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Appreciation of flowers in ancient poetry

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Appreciation of ancient poetry about flowers

The poet is sentimental and often talks in detail, which makes the new poetry recited. The following for you to provide flowers. Appreciation of ancient poetry, for reference.

 Appreciation of ancient poetry about flowers

1. Guessing riddles

Rumengling กค Dao is pear blossom, isn't it

Yan Rui in Southern Song Dynasty

Tao is pear blossom, not pear blossom. Tao is apricot blossom. White and red, not east wind flavor. Zeng Ji, Zeng Ji, was drunk in Wuling.

2. Colorful spring and peach blossom

Peach blossom

Li Zhong, Southern Tang Dynasty in Five Dynasties

Only apricot is a bosom friend, burning partial appropriate bamboo shade.

A few trees are half open, the Golden Valley is dawn, and a stream is blooming deep in Wuling.

Yan Shu blinds are heavy when the son is ripe, never look for a thousand years.

Who step song wall under the moon, good fragrance and shadow jacket lapel.

Peach blossom

Wu Rong, Tang Dynasty

Full of trees and delicate red, wanzhidan color burning spring fusion.

What should be done for a thousand years to make chemical industry.

3. The summer of trees and trees

(bedding: Tingting in the water, fragrant branches in June. The sun is high and the cheek is red.)


Shi Tao in Qing Dynasty

The lotus leaf is five inches, and the lotus flower is delicate, and the painting boat can't be shaken by sticking waves.

In April and may, it can also cover the beauty waist.

Ailian said

Zhou Dunyi, Song Dynasty

Flowers of water, land, plants and plants are very lovely.

Tao Yuanming of Jin Dynasty only loved chrysanthemum. Since Li Tang Dynasty, people love peony very much.

To the only lotus out of the mud but not dye, Zhuo Qinglian but not demon,

It's straight in the middle and straight in the outside. It doesn't spread and branches. It's fragrant and clear. It's planted in pavilions and pavilions,

It can be seen from afar, but not profane.

To the chrysanthemum, flowers of the hermit also; Peony, the flower of the rich and noble also;

Lotus is the gentleman of flowers. Gee! The love of chrysanthemum is rarely heard after pottery.

Lotus love, with whom? The love of peony is suitable for all.

4. Autumn in the west wind and fallen leaves

(bedding: it's not a human species. It's moved from the middle of the month. It's a little fragrant, and it's blowing all over the mountain.)

Chanting Osmanthus fragrans

Song Dynasty, LV Shengzhi

Why orange green and orange yellow are needed to dominate the three autumn festival.

Since it is planted in the next month, the fruit will be fragrant in the sky.

Clear shadow does not mind autumn dew white, the new Bush partial belt late smoke Cang.

High branches have been broken, but raw hands, ten thousand Dendrobium Qifen stored brocade bag.

Sweet scented osmanthus

Xie Mao, Song Dynasty

Green cloud cutting leaves, low protection of gold filings. Occupy the reputation of broken flowers, fragrance and rhyme, two clean. You've heard of it. It was he who came to leave. Take a look at the fairy clothes, the golden dew and the jade moon.

5. Snow covered winter

(bedding: when the mountain flowers are in full bloom, she will smile in the cluster)

Plum blossom chanting

Lu You, Song Dynasty

The bridge outside the post is lonely and has no owner.

It is dusk alone, more wind and rain.

No intention of bitter struggle for spring, a Ren Qunfang envy.

Scattered into mud for dust, only incense as before.


Lu Meipo, Song Dynasty

There is no spirit without plum without snow, and a person without poetry is popular with snow. Day and evening poetry snow, and plum and make very spring.

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