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The secret of art courseware line

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The secret of art courseware line

"The secret of line" is the content of the fifth volume of compulsory education curriculum standard experimental textbook published by Hunan Fine Arts Publishing House. Its teaching goal is to guide students to find that there are lines everywhere in life. These lines beautify our life, feel the rich expressiveness of the lines in art works, experience the interest of drawing with lines, and cultivate students' emotion of loving life.

 The secret of art courseware line

Before class, a child just learned the game of "turning Forks" with ropes. She invited me to play with her. She also introduced the patterns to me with pride and asked me about the lines I designed. Gradually, I found that more and more children were interested in me. I thought that the lines of "turning Forks" were not the basic elements of painting, It has rich expressive force. The children of grade one are in a very developed stage of thinking in images. They like to ask questions and practice. Why not introduce the game of "turning Forks" into teaching, create an interesting situation for children and roam with "line" friends, providing students with free space for development. They can find lines everywhere in life and experience the interest of drawing with lines.

Textbook analysis

Lines are the basic elements of painting modeling, and also the elements used by the author to express feelings. Because of the direction of movement, the materials used, the way of arrangement, the speed of drawing and the weight of force, the lines will produce many changes and have rich expressive force. Many painting masters at all times and in all over the world have created a large number of classic line paintings for us.

The arrangement of "lines around us" in this class aims to guide students to find that there are lines everywhere in life. These lines beautify our life, feel the rich expressiveness of the lines in art works, and experience the interest of drawing with lines.

Design concept

The teaching design of this class focuses on the harmonious development of students' knowledge and skills, process and method, emotion and attitude. Based on the teaching materials, the third grade children are in a very developed stage of image thinking. They like to ask questions and practice, and break the shackles of art discipline standard. With the help of the "turning fork" game that children like to see and hear To find interesting art activity forms such as "line" friends, hands-on perception, Music Association, ribbon waving experience, works appreciation and other interesting art activity forms and provide free development space, guide children to observe, experience and boldly create, and fully experience the fun of art learning activities.

I. cultural heritage and exchange

The new curriculum concept emphasizes the relationship between art and other disciplines, and the life experience of students. Line is one of the most basic language of painting. It reflects people's thoughts and feelings most directly and simply. In life, we can often see natural objects and artificial objects with aesthetic feeling, especially works of art. Therefore, the design of this course uses games, music, dance, multimedia visual images to teach, guide students to find that there are lines everywhere in life. These lines beautify our life, feel the rich expressiveness of the lines in art works, and experience the interest of drawing with lines, Let students get edification in this strong cultural atmosphere, but also urge students to pay attention to the details of life, which is one of the Basic Art Literacy students need to form.

Second, stimulate interest and encourage creativity in perceptual activities

1. Create situations to arouse the desire to learn, so that children can take the initiative to observe and express.

2. Pay attention to the integration of teaching, conduct interdisciplinary learning, introduce music, dance, science and other teaching contents and methods into the classroom, carry out multi sensory perception, experience and understanding, and encourage children to express their own unique views.

3. Excavate and feel the rich expressive force of lines in art works, and create unique line works

4. To further experience and understand the infinite charm of lines, develop children's abilities in all aspects and promote their comprehensive development by displaying works, evaluating and playing line performance games.

Teaching contents and objectives

Explicit contents and objectives:

Through this lesson, we can guide students to find lines, understand lines and feel lines in life, and cultivate their ability to find beauty and feel beauty from life. To cultivate the students' ability of using lines to express.

Implicit content and goal:

Cultivate students' love for life and stimulate their interest in art activities.

Key points and difficulties in Teaching

Teaching focus: to find out the beauty of lines in life and art works, and try its expression methods.

Teaching difficulty: line organization.

Teaching procedure

All good courses are like flowing water. Learning from the old and introducing the new focuses on stimulating interest, exploring new knowledge, striving for independence, innovation, and consolidation, development and enlightenment. Therefore, the main teaching process of this lesson is designed as follows.

Game import stimulates interest

Teacher: children, do you like to play the game of "turning the fork"? Today, the teacher introduces a new friend to you. He hides in the game of "turning the fork". Do you guess who it will be? Let's get to know each other.

(inspire students to play the game of "turning the fork" and look for lines in the colorful rope.)

Design intention: to create a pleasant situation, close the relationship between teachers and students, stimulate students' interest in learning, so as to effectively introduce new courses.

Comprehensive exploration of creating situation

Draw a picture:

Teacher: how clever the students are! Can you come to the front and draw them?

(please draw some lines on the projector)

Teacher: the lines drawn by the students are really beautiful. You know what? This new friend can do magic, don't you believe it? You see, what's the name of this line£® Show the courseware of "straight line" and "curve" respectively)

Student: answer (omitted).

Teacher: look at this line again. It's a little similar to the curve we saw just now, but there are some differences. Who can find out the difference between them£® Show "broken line" courseware)

S: a curve is a smooth line. It has edges and corners, and is constantly turning. It should be called "broken line".

Teacher: you observe very carefully. What would these lines look like if they came together? Let's have a look£® Show "cross line" courseware)

S: the lines come together like fishing nets. I think it's called "cross line".

Design intention: Enlightening language, guide students to recognize lines, the way of dialogue between teachers and students, and construct line knowledge in interaction.

Look for it

Teacher: we have already known the new friend of line. In fact, it is not entirely right to say that it is a new friend. In our daily life, lines are everywhere, lines are around us, there are all kinds of lines around us. Now let's look for the "lines around us", OK?

The secret of art courseware line

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