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Foreign children's art creative courseware

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Foreign children's art creative courseware

Introduction: Children's art creative activities focus on the process of children's participation in art activities and improving children's ability in self exploration through activities. The following is the arrangement of foreign children's art creative courseware, I hope to help you!

Different from the traditional art activities, the purpose of art creative activities is not to let children mechanically acquire some art skills, but to focus on the word "creativity", that is, on the basis of children's experience, provide all-round support for children, and encourage them to give full play to their imagination, association and fantasy, Boldly use all kinds of materials and art forms to create and express new and beautiful artistic images, and gain the emotional experience and sense of success in the process of creating and expressing beauty. In other words, children's art creative activities focus on the process of children's participation in art activities and improve their ability of self exploration through activities. We should treat children's painting with an open attitude, give them a space for free creation and imagination, provide them with an extraordinary experience, explore children's potential, and realize, discover, create and enjoy the beauty in the process. Cultivate children's ability of independent thinking and develop the habit of creative thinking.

¡¡¡¡ One. Characteristics of creative art course:

1. Artistic thinking education and positive five sense experience.

Through the five senses experience of vision, hearing, taste, smell and touch, we can cultivate children's ability to observe things from multiple angles, so that children can perceive the essence of things more comprehensively.

2. Rich and diverse painting materials, breaking the limitation of plane painting.

With fruit juice, tomato sauce, vegetables, flour, straws and common things in life as art tools, sponge, spray pot, brush and their small hands and feet are used as paintbrushes to change the limitation of plane painting and take the wall and floor as drawing paper to provide a broader three-dimensional creative space for children.

3. Happy game oriented course, which can inspire creativity step by step.

The course adopts the form of art games. Under the guidance of the teacher's inspiration and guidance on the theme materials, the course is free to doodle and express creativity, and gradually cultivate the observation, expression, imagination and creativity.

4. Small class teaching mode, all-round development of children's potential. Every child has the opportunity to express himself. The interaction of small groups can cultivate their social skills, leadership and team spirit.

Through creative art courses, children can find, understand, feel and create beauty in life.

¡¡¡¡ Two. Contents of creative art courses for all ages:

¡¡¡¡ £¨1£© Content of creative art activities in small class

Children in small classes have just begun to contact with art tools and materials. Due to the weak control ability of small muscles and the difficulty of hand eye synchronization in creation, we will guide children to create and add paintings in various forms, such as tearing and pasting, seals, gouache graffiti, and plastering; On the other hand, the thinking mode of small class children has the characteristics of concrete image, which is easy to be interested in the content of situational activities. Therefore, the content of our creative art activities should be more situational and interesting, and guide children to carry out creative activities around a certain 'scene' that they are interested in.

¡¡¡¡ £¨2£© Content of creative art activities in middle class

Compared with the small class children, after a year of study and practice, the small muscle control ability of the middle class children is significantly enhanced, and they are willing to try to use various art materials, tools and methods for creative activities. Therefore, in the creative art activities of middle class children, we will guide children to take crayon painting, oil-water separation, blow painting, clip art, paper, clay, composite material collage In the form of graffiti of shoes and bottles, creative pastes of colored mud and other forms, the teachers try to carry out independent creative activities. Teachers should provide some waste materials for children to transfer and create.

¡¡¡¡ £¨3£© Contents of creative art activities in large classes

Compared with the middle class children, the small finger muscles of the large class children develop rapidly, and they can control the wrist freely and use the finger movement¡° Can use scissors flexibly, can use plasticine and other materials to pinch out a variety of shapes correctly

Use brushes, pencils, and be able to do simple art work. " Therefore, in the creative art activities of large class children, we combine gouache graffiti, crayon painting, clip art and clay work together. Teachers provide a variety of materials, so that children can choose and integrate different creative ways in the same creative activity. 3. The main materials and related creative forms of art creative activities

¡¡¡¡ £¨1£© Stick painting

Materials: marker, oil painting stick, lead paper, color card paper, rice paper, etc;

Creative forms: oil painting stick painting, oil-water separation, painting and dyeing, scraping wax painting, comic strips, etc;

¡¡¡¡ £¨2£© Gouache and watercolor

Materials: gouache pigment, watercolor pigment, brush of different thickness, leaded paper, rice paper, paper tray, paper cup, umbrella surface, fan face, undershirt, long roll cloth, seal, straw, etc;

Creative forms: gouache graffiti, color ink correspondence, freehand brushwork, paper tray creative painting, paper cup creative painting, umbrella surface creativity, gouache scroll painting, gouache heavy color painting, seal deformation painting, blow painting, etc;

¡¡¡¡ £¨3£© Printmaking

Materials: gouache pigment, paste, leaded paper, color cardboard, blow molding paper, ink, roller, etc;

Creative forms: blow molded prints, color prints, mimeographs;

¡¡¡¡ £¨4£© Line drawing

Materials: marking pen, ink pens of various colors, colored handmade paper and cardboard, etc;

The forms of creation are: painting in kind, painting deformation from life, imagining painting by borrowing form;

¡¡¡¡ £¨5£© Tie dye, batik

Materials: watercolor pigment, gouache pigment, rice paper, handkerchief, thin cloth, etc;

Creative forms: paper dyeing works and cloth dyeing works;

¡¡¡¡ £¨6£© Paper art

Materials: color handmade paper, cardboard, newspaper, corrugated paper, velvet paper, calendar paper, scissors, glue, double-sided tape, tweezers, etc;

Creative forms: origami collage painting, color paper tear sticker, color paper clip art, paper creativity, etc;

¡¡¡¡ £¨7£© Clay sculpture

Materials: colored clay, soft pottery, wooden tools, graphic small mold, plastic plate, gouache pigment, brush, etc;

Creative forms: three dimensional modeling of clay, three-dimensional modeling of ceramic art, creative pastes of colored clay, and pottery color plate works;

¡¡¡¡ £¨8£© Creativity of daily necessities

Materials: shoes, all kinds of bottles (oil bottles, coke bottles, water buckets), various cartons (cake boxes, napkin boxes, various packaging boxes), rice paper, paste, colored pens, brush, gouache pigment, double-sided adhesive tape, etc

Creative forms: graffiti of shoes, creative deformation of shoes, graffiti of bottles, creation of blue and white porcelain bottles, creative deformation of bottles, graffiti of boxes and deformation combination of boxes;

¡¡¡¡ £¨9£© Comprehensive material painting

Materials: reed, branch, leaf, straw, cotton, dry pepper, match, stick, beans, chicken feather, duck feather, pebble, button, wool, rag, fruit net, nut shell, pencil curl, newspaper, carton, etc;

Creative forms: Creative collage of comprehensive materials and three-dimensional creation of comprehensive materials

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