the easier to lose. We have worked hard, cherished, and have a clear conscience. The rest is up to fate.

70, alone gaze, you beautiful horizon. Quietly imagine, your cloud servant girl high, tapping my soul across the heart window. In the intoxicated dream, follow the image in my heart, maybe in a dark fragrance floating dusk, maybe in the early morning after the cold, finally be able to pass through this paper thin screen and meet you.

71. For whom does the heart move, for whom tears flow, love has come to an end. Why bother to think so much more? To let him be free is to set him free. If he can't be a husband and wife, he can also be a friend. At least a friend won't hurt you deeply.

Don't ask him if he wants to miss you? Love you or not? If he wants to think of you or love you, he will tell you.

73. When I meet you, I can't make you stay. I love you but I can't keep you. I love you but I can't keep you. Don't appear in my dream of dawn. I'm afraid I can't hold you when I wake up. Mr. Xia, I still miss you when I listen to the songs. Perhaps the love has been exhausted, the only remaining obsession.

74. Staying up late with someone you like is a chronic martyrdomˇ°

75. There is no incurable pain, there is no sinking that cannot be ended. All that is lost will come back in another way. Every girl can see her own dream, courage, independence and flash in this book. About friendship, their love, their betrayal, like two tight ropes running through my life, I can't just cut one of them. Love can't stop me from loving you. It must be the cruelest thing in the world. About waiting to believe that they have paid, the world will treat you gently. About growth, it's loss and gain.

I'm so moved that I can't understand why such a good man would get divorced. Alas. Marriage is just love, pain and understanding. Do you still want to go to heaven.

77. People are always greedy for love and forget about life. In the end, most people are poor and only a few win.

78. The man loves you and forgets himself. From then on, he waits for love carefully and quietly. He is willing to choose to believe and keep silent for you.

79. The final outcome of a marriage without love is a tragedy. When a woman is a child, she can endure a loveless marriage for her children. I didn't expect to train my son to be a talent. He yelled at his mother in every way and didn't look at him. He was very disappointed. Only divorce to live for themselves again. Even though he is a man without money and ill, he should live for himself once.

80. It's a day of sentimental tears. The love is so beautiful.

81. I feel lonely when I miss someone, I feel lonely when I miss someone, I feel happy when I miss someone, and I feel happy when I miss someone. This is the magic of love, she can give you a different world, there are sour, sweet, bitter, delicious, this is the charm of love, she can make you lost, give you motivation, seek new ideals!

Whether I love you or not, I can see people's heart for a long time.

Welcome to a new year. May the New Year be a year of good luck and love. Thank you for your company. I want to tell you.

84. Love, go with the situation, after the efforts; Life, no pity, after the struggle; In the years of quiet words, the warmth of flowers and sunshine.

Never think that love can fill the regret of life. Because in life, the most regret is love.

Bai Suzhen: the love between us is not love! Where is your great compassion. Can't we see each other again? I'm willing to be punished. Amitabha.

87. The occurrence of love needs appropriate situation. Each other too familiar, too understand, no sense of mystery, it is not easy to love. Of course, each other too strange and estrangement, can not happen love. The occurrence of love, in contact and not familiar with each other, has both a sense of mystery and a sense of intimacy, which can not only leave sufficient room for imagination, but also make the attraction play to the most satisfactory degree.

Love, how much a catty, if you give love a price, you can't get true love. a marriage between families of equal social rank? Official Father and rich mother? A house and a car? We hear too much, but we ignore the initial voice in our heart. Calm down and discover the heartbeat at the bottom of our heart. At this moment, love.

89. I'm sick. The doctor said that seeing beautiful things, enjoying warm care and talking sweet love words can relieve the symptoms. Honey, can you help me, help me?

90, infatuated is an idiot! What I exchange with sincerity is the memory with blood!

Those who can be together, cherish them. Some people want to be together, but they can't. There is always a person hidden in the center of everyone's life, and maybe this person will never know. However, this person can never be replaced by anyone. And that person is like a scar that can never be healed, no matter when, as long as it is lifted, or touched lightly, it will hurt faintly.

92, love is a feeling, when this feeling is no longer there, but I still force myself, this is called responsibility! Fear of hands is courage! When this courage is gone, I still encourage myself, which is called solemn and stirring! If you have loneliness, you will have happiness. Sometimes, love is also a kind of harm. Cruel people, choose to hurt others, good people, choose to hurt themselves. Sometimes, the meeting between people is just like a meteor, which suddenly bursts out an enviable spark, but it is destined to be just passing by in a hurry.

93. For many years, you have been living in seclusion in my wound. I have put down the heaven and earth, but I have never put down you. You can say goodbye to all the mountains and rivers in my life.

94. There will always be a person in your life. When you see a familiar figure in the street of another country, you will meet a warm smile and suffer a fresh and vague moon night. At that moment, you will always think of a person who appears in your life with a passing posture.

Many of us fall in love early. We are tired of love when we don't know what it is. We play emotional games and lament that true love is hard to find in this world when we are young and mature. On the other hand, we never really review our attitude towards love.

The saddest thing is that I don't even have the right to be jealous.

97. If one day, I turn into a pile of loess. The grass growing on the loess is green for you, and the flowers are blooming for you; If one day, I become a stream of clear spring, the fish in the spring are dancing for you, and the sound of the spring is also singing for you.

If love hurts people most, it's not that she doesn't love you, or that you don't love him. Is clearly in love, she can't love you, or you can't love him. Looking, but can not embrace; Think, but can not have; Walking, but can not be synchronized; Said, but can not look at. Even if exhausted a lifetime of strength, overdraft a lifetime of luck, has been unable to approach, but also face day by day forgetting.

99. A man is naturally amorous, but he will love someone. A woman is born to be affectionate, but she can be heartless to someone. When a man is with a person he likes, he still has one or more of her in his heart. Because he's sentimental. When a woman is with someone she likes, all she thinks about is him. Even if a better man appeared, she would not give up. Because of her expertise. And when she decided to give up, there was no room for anything. Because she is heartless!

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