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You will hear it

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You will hear it

Welcome to enjoy the "you will hear" courseware provided by for reference.

 You will hear it

1¡¢ On teaching materials

1. The status and characteristics of teaching materials

"What you will hear" is a casual essay in unit 4 of this volume. Learning this article mainly guides students to pay attention to experience life, feel the richness and diversity of life, and strive to cultivate themselves into people with sensitive senses and rich feelings.

This paper is a self reading text, the class is arranged as one class.

2. Talking about goals

(1) knowledge goal

Read the text aloud, understand the content of the article and the author's ideas.

Taste the vivid, lively and beautiful language of this article.

(2) capability target

Train students' reading ability and language expression ability.

Cultivate students' ability of questioning and independent inquiry.

Improve the students' imagination and the ability to comprehend life.

(3) emotional goal

Use your own life experience to understand the content of the text and feel the rich and colorful life,

Guide students to feel life with heart, to experience life.

3. Key and difficult points in Teaching

Taste the vivid, lively and beautiful language of this article.

Use your own life experience to understand the text content, feel the rich and colorful life.

2¡¢ On teaching methods

1. Reading aloud; 2. Instructing; 3. Playing recording

3¡¢ Speaking and learning

1. Reading aloud; 2. Appreciation; 3. Silent reading; 4. Discussion; 5. Questioning

4¡¢ On teaching procedure

(1) introducing new courses

People often say that "the eyes are the windows of the soul". It can be seen how important vision is for human beings! There is another feeling that is equally important to humans - hearing. It is the sound of erhu, which makes ah Bing's world full of sunshine; The sound of reading makes the campus full of vitality in winter; Is a mother's words of concern, so that your sad heart is no longer frustrated... However, some students due to carelessness in their daily life, ignore all kinds of wonderful sounds in life. From today on, as long as you listen attentively, you will hear it!

Introduce the new class, illustrate the importance of hearing by enumerating familiar examples, arouse students' emotional experience of hearing, and cut into the theme of the text, "unconsciously their attention is attracted to the theme, causing new interest in learning".

(2) the teacher plays the music tape animal carnival.

want Study Students: A. close your eyes, play with your imagination and reproduce the pictures depicted in the music.

B. after listening, describe the scene in the music with language.

Let the students listen to music to stimulate their interest in reading, train their imagination ability and language expression ability, and mobilize the learning atmosphere in the classroom.

(3) first reading text

1. Read the text aloud.

Let students read freely, students will naturally be attracted by the lively language of the article, and get familiar with the text by reading aloud.

2. Outline the sentences or paragraphs with common feelings in your life for your speech.

Train the students' ability of silent reading and find out the relevant sentences according to their own life experience

3. Students speak freely and talk about their feelings after reading. Teachers should pay attention to the evaluation.

¡¡¡¡¡¶ chinese "Curriculum standards" emphasizes that "in Chinese teaching, students are the main body of learning, teaching should stimulate students' interest in learning, pay attention to cultivate students' awareness and habits of autonomous learning, create good autonomous learning situation for students, and respect students' individual differences". As long as the students' speech is reasonable, they should be praised, and the improper points should be given appropriate instruction to train the students' language expression ability.

(4) study the text

1. Read the text aloud in unison to get familiar with the text.

What are the contents of the text? How many parts can it be divided into£¨ One representative from each group will speak in the class, and the teacher will summarize)

Pay attention to reading aloud is the teaching focus of this paper. Read it repeatedly and pay attention to change the way of reading aloud. Students can understand the content of the article and make clear the author's writing ideas.

(5) questioning taste (skipping and intensive reading)

1. Let the students read the text freely and put forward the requirements of reading aloud: the tone is friendly and natural, just like talking to friends. Don't read it like a recitation performance or exaggeration

2. Taste the key sentences or paragraphs of the article. Find out the sentences or paragraphs that you think are wonderful, and talk about the reasons for them.

Four person group discussion and exchange.

Class exchange, discussion.

"Read a hundred times, you can see the meaning yourself". Continue to let students read the text, understand the expression effect of parallelism and questions, taste the vivid, lively and beautiful language of the article, and arouse students' emotional experience through reading aloud.

(6) expansion and extension

Play the most moving voice collected by yourself, and briefly describe the feeling after listening£¨ Games should be well organized and the classroom atmosphere should be relaxed but not loose)

Einstein said, "the most important method of education is always to encourage students to take action." The teacher carries on the teaching by the equal dialogue way, through makes the sound game, positively mobilizes the student's study enthusiasm, can create one kind of relaxed and lively teaching atmosphere.

(7) operation arrangement

Write about how you feel about the voice that moves you most£¨ About 300 words)

Arrange this assignment, let the students further consolidate the classroom teaching content, deepen the life experience that the students have mobilized, and train the students' written expression ability by writing short articles.

(8) blackboard writing design (omitted)

Blackboard writing design should reflect the main content of the article, the author's ideas and language features.

You will hear it

one "You will hear me" courseware

two The courseware of "you will hear it"

three Teaching plan design of "you will hear it"

four You will hear the composition of primary school

five Teaching reflection you will hear

six Lesson plan of you will hear it

seven You will hear the lesson plan design

eight Reflection on the teaching of "you will hear"

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