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Winter in Jinan

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Winter in Jinan

Winter in Jinan is a junior high school chinese Lesson 2 in unit 3, Volume 1. It is a landscape prose written by Lao She, a famous modern writer and people's artist, in early 1931. It expresses his feelings by describing the beautiful winter scenery of Jinan. The following for you to provide the "winter of Jinan" courseware, welcome to browse.

 Winter in Jinan

Click to download the file: "Winter in Jinan" ppt courseware of PEP seventh grade Chinese volume 1

1¡¢ Textbook analysis

1. The position and function of the text

According to the unit, on the basis of repeated reading, we should appreciate the beauty of natural scenery, understand the feelings contained in the lines, understand the meaning and function of words in the context, figure out the wonderful words, sentences and paragraphs, and practice intensive reading skills and make appropriate excerpts; And this article describes the scenery, the language is accurate and vivid, more use of metaphor, personification techniques, blending feelings into the scene, expressing the author's distinct impression and feelings. The most vivid and vivid description is the third and last paragraph. The expression of the author's feelings is also very unique, which is not ordinary. Instead, he adopts a way to express his feelings. He adheres his love and praise of Jinan winter to the description of the scenery without any trace. Therefore, he is particularly sincere and infectious, I set the teaching purpose and the key and difficult points of this paper.

2. Teaching purpose

1) knowledge objectives:

A. understand the author's meticulous description of the main features of the main scenery and express his admiration for Jinan, the treasure land of the motherland.

B. clarify the hierarchical structure of this paper.

2) capability objectives:

A. cultivate students' ability to use figures of speech such as metaphor and personification.

B. cultivate students' ability of analysis and synthesis.

3) moral education goal:

Cultivate students' love for the motherland.

3. Key points and difficulties of teaching materials

The teaching focuses on the use of metaphor, personification and other rhetorical devices and the methods of describing scenery, as well as understanding the author's grasp of the main features of the main scenery, meticulous description, the expression of the admiration of the motherland Jinan. Focus on paragraphs 3 and 5. The teaching difficulty is the author's writing method of blending feelings and scenes.

2¡¢ Teaching methods

1. According to the characteristics of the text and the actual situation of the students, the methods of stimulating interest, guiding questions and guiding induction are used in teaching.

According to the new syllabus in the "problems to be paid attention to in teaching", the teaching process should highlight students' practical activities, guide students to actively acquire knowledge, scientifically train, and comprehensively improve Chinese ability According to the objectives and contents of this course, starting from the knowledge base and development level that students have mastered, I have applied various teaching methods to mobilize students' initiative, so as to stimulate interest method, question guidance method and guidance induction method in teaching. Under the guidance of teachers, they can express their opinions around the central topic, communicate with each other, inspire each other, and dispute with each other, so as to stimulate them to actively acquire knowledge and cultivate healthy emotions.

First of all, stimulate students' interest in learning this article, and then guide students to read essays in a beautiful way, think about the questions raised in the process of reading, and finally appreciate the text in the teacher's appropriate instruction, induction and summary, and understand the feelings of the author in this paper.

2. Using audio-visual education platform, recording and other audio-visual means to expand the teaching capacity.

In teaching, I use audio-visual education platform, recording and other audio-visual means to enrich teaching means and expand teaching capacity; This not only attracts students' attention, stimulates learning enthusiasm, but also promotes the understanding and consolidation of knowledge through direct perception, which conforms to the principle of consciousness and intuition in pedagogy.

3. This paper is of both quality and beauty, which is suitable for reading aloud.

"Problems to be paid attention to in teaching" points out: "in Chinese teaching,... We should attach importance to accumulation, perception, edification and cultivation of language sense", This article is a scenery prose with both literary quality and beauty, which is suitable for reading. Therefore, the teaching method of recitation is introduced in the analysis of the article, so that students can understand the beauty of scenery and painting in repeated reading.

3¡¢ Learning method guidance

Teaching is a bilateral activity between teachers and students. I follow the teaching idea of "teachers as the leading, students as the main body, questioning as the main line" for the guidance of learning methods, using the main thinking method, group discussion method and feedback practice method.

In the process of instruction, the enthusiasm of students to participate in classroom learning should be aroused first. Then, according to a series of teaching problems, the students can think, analyze and discuss independently, so as to solve the problems, and consolidate the problems after class after the appreciation of the text. From perception to understanding, from sensibility to rationality, from learning to learning, students not only learn knowledge, but also improve their ability.

4¡¢ Teaching ideas

This article is an important text to teach and read. The knowledge is specific, the content is rich, and there are many things to master. Therefore, I arrange three classes in my teaching. My teaching assumption is that in the first class, I will have a preliminary understanding of the content of the article and understand the author's grasp of the main features of the main scenery, describe in detail, and express the admiration of Jinan, the treasure land of the motherland. In the second class, through the study of metaphor, personification and other rhetorical devices, analyze the language and fully feel the author's feelings. In the third class, compare this essay with Zhu Ziqing's spring to understand the characteristics and functions of prose. This case only explains the first class.

5¡¢ Teaching procedure

Section A

Teaching points:

A. understand the author's meticulous description of the main features of the main scenery and express his admiration for Jinan, the treasure land of the motherland.

