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First grade Chinese goose chanting courseware

Time: 12:17:13, November 20, 2019 Courseware I want to contribute

First grade Chinese goose chanting courseware

It is based on the requirements of the syllabus, through the determination of teaching objectives, the analysis of teaching content and task, the structure of teaching activities and interface design and other links. It is directly related to the course content. The following small to provide you with the relevant content, welcome to read and reference!!

 First grade Chinese goose chanting courseware

   first grade chinese Goose singing Courseware:

   Chinese chanting goose in grade one of primary school Teaching plan

Teaching objectives:

1. Through teaching, continue to review and consolidate the 6 single vowels.

2. Be able to read new words in the list of quasi new words.

3. Be familiar with the text and recite it.

Key points and difficulties in Teaching:

Review the single vowel and recognize the new words in the literacy table.

Preparation of teaching aids:

Courseware, new word cards.

Teaching process:

1、 Review letter songs

I want to be an inventor.

As soon as your mouth shrinks, you'll read O. learning Pinyin has many advantages.

I love dancing and singing.

III. there's a little bit on the head of the stick,

U and {, like brothers,

There's no dot on U's head,

There are two points on my head.

2、 Import

1. Play the video, the teacher with beautiful music interpretation: geese, geese, geese, bending their necks to sing to the sky. White hair floating on the green water, a pair of Anthurium stir water waves.

2. Blackboard writing: singing goose

3、 New teaching

1. Reading

(1) listen to the teacher and read the text.

(2) students read the text by themselves and find out the single vowels they have learned.

(3) read single vowels with names.

(4) students read the text by themselves and circle the words they don't know.

(5) ask the primary teacher to read the text. Other students refer to the text and focus on the words they can't read.

(6) listen to each other and read the text.

2. Reading words

(1) show words in the courseware: chanting goose, white hair, xiangtian song, Anthurium andraeanum, green water.

(2) reading words by name.

(3) listen and read words in groups.

3. Reading

(1) show the new words: goose, feather, Xiang, red, green and song.

(2) students read new words by themselves.

(3) listen and read to each other.

4. Reading

Break in class!!

4、 Review and consolidate

1. The little teacher tests everyone (wearing goose headdress).

Requirements: which word do you think is difficult to remember, take it out and test the students.

2. Group reading and train race.

3. Literacy game: make friends with baby geese.

Rules of the game: on the blackboard show a lot of "goose baby" (card), please read the words on the back of the card, recognize the right, give the "goose baby" card to the students.

   5、 Divergence

1. Please read ancient poems with your own feelings and in the way you like them.

2. Group cooperation: Express poetry in a way that is self determined. Can recite; Can paint; We can also dance to express the artistic conception of poetry according to our own understanding and imagination.

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