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Courseware (course software made according to the requirements of the syllabus)

Courseware is a course software made according to the requirements of the syllabus, through the determination of teaching objectives, the analysis of teaching contents and tasks, the structure of teaching activities and the design of interface. It is directly related to the course content. The so-called multimedia courseware is based on the requirements of the syllabus and teaching needs, after strict teaching design, and in a variety of media expression and hypertext structure of the course software. More > >


one The basic definition of courseware

Courseware is a collection of text, sound, image, video and other materials that can be displayed on the computer with common teaching objectives. Video clips and other multimedia means to use large screen projection to assist the teaching of modern procedural teaching aids. Courseware is a kind of software in essence. It is a kind of computer software designed according to the teaching objectives under the guidance of a certain learning theory and reflecting a certain teaching strategy and teaching content. The basic modes of courseware include practice type, guidance type, consultation type, simulation type, game type, problem solving type, discovery learning type, etc. No matter what type of courseware, it is the organic combination of teaching content and teaching processing strategy. More > >

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  • The teaching plan of "Mulan poetry" teaching plan courseware for the next semester of the seventh grade Chinese language published by Jiangsu Education Press 2020-09-15

    As a teacher, we often need to prepare teaching design. Instructional design is a process of systematic design and Realization of learning objectives. Does it follow the principle of optimal learning effect? Is it the key to the quality of courseware development. So how to write instructional design? The following is a small edition for you to collect the seventh grade language of Jiangsu Education Press

  • Chinese courseware "computer residence" 2020-07-28

    Chinese "computer residence" courseware 1, learning objectives 1, understanding 6 new words, understand "data, energy saving, classification, containers, storage, instructions" and other words. 2. Through silent reading and communication, you can imagine the scenes and things described in the text, understand the magic of computer and what computer residence has brought to people's life

  • Chinese "candle" courseware for Grade 8 Volume 1 of PEP 2020-07-23

    1ˇ˘ What poems and songs can we associate with by "candle", and what are their implications? 1. "When the silkworms die, the silk will be exhausted, and the wax torch will be gray and tears will dry." the candle praises the teacher's dedication. 2. "Why should we cut all the candles in the west window, but we will talk about the rain at night in the mountains." the candle is used to set off the feelings and warmth of reunion after a long separation. 3...

  • Chinese courseware of luohuasheng 2020-07-23

    According to the basic idea of the new Chinese curriculum standard, correctly grasp the characteristics of Chinese educationˇ¶ In this text, we should grasp the key sentences, guide the students to deepen their understanding, and let them learn fully and profoundly. When studying, the teacher should grasp the father's words

  • The first volume of Chinese Courseware: Autumn 2020-07-23

    The first volume of Chinese Courseware: Autumn 1 [teaching objectives] knowledge and skills 1. Master the new words, with the help of Pinyin, read the text correctly and fluently. 2. Master one stroke and recognize three parts. 3. Understand the text with pictures and pictures, and know some features of autumn. 4. Know the natural paragraph and try to

  • Chinese courseware for grade six of primary school: the elephant in the belly of a snake 2020-04-11

    First, teaching objectives: 1. Read the text with emotion, and understand the author's writing intention on the basis of grasping the text content. 2. Understand the role of several comparative descriptions in the text. 3. Know 4 words and learn 7 new words. 2ˇ˘ Basic knowledge: chewing, chewing, etc

  • Lesson plan courseware for unit 4 of Chinese (Volume 2) 2020-04-08

    Teaching assumption: the language of this ancient poem is plain, and it is like lotus in clear water without any modification. In the face of the frosty autumn moon, how can a stranger not miss his hometown and his relatives? This poem is well known to all, and some students have recited it before they enter school. But most students are reading the charm of ancient poetry

  • Lesson plan courseware for unit 3 of Chinese (Volume 2) 2020-04-08

    Teaching assumption: This text is to let students understand the truth that students should help each other, unite and love each other through the two things: the little cock gives the duckling insects to eat, and the duckling saves the rooster to the shore. Teachers in the teaching of students as the center, according to the actual situation of students classification requirements, the main use of observation, situation

  • Chinese courseware Volume 2, grade 3 2019-11-23

    The second volume of the third grade Chinese courseware is missing sheep to make up for the third 13 of the Chinese garden in the South and the time race (Lin Qingxuan) (a.kaski) (Amicis) (Fu Yongjian) language Garden 4 group 4 group 5 group (Wang Shengmin) (Kao. John) (Lev Tolstoy) 20 * mother's bill language garden

  • Chinese courseware for grade six 2020-03-02

    Now the most widely used form of multimedia courseware is PPT (slides made with Office PowerPoint), because it is easy to edit and play, various operations are easy to learn, but strictly speaking, it is not developed for making courseware. The following is a small compilation of the sixth grade Chinese courseware, I hope to help you! 6

