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Chinese courseware for the first year of mental retardation

Time: 12:28:15, November 20, 2019 Courseware I want to contribute

Chinese courseware for the first year of mental retardation

First year of mental retardation chinese Courseware

   class hour Teaching plan Line up

   Learning objectives: Understand the regular requirements of PE class and know how to arrange the PE team.

   Learning content: Guidance class -- classroom routine

   Learning steps:

1. Communication guidance for singing and dancing:

1. Announce the class and say hello.

2. Listen to music and "find friends".

Lyrics: "look for a friend, find a good friend, salute, shake hands, remember my name is XXX, goodbye!" Wave)

Learn to sing the song of "find a friend".

(2) teachers demonstrate and explain the method of "finding friends".

(3) the partner in the same seat performs "looking for friends" and introduces each other's names.

(4) ask some students to sing and invite them to dance the "find a friend" dance. The last sentence is to exchange roles. The rest of the students clap and sing on their seats.

2. Routine guidance:

1. Explain what is the physical education classroom routine?

Classroom requirements: listen carefully to the teacher's explanation, pay attention to the teacher's demonstration, do a good job of mutual cooperation, complete the task in class.

Class process: roll call in the classroom - do you want to learn the task (specific subject name) - line up to enter the designated place - roll call again (count off) - warm up exercise - content of this class - roll call - back to the classroom.

2. What are the special points for attention in PE class?

Based on students' development: Sports indicators vary from person to person. Pay attention to individual differences and different needs to ensure that every student benefits.

Carry out the "health first" thought: pay attention to the mastery and application of students' basic sports knowledge and skills, do not excessively pursue the systematic and complete teaching of sports skills, and do not demand the details of technical movements, so as to promote the healthy growth of students.

Pay attention to the actual effect: we should really combine teaching with pleasure, attach importance to the students' dominant position in teaching, encourage and guide students to actively use their brains, cooperate with each other and discuss with each other in learning, so as to improve the students' interest in the learning process and enable them to actively participate in the class

3. How to arrange the PE team Stand in two teams according to the height of men and women, remember the front row, remember the names of the students before and after, and train repeatedly how to find their position in the team by dissolving and assembling.)

3. Interesting guidance:

1. Indoor Games: line up quickly.

2. Evaluation and summary.

The design idea of the course: through the communication of singing and dancing, we can know the students, and through the routine and interesting guidance, we can know the main contents of the PE class routine and how to arrange the PE team, so as to lay the foundation for the good PE class in the future.

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