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Courseware design of light rain and sand

Time: May 2, 2018 10:57:59 Courseware I want to contribute

Courseware design of light rain and sand

¡¡¡¡ Teaching topic: Light rain and sand

 Courseware design of light rain and sand

¡¡¡¡ Teaching hours: The second period of this lesson

¡¡¡¡ content of courses: Page 84, Volume 1, textbook of Western Normal School Edition

¡¡¡¡ Teaching requirements:

1. Be able to read the text correctly, coherently and emotionally.

2. Be able to combine the created situation with life practice to experience the beauty of spring.

3. Through repeated reading, we can experience the beautiful scene of spring rain moistening all things, and produce the emotion of loving spring and nature.

4. Recite the text.

¡¡¡¡ Teaching emphasis and difficulty:

1. Be able to read the text with emotion.

2. Cultivate students' love for spring and nature.

¡¡¡¡ Teaching preparation:

Teacher: Multimedia Courseware

¡¡¡¡ Teaching process:

First, create situations and reveal topics.

1. Introduction of topics

Teacher: children, in this cold winter, do you want to see the beautiful spring£¨ Miss spring brings us the spring breeze and the sand spring rain£¨ It's raining down. Let's learn a poem about spring rain -- "drizzle and sand" (courseware title, reading topic together).

2. Consolidate the understanding of new words

There are also several good friends, also came to us with spring girl. Look, do you know them?

Recognize the new words in the courseware (select students to read: rain, sand, point, garden, er, Le, De, Zhang, Ba, Wei), pay attention to students' error correction!

2¡¢ Text learning

1. Take students to read and understand the situation of students.

It seems that the students have firmly remembered the new words. Who's going to read the text? Let's have a look at the situation of everyone's reading£¨ Take students to read)

Which child's pronunciation is more accurate, the text reads more familiar! Who will read it again!

What do you think of his reading£¨ Students comment! When it comes to emotional reading

2. Group reading, mutual exchange and learning.

Please read in groups and compare who reads best£¨ Teacher inspection and guidance)

3. Focus on reading and guide emotional experience.

This text is so beautiful! Who will read your favorite sentence to everyone? Read aloud.

Where does the light rain fall? In the garden (fish pond, field, blackboard writing)

What else do you know? Sheng A: Hua'er is very happy£¨ Yu'er, miao'er, etc£¨ Zhang, Yao, Ba, blackboard writing)

How to open your mouth? Sheng A: happy!

Can you read it again with this "happy" mood?

Who will read this "happy" mood again!

Good reading!

Let's try it together! Read a paragraph together£¨ Like this section of the students read together! Read together with the table! Group competition reading! Organize students to read with emotion

The rest is the same as the learning mode, focusing on reading form and guidance.

4. Read with emotion and sublimate the meaning of reading.

5. Recite the text in combination with blackboard writing.

3. Rhythm of "light rain and sand"

Children, do you think the light rain in spring is beautiful? WOW! It was so beautiful that the teacher couldn't help but sing and dance to express his love for Xiaoyu. Good! Let's sing and dance together£¨ Courseware)

4¡¢ Knowledge development

Children, through your observation, where will spring rain fall? What would it look like? Let's discuss and talk about it£¨ Cooperative learning in groups and individual guidance by teachers.)

2. Who will tell me! Group report the results of the discussion.

3. Let's be little poets too. Let's say it with the sentences in the text.

Summary and extension after class

Today, we learned the lesson "light rain and sand" (blackboard writing). We expressed our love for spring rain with poems and songs. We can also express our feelings by dancing, painting and many other forms. After the students go down, we will think about it and show it to you in our next activity class.

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