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The blind child and his shadow

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The blind child and his shadow

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 The blind child and his shadow

The position and function of teaching materials

The text "the blind child and his shadow" is a fairy tale in unit 6. The text in this unit is full of imaginative works. The author depicts the real and imaginary worlds with all kinds of fantastic ideas. It is amazing and imaginative, mainly to activate students' imagination, and to connect students' life experience to deeply understand the text, More attention should be paid to mobilizing innovative thinking and actively expressing students' own views

Especially in this beautiful fairy tale, she creates a kind of pure and friendly atmosphere with a poetic realm. The spring of "love" bubbling in it, and finally converges into a cheerful strong sound. Through the discussion of this text, students are required to sympathize with them, love them, and improve their life value in the process of caring for others This is also the emotional sustenance and motivation of this fairy tale

2 Teaching content

(1) deeply feeling the text is the basis for further understanding and generalization. Therefore, the "quality" and "quantity" of reading aloud are very important. The mood, rhythm and emotion should be read out several times, so that the story is familiar in the mouth and live in the heart. On this basis, students are asked to "retell" the story in different plots

(2) the way of discussion: encourage students to think in many ways, dare to express different opinions, and cultivate students' habit of thinking extensively and with evidence. Questioning is the main body of this lesson. Through questioning, the theme is highlighted

(3) the realm of emotion and painting, the discussion of beautiful language

3 Teaching objectives

(1) knowledge goal

A. the idea of the text, the development of the plot, the overall grasp of the theme

B. teach students some knowledge of association and imagination, and guide students to deduce the methods of induction, association and imagination from the text, so that they can understand that association and imagination are not wishful thinking, but based on the accumulation of knowledge and life

(2) capability target

Through the imaginative and beautiful fairy tales, the students' interest in reading is stimulated, the ability of association and imagination is cultivated, the hatred of false and ugly, the yearning for truth, goodness and beauty, and the development of innovative thinking

(3) the goal of personality quality

Students should be allowed and encouraged to express their own opinions, discuss and argue, develop their personalities, cultivate their specialties, and cultivate their oral communicative competence

(4) the basis for determining teaching objectives

A. the characteristics of the article: through fictional stories and scenes, it reflects the reality tortuously, expresses the yearning for a better life, praises and calls for the true feelings of the world, and of course makes students understand that the creative source of fairy tales is real life

B. The article does have the author's personal experience of life and real scene feelings; There are also rich associations and imagination of the author, using exaggeration and personification techniques and plots, focusing on the rendering of sentiment and artistic conception

C. The article has beautiful artistic conception, beautiful language

4. Key points, difficulties and keys

(1) key points: [ability goal] through the imaginative and beautiful fairy tales, students' interest in reading is stimulated, the ability of association and imagination is cultivated, students are guided to hate the false and ugly, yearn for the truth, goodness and beauty, and develop innovative thinking

(2) difficulties: knowledge of association and imagination, artistic conception of beauty, experience of language

(3) key points: reading, stimulating interest in inquiry

5 Teaching material processing

(1) this paper is a fairy tale, which embodies the imaginative characteristics of fairy tales and permeates with the true feelings of human beings. We should hold on to them closely in teaching. On the one hand, we should show the characteristics of imagination by retelling after reading; On the other hand, students should be guided to understand the content, artistic conception and the beauty of language description of the text according to the real feelings the author wants to express, so as to deeply grasp the life philosophy of the work

(2) on the basis of reading and reading aloud, guide students to retell the fairy tales, so as to add their own re creation, understand the imagination, and accumulate the experience of creative thinking

(3) the beauty of artistic conception and language of fairy tales. Through reading, retelling and understanding, we can achieve emotional experience, promote the feeling of artistic conception, taste the charm of language, and grasp the emotional keynote of fairy tales, and then get the gist, theme and language beauty of fairy tales

[teaching methods, learning guidance, teaching methods]

1. Understand the content, grasp the imagination, make full use of the way of retelling

2. Understanding and understanding of the theme, adopting the way of discussion, summing up, naturally revealing

3. It mainly adopts independent, cooperative and inquiry learning methods

4. Make full use of the characteristics of the new teaching materials, strive to implement the new curriculum standards, strive to break the traditional teaching methods, firmly take students as the main body, give students the autonomy of learning, reflect the role of teachers' guidance and guidance, and create a good new concept and atmosphere for learning and teaching

[teaching steps]

(1) introduction of new courses

Through the main characteristics of the character image to lead in, so that first in "retelling" the story, the image as the center, not to deviate from the theme; Secondly, image is the main element of fairy tales, and a clear grasp of it is helpful to understand the theme of the article; Moreover, the vivid language description in fairy tales is vivid and interesting, full of philosophy, and can better understand the beauty of language, artistic conception and artistic conception

(2) main contents of the new course

1. Retell the fairy tale according to the plot fragment, (because the story is long, the fragment is easy to grasp)

Five links: blind children and shadows first meet; blind children and shadows are inseparable; blind children and shadows meet fireflies on summer nights; blind children and shadows get help from fireflies in difficulties; blind children finally feel the brightness and beauty of life with the help of many images

[evaluation]: student evaluation, teacher summary

2. Question and discussion

Learning methods: four or five people in a group, cooperative discussion, teachers "squat", after that, select a few groups of representatives to report to the whole class, have different opinions, the whole class to discuss and solve; Students can answer questions themselves, and teachers can comment on them

Guidance method: (individual guidance)

A. reading experience, mobilizing direct or indirect life experience

B. read the relevant sentences and experience the thoughts and feelings

C. experience the personality of different images, grasp the theme

D. think positively, grasp the theme

[reference question]:

(1) blind children are lonely. Who will accompany them?

(2) what do shadows and fireflies bring to blind children?

(3) why "the lamp in the blind child's hand suddenly goes out, and then the shadow disappears"?

(4) why "they said, we are all bright children"?

(5) what is the relationship between shadow and light?

(6) what troubles do blind children have?

3. Summarize the experience of content discussion

(1) learning methods and habits are also teaching objectives

At the same time, we should also have the experience of inquiry and cooperative learning

4. Discussion on the main idea of the article

Based on the students' experience and feelings, an article can understand its theme from different angles, and get different answers

[Methods] Cooperative discussion, exploring reasons

[reference subject]:

(1) the company of "shadow", the care of fireflies, and the help of the sun and moon make him feel the brightness and beauty of life

(2) in the end, "shadow" also gets life, gives happiness to others, and also gets happiness

(3) the spirit of loving life and persistent pursuit

(4) to be strong and unyielding, we should have self-confidence

(3) operation

Writing training:

After I was helped

2. After I help others

Requirements: life experience, true feelings

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