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Courseware for parents' meeting in rural primary schools

Time: March 17, 2018 11:14:14 Courseware I want to contribute

Courseware for parents' meeting in rural primary schools

An excellent courseware, the form of its production effect should be higher than the traditional teaching material, that is to say, if the effect of traditional teaching material is not achieved, then there is no need to make courseware. The following small make up for you to bring rural primary school parents meeting courseware, for reference only, hope to help you.

 Courseware for parents' meeting in rural primary schools

Courseware for parents' meeting in rural primary schools

Purpose of the meeting:

1. Make parents fully understand their children and appreciate their bright points from different angles, so as to cooperate with teachers to educate their children better.

2. Through the parents' meeting, parents, teachers and class teachers can communicate with each other the methods and experience of educating children.

3. Set up a class parent committee through the parents' meeting, so as to better supervise the work of the class.

Parent meeting process:

1、 Parents' meeting

1. Class teacher's speech

Good morning, parents,

First of all, I would like to express my deep thanks to all the parents for taking time out of their busy schedule to attend this parents' meeting! The purpose of this parents' meeting is to strengthen the relationship between teachers and parents, parents and parents, parents and students, and to exchange information about students' school and at home, so that teachers can carry out education more targeted and parents can better educate their children. Meanwhile, a class parent committee was set up.

In a word, "everything for the children.". This is the fundamental starting point of our education. Sukhomlinsky, a former Soviet educator, said:

"The two educators, the school and the family, should not only act in concert and put forward the same requirements to their children, but also share the same ideals and beliefs. They should always proceed from the same principle, and should not have differences in the purpose, process and means of education.". So, let's join hands and work together for the children's tomorrow.

2. Poetry recitation "grateful parents"

Teacher: the happiest people are those who are always grateful, and the sweetest life is always with gratitude. Then, please enjoy the children's carefully prepared poem for us, and recite "grateful parents".

3. Analysis of teachers and classes

Head teacher and English teacher: Gao Hongzhen

   chinese Teacher: Xu Min

Mathematics teacher: Tang Jinying introduced it solemnly. The female teachers are patient, experienced and innovative.

There are 50 students in this class, 33 boys and 17 girls. The management of this class is very difficult, which requires the cooperation of parents. Of course, most of the students are active and active and study hard. A few students have poor learning habits and lack of initiative. But after all, children are children, their self-discipline is relatively poor, lack of perseverance, in the process of learning there will be such problems, we often say that the length of ten fingers, this shows that students and students are not the same, they have the same foundation, intelligence, perseverance and other aspects of the difference. Therefore, the performance of learning is also very different. Among the 50 students in the class, 15 are excellent, 25 are better and 10 are less ideal.

Courseware display (1) excellent students in study include Ding Kexin, Chen Jianxia, Yang Shun, Zhou Shihao, Zhu Shuai long, ye min, Chen Ying, Guo Qun, guojuan, Zhou Guangyao, Wang Jiafu, Ge Changlu, Wang Xiaoxue, etc. learning has always been very reassuring for parents and teachers. They are strict with themselves and actively help students with difficulties. Thank you for your hard work 2) Students: Xu Baolong, Chen Shuxian, Wang Shuheng, Ji Rongwei, Hou Yang, Xu Zihan, Wang Youhao, Qian Wenjie, Xu Lihao and Chen Ying make a little progress every day, and we can see hope 3) Listening attentively and speaking actively are: Hou Qiang, Meng Lingyu, Qian Xuebao, Hou Yang, Wang Lihui, Hou Mengfei, Zhu Shuai long, etc. They can actively answer questions in class, is the example of students to learn.

4. Analyze the reasons and methods of excellent performance

Teacher: of course, there are reasons for excellent grades. Not everyone is born smarter than others, so don't say your child is stupid. In this way, the efforts of the day after tomorrow are more important. I have summed up the reasons why the students are excellent in their studies for your parents' reference.

The reasons and methods of showing students' excellent performance in courseware are as follows

A. correct learning attitude, diligence and good learning habits; Persevere and conscientiously complete homework, correct mistakes in time, write carefully and listen attentively

B. pay attention to methods and review in time; The rules of forgetting were 58% in 20 minutes, 44% in 1 hour, 36% in 8 hours, 34% in one day, 28% in 2 days, 25% in 6 days and 21% in 1 month. So the best time to review is one or two days after recording materials.

C. strong self-control, good at thinking, listening carefully and taking notes;

D. support and encouragement from parents

5. Problems and suggestions of students and parents

Teacher: everything is relative. They are a community of contradictions. There will also be problems. The following is my summary of some of the class's problems.

Part of the students are not clear about their learning attitude, poor learning habits, passive learning, can not concentrate on listening, usually listening to the class is easy to be distracted, resulting in low efficiency of classroom learning

B. a small number of students can't finish their homework, and some even forget to do it.

C. many students have bad writing habits. They are too sloppy and lack perseverance and patience.

D. Don't like active reading and writing, lazy thinking serious!

E, students like to fight, not tolerant, not humble.

Teacher: everyone makes mistakes, and parents are no exception. I believe that many parents have more or less the following situation!

The courseware shows what has been said to the children and some misunderstandings and suggestions on family education.

6. Production of safety education courseware

7. Collect and collect questions, solve questions and answer doubts

2、 Parent committee

1. Publicize the parent committee

2. Read out the responsibilities of members of the "class parent committee"

3. Issue the application form for parents to fill in, and teachers should answer questions

4. Thank you for your support: hand in and then report to the school for screening and confirmation.

3、 Summary

Let's adhere to the principle of "everything for the children, for the children's all, for all the children", make joint efforts and make common progress. We also welcome your parents to put forward more valuable opinions for my work.

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