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The courseware of back

Time: 19:33:06, June 29, 2017 Courseware I want to contribute

The courseware of back

The following small edition of Ruiwen network for you to sort out the "back" courseware, for your reference.

 The courseware of back

In middle school chinese In the text, Zhu Ziqing's back is a familiar article. There are many ways to learn and teach this text Teaching plan As an ordinary front-line Chinese teacher, he has only the share of modest learning, which dares to gossip in this field. However, after I finished this class, I still had some things to say, so I wrote them down.

After class, everything was carried out according to the steps arranged by the teacher. The introduction of writing background, the introduction of the author, the dredging of words, and the reading of the text were carried out step by step. About 20 minutes or 25 minutes later, the passage describing the father's back was finally mentioned. The students read aloud and then discussed the methods and functions of the description. The results of the students' discussion are similar to those in my previous teaching, so it is unnecessary to repeat them. But the following classroom process seems to gradually deviate from my original teaching design.

After a period of discussion, the students spoke, but I found that the students still didn't want to calm down. So I asked, "what questions do you have?" Student a tengdi stood up: "we may encounter people like my father everywhere in our life. The people around me, including my relatives, are also some ordinary people. The teacher asked us to write about them more than once, but I have never written so moving, and the author only wrote about his father's back. Why can he write so moving?" Student B: "look at the details of the article, the clothes and movements of father, the colors of his clothes, and the verbs, such as walking, exploring, climbing, shrinking, leaning, and the adjectives of" staggering and slowly ", which can not move people Student a: "then why does he write in such detail?" Student C: "OK, OK, I'll do it. Meticulous writing is due to careful observation, and moving writing is due to the sincere feelings put into observation and writing. Well, that's the standard answer

At this time, several students whispered for a while, and one of them said, "it's not standard. I'll add a little. When writing this article, the author himself has been a father, isn't it saying that he is thinking about my son¡ª¡ª His understanding of his father is much deeper than it was two years ago, which is why he is so moving. " The students are really good. A group of hairy boys thought they didn't know anything, but they said it all by themselves. I think this little problem should be solved by now.

Just as the teacher was about to move on to the next teaching link, a student in the back row suddenly stood up: "then why did he observe his father's back so carefully?" As soon as this question was raised, my first reaction at that time was to "dig into the corner.". How can this be a problem? How about the relationship between father and son? But instead of dealing with it in such a simplistic way, I asked, "how could you mention such a problem?" The student pauses for a moment and says to student B, "in a place like the station where there are many people, who do you usually observe so carefully?" Student B was asked for a pause. Static for a few seconds, had been silent onlooker student D station did not stand up, suddenly appeared a word: "beauty." The whole class immediately became lively. Some students think it is fun; Some students opened their chatterbox and talked noisily; Some students also take a glance at the teacher to see the teacher's reaction; Some students are very dissatisfied with this

At this time, the female monitor stood up: "we are in the Chinese class" back ". Where have you been? There is no atmosphere at all¡ª¡ª Teacher, what do you think of our classroom? Why don't you care about it? " In fact, it takes less than 3 minutes for student d to say "beauty" to the female monitor. Of course I can control the time. It's just that I feel that this problem is not meaningless, but I can't think of a proper way to connect it with the theme of the class. Since the monitor has said so, I will signal to the students to calm down and Study The student talked about his ideas on the question just now, but asked to raise his hand first and then speak in an orderly manner without repetition. At this time, there were not many students who raised their hands, but the monitor was the first to speak. She seemed a little angry: "my father is not tall, he is not beautiful, he is a fat man. He is either black or green, and he is not fashionable. Unfortunately, he is a father; At this time, there is a beautiful woman beside him, who is very demon Yan. I'm sure that D's two eyes will only stare at the beauty, but disdain to look at his father. " Student D was buried by the monitor's words. Strangely, this time, other students did not laugh, but there was a silence of nearly half a minute, but I first broke the silence: "why don't you open your mouth?" Student e: "we think, father is not beautiful, why can it attract the author's attention like this? There must be another power, which is love, the most unselfish emotion in the world father love. " At this time, I saw a lot of students nodding their heads, each with a serious expression. I think it's not necessary to analyze the words and sentences and explain the exercises. If we pull them in at this time, will it not be a disappointment? At this time, I asked the students to read the last paragraph in unison. At the same time, I asked the students to read the last paragraph in unison. At the same time, I asked the students to read the last paragraph in unison. At the same time, I asked the students to read the last paragraph in unison? The students agreed that it was not appropriate¡° What should be done? If the teacher doesn't say so, you can do it yourself. " As a result, the students read the passage affectionately, and several female students stuttered. Then I asked the students to use the few minutes left to exchange their feelings after reading this article in the study group. The teacher shuttles between, hears the student to talk like this: now I know where the power of moving article comes from; A musician once said that he could still play exciting music with his leather boots. The mystery is emotion; I often like to read those words with gorgeous words and emotional expressions. After reading back, I think it is really superficial

When the bell rang after class, I did not ask them what they had said during the communication, nor did I assign homework. I just said goodbye gently and left the classroom. The students are still sitting quietly in the classroom as in class.

I think this is a very noisy and moving class. When preparing lessons, I didn't expect that the class meeting would be like this. This is a realm that I have always dreamed of but never achieved in my teaching career of nearly 20 years. In the second half of the class,

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