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The destruction of Yuanmingyuan

Time: August 15, 2017 13:31:03 Courseware I want to contribute

On the courseware of the destruction of Yuanmingyuan

In some corner of the world, there is a miracle, this miracle is the Yuanmingyuan. Now, I'd like to share with you the courseware of the destruction of Yuanmingyuan. I hope it can help you!

 On the courseware of the destruction of Yuanmingyuan

Teaching objectives:

1. Learn 14 new words and correctly read and write words such as "immeasurable, loss, invasion and order".

2. Through reading, we can understand the glorious past and destruction of Yuanmingyuan, stimulate students' love for the splendid culture of the motherland, hate the invaders, and enhance their sense of responsibility and mission to revitalize China Key and difficult points)

3. Promote reading with comprehension and improve reading ability; Promote recitation with comprehension, recite key paragraphs and accumulate language.

Teaching strategies:

1. Make full use of multimedia courseware to reproduce the holy land of Yuanmingyuan in students' minds.

2. Play the video "burning the Old Summer Palace" to intuitively feel the brutality and brutality of the invaders.

3. Comparing the present and the past Yuanmingyuan, we can understand that the destruction of Yuanmingyuan is an immeasurable loss in the cultural history of the motherland and even the world.

Teaching time:

Two class hours

Teaching process:

Section A

1. Introduce new lessons.

1. Introduction of conversation.

2. Blackboard writing.

First reading the text.

1. After reading the text, students can draw words that they don't understand well and use reference books for self-study.

2. Report.

Understand the meaning of the word: resplendent, exquisite and inestimable

3. Students should read the text correctly and read the sentences correctly.

4. Communicate with the Yuanmingyuan data The teacher added the summary.

5. Read the text section by section, find the key words and sentences in the text, summarize the meaning of each paragraph, and then understand the paragraph.

6. Learn the first paragraph:

A. understand "the stars rise above the moon.".

B. understand the first paragraph and explain the layout and location of Yuanmingyuan.

3. Operation arrangement:

Read the text well.

2. Copy the new words and recite the first paragraph of the text.

3. Continue to search for information on the Internet.

Section B

1. Review and lead in:

1. Recite the first paragraph.

2. Blackboard writing: world famous.

3. Question: why is Yuanmingyuan famous all over the world?

Second, learn the text and feel the glory of Yuanmingyuan in the past.

1. Quickly browse the natural paragraphs 2 and 3 of the text to find out the sentence that can best summarize the contents of the two natural paragraphs.

Student report: Yuanmingyuan not only... But also

2. Analysis of this transitional sentence: precious cultural relics of grand architecture

3. Read the second paragraph

(1) by understanding the key words "resplendent and exquisite...", we can realize the magnificence of Yuanmingyuan architecture.

(2) guide students to read the text with emotion and choose a sentence in the text.

(3) query the transition: the article uses eight "yes" to write about the buildings of Yuanmingyuan. If all the buildings and landscapes in the Yuanmingyuan are written, how many "yes" are there?

(4) summary and transition: enjoy the Courseware -- the grand building of Yuanmingyuan.

(5) question the transition: when you enter the Yuanmingyuan, do you still want to come out? Why?

(6) quote: "stroll in the garden... Fairyland." Read with emotion.

(7) summary of the transition: in addition to the beautiful scenery, what else makes you wonder? Read the sentences in the text.

4. Learn the third paragraph:

(1) report: students read the sentences in the text.

(2) enjoy the treasures of Yuanmingyuan.

Are they the only ones? Where do you see it? Understand "everything".

(4) there are so many rare treasures, such beautiful precious cultural relics, no wonder the author said!!

It was the largest museum and Art Museum in the world at that time

Third, face up to destruction and stimulate emotion.

1. Summarize the transition: play the clip of "burning the Old Summer Palace".

2. Students talk about their feelings after reading.

3. Read the fourth paragraph with this feeling and find out the words that can highlight the criminal acts of the aggressors.

Report: all break into everything

4. Emotional reading.

5. Transition, reading the fifth paragraph together, blackboard writing: immeasurable

Fourth, practice writing to express emotion and sublimate emotion.

1. Summarize the transition

In the face of this merciless fire, in the face of this pitiful scorched earth, in the face of the only debris, write what you want to say.

2. In the solemn and stirring music, students write fast.

3. Report by name.

4. Summarize the transition and sublimate the emotion

Kids, we don't just have to stop hating. In the face of this fire, we have to say to ourselves!!

Writing on the blackboard: don't forget national humiliation and rejuvenate China

5. Operation:

Write about the destruction of Yuanmingyuan reaction to a book or an article

6. Blackboard Design:

Magnificent architecture

The destruction of Yuanmingyuan -- immeasurable

Precious cultural relics

Don't forget national humiliation and rejuvenate China

On the courseware of the destruction of Yuanmingyuan

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