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English courseware for Grade 9

Time: August 23, 2017 09:32:19 Courseware I want to contribute

English courseware for Grade 9

The following is a small compilation of nine grade English courseware, let's have a look!

  Project title

  Unit9 When was it invented? ( the first period)




  Grade Nine

  Teaching time

  One period ( 45 minutes )

Learner analysis

  Students in Grade Nine have mastered some vocabulary and grammar knowledge, some students can use simple English to express their own thoughts,but it is difficult for a small part of students to communicate in English. So I put the students of different levels in a group, let them help each other, try to make every student get different levels of harvest.

  Teaching objectives

I. emotional attitude and values

  Emotion & Attitude Goals:

  1.Form good study habits.

  2.Know history of inventions and be proud of our country. Encourage students to be a little inventor

  3. Help students to study actively.

2、 Process and method

  1. Through the inventions that we can see everywhere to introduce the topic, stimulate students interest.

  2. Design various activities, organize students to discuss, so that every student can get different levels of harvest .

  3. Work in pairs and groups.

3、 Knowledge and skills

  Knowledge Goals:

  1. Key words : invent invention inventor calculator

  2.Target language : --When was it invented ?

  -- It was invented in ´.

  3. Grammar : The passive voice : was /were + done

   ? am /is /are + done

  Ability Goals:

  1.Read the key words correctly and understand their meanings.

  2.Improve listening skills.

  3.Make up conversations with the target language and try to improve speaking skills.

  4.Learn to communicate with others in English.

Key points and difficulties in Teaching

  1. key words and target language.

  2. The passive voice.

  3. Help the students to improve cooperation ability.

Teaching resources

  A recorder、Multimedia

teaching process

Teaching activity 1

One [U1], lead in

  T: I get to school by e-bike every day. How do you get to school ?

  S1: I get to school by bike.

  S2: I get to school by bus.


  T: Bus, car, taxi, bike, they are all useful inventions. What do you think of inventions?

  Ss answer then teacher have a summary今

  T: Now we live in a world of inventions. These inventions make our life easier and more comfortable. In this unit, we will learn some inventions and their history.

Teaching activity 2

2 [U2], presentation

  Show the picture to teach new words:invent /light bulb/inventor invention

  This is Edison. He invented the light bulb. He was a great inventor.He invented about 2000 inventions all his life.

  Make sure the students read the new words correctly and understand their meanings.

  Show pictures in 1a

  T: Do you know these inventions? Can you say them in English? What¨s this in English?

  Ss: It¨s a telephone/computer/television/ calculator/ car.

  Teach the new word: calculator

Teaching activity 3

Three [U3], groupwork 1A

  TThere are five inventions in this part . Which one was invented the earliest and which one was invented the last ? Guess the dates and discuss in what order they were invented.

  Help them to discuss by using the following sentences:

  I think the television was invented after/before the telephone.

  I agree/ disagree.

  Let each group choose one student to write their result on the blackboard.

Teaching activity 4

Four [U4], listening practice 1b

  T: Which group has the correct result ? We¨ll listen to a girl and a woman talking about the five inventions.

  First, review the expression of the year.

  Then, play the recording the first time, Ss only listen and try to catch the main idea..

  Next, play the recording a second time. Say, listen to the recording and match the inventions with the dates.

  Finally, check the answers:

  d 1876 a 1885 e 1927 c 1971 b 1976

  Clap for the groups that have correct results.

Teaching activity 5

Five [u5], pairwork

  Practice conversations in pairs using the information in 1b like this:

  A: When was ithe car invented ?

  B: It was invented in ´.

  Then ask some pairs to display their conversations in front of the class.

Teaching activity 6

Six [U6] summary

  T: In this class we¨ve learned to talk about the history of inventions with passive voice. Now let¨s have a discussion about the passive voice in groups.

  Make sure students can master the structures of the passive voice and then each group writes five sentenses about the passive voice.

Teaching activities 7

7 [U7], practice

  Show the excercises:

  1、Edison was an _______( invent), he_______ ( invent) many useful and important _______( invent) all his life.

  2、He is calculating a math problem with a _______ ( calculate).

  3、Stamps _____ for sending letters.

  A. used B. are using C. are used

  4、Chinese ____ by more and more people in the world now.

  A. is spoken B. is speaking C. spoke

  5 The factory ____ in 1985.

  A. is built B. was built C. built

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