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The courseware of walking

Time: 19:42:19, June 29, 2017 Courseware I want to contribute

The courseware of walking

Here is the courseware of walking for you. Welcome to browse.

 The courseware of walking

1¡¢ On textbook analysis

1. Brief analysis of teaching materials

(the position and role of the content of this lecture in the subject knowledge system)

Mo huaiqi's "walking" is the seventh grade chinese Unit 5 is a self-reading text in unit 5 of Volume 1. The learning requirement of unit 5 is to pay attention to the accumulation and application of language on the basis of the overall understanding of the text content, and learn to read aloud and outline. Therefore, the teaching of this "walk" should be based on the methods students have mastered in the previous text, under the guidance of teachers, and in the process of students' cooperative exploration, students should use the methods they have learned to continue to consolidate the unit requirements.

2. Teaching objectives

Through the analysis of the teaching materials, according to the actual situation of students and the new curriculum standards, the teaching objectives are determined as follows:

Objective: to read the text accurately, fluently and affectively

2. Process and method objective: to understand the meaning of words and sentences and taste the language beauty of the article

3. Thoughts, feelings and values: cultivate the feelings of respecting the old and loving the young, and improve the students' humanistic quality

3. Key points and difficulties in Teaching

The key points of teaching are determined according to the characteristics of teaching materials, teaching objectives and students' reality; As for the difficulties in teaching, students still have doubts and difficulties in understanding after preview in terms of students' acceptance. Therefore, the key points and difficulties of this course are as follows:

A. key points of teaching: 1. Cultivate the feelings of respecting the old and loving the young, and improve the students' humanistic quality

2. Ponder over the exquisite words and sentences and taste the beauty of language

B. teaching difficulties: how to understand the last sentence of a symbolic article.

2¡¢ On teaching method and learning method

1. Teaching methods

Under the effective guidance of teachers, students use the method of independent inquiry to explore the theme and taste the language.

Teachers can also use multimedia to assist teaching, which is conducive to expand the capacity of teaching, and can make the teaching content more vivid and intuitive, which is conducive to mobilize and stimulate students' enthusiasm and interest in learning.

2. Learning methods

First, let the students read the text and perceive the text as a whole; Then guide the students to grasp the key sentences, read the text intensively, think deeply, chew repeatedly, understand the profound meaning of the text, improve the students' thinking ability and cultivate the thought of respecting the old and loving the young. In learning, I think we should fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students, give full play to the subjective initiative of students, so that students really become the master of learning.

3¡¢ On teaching process

How to import

Combined with daily life, introduce learning.

Show me the question: do you family often take a walk together? What interesting things happened during the walk?

Please share your experience with us.

(the learning of new knowledge is often carried out on the basis of the original knowledge. Taking the existing life accumulation of students as the premise of learning, guiding students to cultivate their ability of accumulating life and understanding life, building a suitable background for new learning, laying a foundation for effective emotional communication between the author and the reader, as well as between teachers and students, is conducive to the learning of new knowledge.)

(2) show the target

(according to the analysis of relevant people, the effect of learning with clear objectives is 9 times different from that of learning with unclear objectives. The reason for designing this step is to play a commanding role in teaching and learning, so that students' learning has a clear direction.)

(3) read the text aloud and perceive it as a whole

1. Listen to the text recording and experience the beauty of language and emotion.

2. Read the text quietly and get familiar with the content of the text.

(listening and reading are the beginning of students' contact with the text, and also the most direct way for students to communicate with the text. Therefore, in this process, teachers should give students enough time to let them go deep into the text, understand the text and taste the language instead of being mere formality.)

3. Check the reading effect: (screen display)

A. who are walking?

What about the walking season?

C. where to take a walk?

D. what happened during the walk?

E. what was the result?

(the problem should be simple. At the beginning of learning, try to make every student feel the joy of success. The purpose of sorting out the contents is to remind students of the key points that should be paid attention to when reading the article for the first time, and also to make students of different degrees draw closer together and provide a common platform for the next learning activities.)

(4) study the text and explore the main idea

1. Among the four members of this family, who has the most power and who has the real decision-making power?

The students will discuss in groups from the following four aspects

(1) "I" listen to my mother

(2) mothers listen to their grandchildren

(3) the wife listened to me

(4) the son listened to me

2. Who should we listen to?

- determined by "love", this "love" means "loving the young" for the elders; For children, it is "respecting the elderly".

3. At the end of the article, it says, "what I carry on my back and what I carry on her back add up to the whole world." Is that too much exaggeration? Why is it so serious to write about carrying mother and son?

Please read the last paragraph of the text and understand its profound meaning. Let's talk about your understanding of this passage.

I carry my mother and my wife my son. The mother gives us life, and the son is the continuation of this life. The three generations connected by blood are closely linked together and constitute the whole of life. Today, we carry our mother and son on our back, and we are carrying the whole life world. Therefore, we have a deep and solemn feeling. This is the unique psychological feeling of the middle-aged people in family life and human society.

(the purpose of this part of the discussion is to enable students to explore independently, and finally excavate the theme of the text and experience the beauty of human nature through communication and cooperation. The teacher should encourage and affirm the discussion and answer of students, actively guide and timely pull out.)

(5) explore the text and taste the language

The language of this article is beautiful, which is worthy of our careful speculation. Let's use the appreciation method to taste it carefully.

1. The students read the text and draw out the sentences they think are beautiful by using the circle dot method. What are the advantages of these sentences? Possible sentences:

(1) the sentence of describing scenery

A description of the fields in the early spring of the South

Describe the scenery far away from the path as seen by her mother (paragraph 7)

(2) affectionate sentences (please read these sentences with emotion)

"The mother didn't want to come out - - so she went to get the coat" (the mother and son's manners, the mother's old age and obedience, and the son's sincerity and filial piety were described¡° Because of this, the sentence "I" reveals my cultural accomplishment.)

(3) symmetrical sentence patterns (let the students find out by themselves and experience their symmetrical beauty, set off each other and be full of interest)

Some thick, some light.

My mother and I are in the front, and my wife and son are in the back.

- mother and son in front and mother and son in the back.

Mother should take the road, the road is smooth; My son wants to take the path. It's interesting.

My mother is old, and she is used to listening to her strong son; My son is still young, and he is used to listening to his tall father.

I squatted down and carried my mother, and my wife squatted down and carried my son.

My mother, tall as she was, was thin and not heavy; Although the son is very fat, after all young, naturally light.

(one of the key points of Chinese learning is to learn language. The purpose of designing this link is to explore the beauty of language and improve students' Chinese accomplishment on the basis of experiencing the beauty of human nature in the article.)

Read the text aloud to deepen the understanding

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