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Reasonable construction of courseware for Chinese writing materials

Time: 19:39:25, May 3, 2018 Courseware I want to contribute

Reasonable construction of courseware for Chinese writing materials

   Learning objectives:

 Reasonable construction of courseware for Chinese writing materials

(1) reasonable construction composition The material of "rice" can make students write.

(2) correctly grasp the methods and skills of constructing materials and improve the writing order of students' compositions.

(3) broaden students' horizon of writing and cultivate their writing ability.

   Key learning points:

(1) master the writing methods and skills.

(2) construct writing materials reasonably.

   Training methods:

Taking the existing knowledge system as the breakthrough point, we should train carefully by listening, speaking, reading, writing and practicing.

   Learning steps:

   1、 Import

There is a primary school student in Dalian named Bian Jinyang. He is only nine years old. He has written two science fiction novels, time magic harp and Qin people's tribe. He is known as the Harry Potter of the East. It was this child who wrote a paragraph that made hundreds of thousands of Jiangsu examinees in 2004 scratching their heads. Its content is like this: "water has the flexibility of water, mountain has the stability of mountain. The flexibility of the water can show its wisdom, and the steadiness of the mountain can show its firmness. However, the flexibility of the sea water does not change the consistent blue color. Although the mountain is calm, it has its thick. ". Have you seen that? Where? And how did Jiangsu candidates write? Jinling Evening News reporter in the first time for us to send back the relevant report, please see the big screen..... What does this report tell us? As the saying goes, "a skillful woman can't make a meal without rice". Can we harvest fruits through our own labor when writing, so that we can make delicious meals with rice in the pot?

   2、 Methods and techniques


There is a Russian novel called toothache. The content is: on the day Jesus was hanged, many people came to watch. Most of them expressed great grief, but one of them showed indifference. Others ask him why, my own tooth ache is fierce, care about him why. After that, he also cut a piece of rope to hang Jesus, which is said to cure his toothache.

Another Russian novel called "workers and white hands", the content is: during the Russian Revolution, a worker took the lead in the revolution for the benefit of the majority of workers. After being arrested, he was put into prison. For a long time, the dark and damp prison made his hands white. When he returned to the team after escaping from prison, the workers thought he was not a revolutionary comrade because his hands were too white.


Thinking: can we find a mark in the works of a master of Chinese literature for the contents of these two novels? Which one? We should learn something from this story, from which we can get a way to build materials: take all kinds of things and synthesize one.


Thinking: give an example of what else in literature you know uses this approach?


Exercise: use the method of "taking all kinds of things and synthesizing one" to construct reasonable materials for the composition questions of Jiangsu college entrance examination in 2004.


As the saying goes, "art comes from life and is higher than life". Our classmates always say that I have been living in the 3:1 line, and the world around me is very small. How can I have any rich materials? In fact, we have always been with knowledge, living in the sea of knowledge, our world is not very wonderful? Isn't it rich? Isn't it vast? Let's take a look at a few full mark compositions in the college entrance examination


When chrysanthemums are fragrant again


  a。 Are you familiar with the materials in this article? From where?

  b。 Why do you get full marks?


Through our observation and thinking, we find that the materials of Full Score composition come from classic texts. Therefore, we can come to the second method of material construction: refining the text, asking for materials.

Exercise: use the method of "refining the text and asking for materials" to construct materials for the composition of Jiangsu college entrance examination in 2004.


Confucius said: "learning without thinking is useless, thinking without learning is perilous.". In the process of learning and growing up, what we like most is listening to stories. In our life, we have accumulated a large number of different forms of stories. Can you give us some examples? Well said, we and the students to see a full score composition: "Monkey King laid off"

Thinking: a. What's your first feeling after reading this material?

  c。 Why?

  d。 What inspiration can we get from this article? We can extract the third method of material construction: Mining stories and adding new ideas.

Exercise: use the method of "digging stories and adding new ideas" to construct materials for Jiangsu college entrance examination composition.

   3、 Class summary

In this lesson, we use the above methods to construct writing materials. We intend to build a writing platform for you through a small platform. We hope that the college entrance examination hall can become a stage for everyone to enjoy their performance!

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