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Unit 10 courseware, Volume 2, Grade 8

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Unit 10 courseware, Volume 2, Grade 8

ˇˇˇˇ Negative questions:

 Unit 10 courseware, Volume 2, Grade 8

1) the meaning of antonym: when you are not sure about a certain situation and ask the other party, it is often used to express it.

2) the structure of antonym: declarative sentence + brief interrogative sentence ˇú positive statement sentence in the front part and negative question sentence in the back part; The first part is negative statement + the last part is affirmative question.

3) what to pay attention to when using antonyms

The two parts should be consistent in person.

Be consistent in Tenses (or verbs)

C. consistency of answers (pay special attention to Chinese translation).

Note: Yes and no should be consistent.

4) the special situation of using antonymy questions

A. will you is used to indicate the request.

B. after let's, we often use "shall" to express consultation.

C. will you is used in the supplementary question after letus... Which belongs to the scope of imperative sentence.

In spoken English, the tag questions after Iam are often used

E. in the sentences with nothing as subject, it.f. with nobody as subject, they instead of nobody in tag questions

If the subject of a declarative sentence is an indefinite pronoun, such as everyone, someone, anyone, none, etc., the subject of the tag question part can be he or they. H therebe

If the declarative sentence contains negative adverbs such as never, few, little, etc., the tag question part of I.S. uses the affirmative form.

J. antonymy questions require yes or no. when the declarative part is negative, we should pay special attention to the difference of expression habits between the two languages, and pay attention to the consistency according to the actual situation.

ˇˇˇˇcost, price:cost When used as a noun, it means "fee", usually refers to service fee, study fee, living expenses or rent fee, etc. price usually refers to the price of specific goods. Ask the price. Use howmuch to ask questions.

Atlest: at least, least. Among them, least is the highest level of little and the comparative level of little is less; in any case

Use of prepare:

1) preparefor prepares for, which is equivalent to getreadyfor

Prepare + noun + for + noun, meaning "prepare for..."

Prepare + noun + todosth means to prepare for

Prepare to do something.

English unit 10 courseware (Volume 2, Grade 8)

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