B. clarify the hierarchical structure of this paper.

C. cultivate students' ability of analysis and synthesis.

D. cultivate students' love for the motherland.

Teaching methods: stimulating interest method, problem guidance method, guidance induction method, recitation method

Teaching instrument: courseware

Teaching steps:

This class is based on the "introduction of new lessons - teaching new lessons - feedback exercises - induction and summary".

1. Introduce a new lesson: I first spot check the homework and make sure the answers to the new words; Then it introduces the new lesson with concise words and introduces the author and his experience related to the text with courseware.

2. Teach a new lesson: before teaching, let students read the text with questions, so that students can feel the text. The questions can be typed out as follows:

Why is Jinan a "treasure land"?

B. Jinan is a place where there are mountains and water. There are three mountain landscapes and water colors in this paper. What characteristics are highlighted in each (grasp the key words to summarize)? What is the relationship between the three mountain views? Which one do you like best and why?

C. what is the author's feeling about winter in Jinan?

D. can the title be changed to "Jinan in winter"?

After reading the text, appreciate the text around the above questions; In the process of appreciation, I combine the questions with the analysis of the text structure, guide the students to read 1-2 paragraphs first, and discuss and answer two questions: 1. Why is Jinan a "treasure land"? How does the author express himself at the beginning of the article? 2. What kind of topographical features does Jinan have in winter£¨ Clear: 1. Through comparison, the general characteristics of Jinan winter are as follows: no wind, clear and warm.

Compared with Peiping

Compared with London - no heavy fog (sunny), treasure land

Compared with tropics - non toxic day (warm and sunny)

2. The topographical features of Jinan: "the hills surround Jinan, but there is no point in the north.", It determines the warm and sunny characteristics of Jinan in winter.)[ Let the students try to draw the terrain and experience its characteristics. The teacher can make a summary according to the topographic map drawn by the students

Then, ask questions to guide students to study 3-5 sections, and make key analysis. (1) Jinan is a place where there are mountains and water. In this paper, three mountain landscapes and water colors are written. What are the characteristics of each and what are the relationships among the three mountain landscapes? What's the difference between section 3 and section 5 in the sequence of scenery description? 2. What are the similarities between sections 3 and 5 in expressing feelings and rhetorical use. In the analysis, in addition to the students' understanding of the author's detailed description of the main features of the main scenery, the expression of the praise of Jinan, the treasure of the motherland, and a deeper understanding of the text content, the author also mentions the metaphor and personification techniques used by the author, so as to prepare for the next class teaching£¨ After discussion, students made clear that:

1. The mountain under the sunshine is quiet; The mountain covered with thin snow - delicate; The distant mountains outside the city -- elegant; Water color - green. The first picture is always written, the second and third pictures are specific.

Write mountain scenery: from top to bottom, the mountain top, the mountain top, the hillside, the hillside;

Write water color: from bottom to top, on the water, in the air, in mid air.

2. The author's description of mountains covered with snow in Section 3 and the color of water in Section 5 show his love and admiration for winter; They all use metaphor and personification

3. Feedback exercise: to Study According to the teacher's lectures and their own notes, the students read the text and then answer exercise 1 with their own words, so as to deepen the students' understanding of the text and understand the feelings of the author.

4. Summary: on the basis of the students' practice, this paper concludes that the author does not focus on "cold" but "warm", not on "strong" but on "show", which is a major feature of this paper. And answer together with the students: what kind of feelings does the author have for the winter of Jinan? Can the title be changed to "Jinan in winter"?, In the answer, students can understand that the author permeates the winter love of Jinan and expresses his admiration. The title cannot be changed. Because "the winter of Jinan" indicates that it is the winter of Jinan in this particular region¡° The purpose of "Jinan in winter" is to praise "winter" which is a special season of Jinan, and consolidate the final text.

5. Operation arrangement:

1. What metaphors and personification sentences are well used in the text, find out and think about why they are well written? Which word is best used? What's the good news£¨ Appreciation of beautiful sentences, focusing on the analysis of the expression function of the dotted words.)

2. Suppose you want to talk about the beautiful winter of Jinan to a person who has never been to Jinan. According to the text, which aspects will you talk about? What are the highlights£¨ The purpose of setting questions is to guide the students to grasp the content of the text as a whole, clarify their ideas, grasp the key points, find out the wonderful fragments they think, and train the students' retelling ability.)

3. Tell us what winter is like in your hometown in groups or classes, and then draw on some writing methods of the text to write out the most characteristic scenery in winter in your hometown with unlimited words£¨ This question trains the students' oral and written expression ability. It is suggested that students learn from some writing methods of the text and grasp the characteristics of the scenery to write. The purpose is to transform the reading income into the ability of writing, which is the transfer and deepening of reading.)

6. Two supplementary points:

1. Schedule: introduce new lesson (3 minutes) - teach new lesson (30 minutes) - feedback exercise (10 minutes) - summarize (2 minutes)

2. Blackboard Design:

Winter in Jinan

Lao She

Compare with Peiping

Ji -- the mountain without wind and sunshine -- quiet; winter


Compared with London, "warm and sunny" mountain scenery, the mountain covered with thin snow - delicate; Winter without heavy fog

The sky and the tropics are more elegant than the distant mountains outside the city; south

Non toxic sun water color green.

The author expresses his admiration and deep love for the motherland.

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