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Classification of mathematics courseware in middle class

Time: March 1, 2018 17:18:18 Courseware I want to contribute

Classification of mathematics courseware in middle class

   Classification of mathematics activities in kindergarten Teaching plan

 Classification of mathematics courseware in middle class

   Design intent:

"Classification" is an important content in mathematical activities, which is often used in daily life. For example: in the supermarket, the display of books in the library, the arrangement of the room at home and so on, we should use the relevant classification knowledge. The new "Outline" points out that children should feel things from life and games and experience the fun and importance of mathematical activities. In order to make the boring and logical mathematical knowledge vivid, simple and easy to understand, and can be integrated into the operation activities that children are interested in, I designed this activity. The whole activity takes the train familiar to the children as the theme, and runs through the game of "loading goods for freight trains". In the activity, let the children actively explore and try to operate, and constantly discover and solve problems in playing, trying, thinking, doing and discussing, so as to gain experience in classification. In order to develop children's cooperation, negotiation, operation ability, let children fully experience the importance and fun of mathematics.


1. Encourage children to try to explore the method of "classified loading".

2. Develop children's ability of cooperation, consultation and listening.

3. Experience the fun of mathematics activities and share the joy of success.

   Activity preparation:

1. Knowledge preparation: children have a preliminary perceptual knowledge of trains.

2. Material preparation: 16 bottom plates of train shape (15 small ones and 1 large ones), various cargo cards and various graphic pieces; One disc.

   Activity process:

   1、 Create activity situation to stimulate children's interest in activities.

1. Watch CD to let children observe and understand trains, which are divided into passenger trains and freight trains.

"Look, children, where are we?"

2. "Just after May Day, the uncles of the workers who loaded the goods began to work busily again. They wanted to ask our children to help them with the shipment."

   2、 Operational activities.

1. Children cooperate in groups and try to ship the goods for the first time Loading and unloading goods for one carriage train)

(1) ask children to observe and recognize all kinds of objects and make a preliminary perceptual knowledge of "classification".

(2) ask young children to try to ship the goods and design marks for the carriage.

Activity requirements: children in groups of four, assign roles, negotiate and discuss, select the group leader and operation results reporter All the children in each group were required to complete the task, especially those with weak ability to complete the task and experience the joy of success. (3) report the operation results.

2. Second attempt to ship the goods For two or three car trains)

(1) young children try to ship goods and design marks for each carriage.

Activity requirements: first complete the operation task of two cars, and put the train back to the freight yard after inspection and approval, and then operate the three cars The operation of two carriages is to meet the needs of children with medium ability, and the operation of three carriages is to provide opportunities for children with strong ability to improve their ability.)

(2) please tell some children: how do you put them?

3. Children's collective cooperation in shipment of goods Change the specific physical operation card into abstract graphic card)

(1) show me a big train.

"Now, we're going to deliver the timber to three guests. First guest, he wants red wood; The second guest, he wants round wood; The third guest, he wants. It's big wood. Please think about it. How do you put the wood^

(2) ask children to test the "labor results" by themselves and experience the joy and happiness of success.

   3、 Activity extension.

1. Summarize the collective operation, find the phenomenon of intersection classification, and lay the foundation for the next activity.

2. Children drive the train out of the activity room to end the activity.

   Activity reflection:

These graphics are often contacted by children, and they are familiar with them. Children are required to distinguish the differences of each group of figures and classify them. Generally speaking, children's performance is relatively good. Children have no difficulty in classification, and only a few children can't mark the figures by themselves. After the activity, we all think that we can increase the difficulty appropriately on this basis, and let the children classify according to the two characteristics of objects.

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