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Chinese rain point courseware for grade one of primary school

Time: 20:24:57, November 20, 2019 Courseware I want to contribute

Chinese rain point courseware for grade one of primary school

Most of the children don't like the rain, because it brings more trouble to the children that they can't go to the outdoor activities. But I believe that after learning this text, the children will love the rain more. The following is the primary school grade one arranged for you chinese Raindrop courseware related data Welcome to read!

 Chinese rain point courseware for grade one of primary school

¡¡¡¡ Preset teaching objectives

1. Read the text and know that there is a close relationship between rain and plant growth.

2. Be able to read the text correctly and fluently, and read the dialogue with emotion.

3. Know 12 new words and learn to write "Fang, ban, Ba".

¡¡¡¡ Teaching preparation: Multimedia courseware

¡¡¡¡ Teaching time: 1.5 class hours

¡¡¡¡ Teaching process:

1¡¢ Song introduction

1. Children, can you sing the song "little rain and sand"? Shall we sing together? What's in the song£¨ It's raining, the seeds are talking, welcome to the light rain)

2. Topic opening: when it rains, light rain and heavy rain can talk. In this class, we will learn a new text, the title is "raindrop".

2¡¢ Listen and remember the text

1. Listen to the courseware

2. What did heavy rain and light rain say? Answer by name.

3. Let's listen again£¨ Play the text recording)

Can you hear me clearly? Tell your deskmate what you remember.

3¡¢ Self reading full text

1. Show the full text and try to read it

2. Number the text

4¡¢ Study the text

1. The first natural section

Read the first sentence.

(2) let's do the action.

(3) the teacher draws a cloud with a simple brush. First, he draws three drops of water. The teacher says, "countless raindrops fall from the clouds.". Q: is it OK for the teacher to draw like this£¨ It is estimated that some students say that there are too few raindrops, so please go to the platform to draw raindrops.)

(4) how many raindrops do you say there are here? Countless raindrops are many, many, there is no way to count.

2. The second and fourth natural sections

(1) natural transition: there are heavy rain and light rain. What are they talking about£¨ Reading dialogue)

(2) practice reading dialogue: read the words of light rain and heavy rain respectively

(3) where do they speak£¨ Explain air, half air and ground, and understand "half air"

(4) learn "half" and "square", write in the exercise book

3. The last natural section

(1) show the courseware: where there are no flowers, flowers grow; Where there are small flowers, the flowers grow up and the grass is greener. You see, which sentence is written in the text? Find it and read it.

(2) reading by name. Acting reading.

4. Read the full text.

5¡¢ Review words

1. Show the big screen to read: tell me what words you know in the text, and what about the words you can't recognize? Talk about your good idea.

(inspire students to use familiar characters, parts and radicals when recognizing characters. For example, "Qing" plus "Shen" is "Qing"¡° "Floating" means "floating"; adding "wind" means "floating" "Remove the" person "in the middle and replace it with" mouth "and" ask " House "remove" household "is" square ")

2. Drive the train to read new words.

(emphasis of pronunciation: "Cai" is flat tongue¡° The number "is a rising tone." "Qing, Kong, Fang" are the back nasal sounds)

3. Game literacy: where does the light rain fall?

¡¡¡¡w ¨¨ n

¡¡¡¡b ¨¤ nf ¨¢ ngdi ¨£ n

¡¡¡¡hu ¨ª f ¨¡ ngdi ¨¤ n

Return to Fang's room at 30:30

6. Guide writing.

Learning "Ba"

7. Operation:

1. Read the three sentences in "I can read" after class

We can also say: what, where and how£¨ The leaves fall from the trees, the cat jumps off the wall, Xiao Ming runs out of the classroom, and the bus drives out of the station.)

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