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A preliminary understanding of percentage courseware

Time: 10:38:23, December 26, 2017 Courseware I want to contribute

A preliminary understanding of percentage courseware

¡¡¡¡ Teaching objectives:

 A preliminary understanding of percentage courseware

1. Perceive and understand the meaning of percentage from the reality of life;

2. Be able to read and write percentage correctly;

3. Make clear the difference between percentage and fraction in meaning;

Teaching emphasis: understand the percentage of one number is the percentage of another.

Teaching difficulties: understand the actual meaning of percentage in specific situations.

Teaching preparation

1. Teachers and students collect the percentages around or in daily life.

2. Teachers make multimedia courseware.

Teaching form:

Students' autonomous learning is combined with group cooperation and communication, and teachers' organization and guidance are combined with teacher-student interaction and communication.

Teaching process:

¡¡¡¡ 1¡¢ Introduce new lessons and refine problems

Before class, the teacher asked the students to find the percentage in life, is it easy to find? What's the problem? I am also looking for it when you are looking for it. Please see what the teacher is looking for£¨ Courseware)

In today's class, we will go into percentage together£¨ Writing on the blackboard)

What questions do you think we should study in this class?

Default 1: what is percentage£¨ The meaning of percentage)

Default 2: why do people like to use percentages?

Default 3: how to read and write percentage.

Preset 4: what's the difference between a score and a score?

Are these four questions told to you one by one, or are you going to study them yourself?

¡¡¡¡ 2¡¢ Independent inquiry, exhibition and communication

The next time is for you and the blackboard is for you. Each group chooses a question to study, and thinks: to clarify the problem you are studying, write something on the blackboard that others can understand.

What do I do when you study? I'll be right by your side. As long as you need me, I'll be right here.

1. Group study and teachers' inspection and guidance£¨ 3 minutes)

2. Students write on the blackboard in front of the blackboard£¨ 4 minutes)

3. Exhibition and communication (10 minutes)

Question 1: why do you like percentage?

Default blackboard writing: easy to compare, denominator is 100. For example.

Summary: they all divide the total number into 100 parts, and the denominator is 100. Only need to compare the molecules, the larger the molecules are.

If the family treat, your father want to drink high number of wine, you can use today's knowledge to persuade him?

Why do people like to use percentages in one sentence£¨ The denominator is 100, so it's easy to compare sizes.)

Question 2: what is the meaning of percentage?

Default blackboard writing: what percentage of one number is another?

Tell me specifically what one of the percentages collected represents.

Case 1: represents the percentage relationship between the part and the whole.

Case 2: represents the percentage relationship between two independent quantities.

Question 3: reading and writing

Default blackboard writing: write: numerator +%

Reading: what percentage

For example: 50% ? Read: 50 percent

Question 4: what is the difference between score and score?

Default blackboard writing: 1. Percentages can only indicate the percentages of one number to another, while fractions can represent both a specific quantity and a fraction of another.

2. The percentage only indicates the score, not the unit, but the fraction can take the unit.

3. The numerator of percentage can be decimal.

4. The percentage does not need to be simplified.

¡¡¡¡ 3¡¢ Common generalization and application expansion

Now let's review and sort out. Today we have shared the findings of so many students and discussed so many problems. Do you think that today's lesson is called "percentage" in three words and "score rate" in two words.

At the end of this class, I would like to know how the students' learning mood is in class? Please tell us the percentage of these three emotions in the whole class.

Happy£¨ ?£©% ? ? Nervous£¨ ?£©% ? ? Regret£¨ ?£©%

Today's lesson we just opened the door of percentage. There are more wonderful things waiting for you to discover in the kingdom of percentage.

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