  • Chinese s version of Guilin landscape courseware 2019-11-22

    Guilin landscape is the representative of China's mountains and rivers. The typical karst terrain constitutes a unique Guilin landscape. Guilin landscape refers to a wide range of projects. Guilin mountains and waters "green, water, caves, stone beauty, including mountains, water, karst caves, stone carvings, and so on, its landscape scenery is world-famous, thousands of

  • Guilin landscape courseware 2019-11-22

    How to write Guilin landscape courseware? I believe many people want to know, right? The following is a small editor for you to sort out four Chinese Guilin landscape courseware related materials, welcome to read! The teaching objectives of Guilin landscape courseware are as follows: 1. 2. Guide students to be correct, fluent and have a sense of

  • Clear lake courseware 2019-11-22

    Learn the clear lake water, understand the content of the text, so that students know how to protect nature and enhance the awareness of environmental protection. The following is the related materials of the clear lake courseware compiled for you in the second grade Chinese volume I, welcome to read! Teaching objective 1. Learn 12 new words and the words composed of these words. Know five new words. 2ˇ˘...

  • Lesson 22 courseware of Chinese volume 1 for grade 3 of PEP 2019-11-21

    1ˇ˘ Textbook analysis this is an article about scenery. The author uses vivid, concrete and vivid language to write that Xisha Islands is a lovely place with beautiful scenery and abundant products. So as to stimulate students' love for the motherland. The whole article can be divided into three paragraphs according to the order of total, score and total. The first paragraph

  • The language courseware of nature 2019-11-21

    Through reading the text to know what the language of nature in the text refers to, so as to understand some natural phenomena, the following is the language courseware of nature arranged for you, the first volume of eighth grade Chinese related materials, welcome to read! Teaching objective 1. Learn the two new words in this lesson, and be able to read the false pronunciation of polyphyllabic characters according to the words. 2. Be able to

  • Lesson 8 courseware of Chinese volume 2 of grade 6 2019-11-21

    Introduction: the journey of life, such as a picture, the smile in happiness is the highlight of the picture. Whenever I recall it, there will always be a faint smile in the corner of my mouth. The following small series will introduce the courseware article of the sixth grade Chinese Volume II, Lesson 8, for your reference! The purpose of teaching is to communicate with each other

  • Zhan Tianyou courseware for sixth grade Chinese 2019-11-21

    "Zhan Tianyou" is a text in volume 12 of the nine-year compulsory education six-year primary school Chinese. The following is the relevant materials of Zhan Tianyou courseware compiled for you. Welcome to read it! Teaching objectives: 1. Understand the outstanding patriotic engineer Zhan Tianyou's deeds, stimulate students to love the motherland, determined to work for the country

  • First grade Chinese goose chanting courseware 2019-11-21

    It is based on the requirements of the syllabus, through the determination of teaching objectives, the analysis of teaching content and task, the structure of teaching activities and interface design and other links. It is directly related to the course content. The following small to provide you with the relevant content, welcome to read and reference!! First grade Chinese chant

  • Chinese rain point courseware for grade one of primary school 2019-11-20

    Most of the children don't like the rain, because it brings more trouble to the children that they can't go to the outdoor activities. But I believe that after learning this text, the children will love the rain more. The following is a small compilation for you to sort out the primary school Chinese rain point courseware related information, welcome to read! Preset teaching objectives

  • First year Chinese first four seasons courseware 2019-11-20

    Introduction: nature has been beautiful and happy in spring, like a girl looking at the future; The following small edition for you to introduce the first year Chinese four seasons courseware article, welcome everybody to read the reference! "Four seasons" is a compulsory education experimental textbook published by the people's education press

  • Chinese courseware for the first year of mental retardation 2019-11-20

    The teaching plan of Chinese courseware for the first grade of mentally retarded students: to understand the regular requirements of physical education class and know how to arrange the physical education team. Learning content: guidance class - classroom routine learning steps: 1. Singing and dancing communication guidance: 1. Announce the class, teachers and students say hello. 2. Listen to music "find friends"

  • First grade Chinese night courseware 2019-11-20

    "Night" is an important text in the first grade Chinese textbook. The following is the related articles of the first grade Chinese night courseware collected and sorted out for you. I hope it can help you. If you think it's good, you can share it with more partners! First grade Chinese night courseware teaching objectives 1, to be able to remember 12 new words new

  • PEP fifth grade volume 2 Chinese 20 courseware 2019-11-20

    To understand Wu Song's bold and courageous personality, the following is a small compilation for you to sort out the people's education press fifth grade second volume Chinese 20 courseware related materials, welcome to read! Learning objective 1. Understand the process of Wu Song's fighting tiger and understand the main content of the text. 2. Feel the image of Wu Song. Experience the fun of reading famous works, stimulate the Lord

  • Courseware for the first lesson of Chinese for Grade Seven 2019-11-19

    "From Baicao garden to Sanwei bookstore" is a text that Mr. Lu Xun recalled his childhood life. It is full of childlike innocence, with a light sense of loss and loss. For you to share the seventh grade language lesson one courseware, let's have a look! Teaching objective 1. Accumulate words; Understanding Lu Xun and his "morning flower evening

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