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Zhan Tianyou courseware for sixth grade Chinese

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Zhan Tianyou courseware for sixth grade Chinese

Zhan Tianyou is a six-year primary school with nine-year compulsory education chinese This is a text in volume 12. The following is the related courseware of Zhan Tianyou, a sixth grade Chinese language compiled for you data Welcome to read!

 Zhan Tianyou courseware for sixth grade Chinese

¡¡¡¡ Teaching objectives:

1. Understand the deeds of the outstanding patriotic engineer Zhan Tianyou, and stimulate the students' ideological feelings and innovative spirit of patriotism and determination to contribute to the country.

2. Cultivate students' ability of cooperative exploration and hands-on experiment.

3. Comprehend the content of the text with specific examples, understand the profound sentences, and realize Zhan Tianyou's outstanding talent and patriotism.

4. Read the text with emotion.

¡¡¡¡ Key and difficult points of teaching:

Understand the profound meaning of the sentence, experience Zhan Tianyou's outstanding talent and patriotism.

¡¡¡¡ Teaching process:

1. Introduce the background of the times and get to know Zhan Tianyou as a whole

1. Students, when you see the Chinese railway network, your eyes may be attracted by the crisscross extension of the railway track to the distance. Let's go through the tunnel of time to experience the situation that the Chinese built the first railway by themselves more than 100 years ago! At the end of the 19th century, imperialism controlled the construction right of China's railways. Wherever the railways were built, their evil claws of aggression extended. Under the obstruction and threat of imperialist countries, Zhan Tianyou presided over the construction of Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway in 1905. This is the first railway built by the Chinese themselves. Every one of us in China should not forget him. Let's call out his name loud and loud£¨ Show: head of Zhan Tianyou)

2. Now let's have a quick look at the text to see what the author mainly wrote about the construction of Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway presided over by Zhan Tianyou?

3. Naming theory (blackboard writing: surveying lines, digging tunnels, designing "herringbone" lines)

Second, read and understand Zhan Tianyou comprehensively

1. What difficulties did Zhan Tianyou encounter during the construction of Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway? How did he overcome it? What did you learn from it? In this class, the teacher wants the students to teach themselves this problem. Do you have the confidence to learn it well?

2. Please read the self-study tips. Find a classmate to read the self-study tips to everyone£¨ What difficulties did Zhan Tianyou encounter in the process of building Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway? How did he overcome it? What did you learn from it? The learning methods include reading aloud, drawing and demonstrating.)

3. The author writes about Zhan Tianyou's construction of Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway from the following three aspects: surveying the line, digging the tunnel and designing the "herringbone" line. If your group is interested in any aspect, you can learn it by yourself. First, self-study, and then exchange and discuss in groups.

4. Class communication:

Communication 1: the first step in building a railway is to survey the line. Now let's ask the team studying the survey route to report their study.

Naming (difficulties encountered)

Zhan Tianyou often encourages the staff to say, "our work should be precise first, and we should not be careless¡® "Probably" and "almost" should not come from engineers. ")

What do you learn from this sentence? Where do you know that he is strict in his work£¨ Rigorous and meticulous working attitude)

Who can read this sentence and fully read what he has realized?

Students, did Zhan Tianyou just say this to the engineers once or twice£¨ No)

We can imagine that in the construction mobilization meeting, Zhan Tianyou, facing all the railway builders, enthusiastically encouraged the engineering personnel

Seeing that some engineering personnel are occasionally careless and the construction quality is not very high, Zhan Tianyou earnestly encourages the engineering personnel - (please read it for boys)

Because of the difficult conditions, a very few engineers went slow. Zhan Tianyou was strict and encouraged the engineers

This is how Zhan Tianyou often encouraged the engineers. What other words did your group know?

He took his students and workers with him, with his post on his back and his theodolite on his back. Outside the Great Wall, the wind often howls and the sand is all over the sky. If you are not careful, you may fall into a deep valley. No matter how bad the conditions are, Zhan Tianyou always insists on working in the field. During the day, he went over mountains and mountains to survey the route; At night, he draws and calculates under the oil lamp

Can anyone talk about your experience£¨ Work style of leading the way, doing everything personally and setting an example)

Please read these sentences, what kind of picture will come into your mind.

Teacher summary: Yes! The roaring wind blew the yellow sand all over the sky, but could not blow Zhan Tianyou's firm belief. The steep cliff blocked the extension of the railway, but could not block Zhan Tianyou's forward pace. We seem to see him wading across mountains and rivers, and see his bloodshot eyes under the oil lamp.

(5) which sentence do you know better about the survey route?

He always thought: This is the first railway built by the Chinese themselves, and it must be repaired. Otherwise, not only those foreigners will ridicule us, but also Chinese engineers will lose confidence

What do you learn from this sentence? Where did you feel his patriotism£¨ Can you read your experience? Name reading

Teacher's summary: Yes, patriotism is his driving force to overcome all difficulties£¨ Writing on the blackboard; Patriotism)

Communication 2: what difficulties did Zhan Tianyou encounter in the process of tunneling? How did he overcome them? What did you learn from it?

Please read the fifth natural paragraph and think: why is the excavation method adopted by Zhan Tianyou different for the same tunnel?

By name£¨ It can be seen that the excavation method varies with the mountain situation.)

Let's see if this is the case£¨ Draw the construction drawings of the central shaft sinking method and the two end sinking method)

(3) Juyongguan adopts the method of digging from both sides to the middle at the same time, Badaling adopts the method of digging in the middle, and Zhan Tianyou can adopt different excavation methods according to different mountain conditions. Why can Mr. Zhan dig the tunnel so skillfully? How do you feel about Zhan Tianyou£¨ Summed up Zhan Tianyou's innovative spirit) (blackboard writing: innovative spirit)

Communication 3: the tunnel between Juyongguan and Badaling was successfully constructed. However, there were difficulties near Qinglong bridge. How did Zhan Tianyou overcome them? What did you realize? Now let's ask the group that studies the design of "herringbone" circuit to report their achievements.

Which student volunteered to speak to you on behalf of your group?

Do you think the "human" line designed by Zhan Tianyou is good? Why?

(4) after reading Zhan Tianyou's design, what do you want to say to Zhan Tianyou£¨ Summarize Zhan Tianyou's innovative spirit or admiration for him.)

Third, the emotion sublimation, summarizes the full text

1. Yes! Zhan Tianyou is amazing! It is with full of patriotic feelings, extraordinary wisdom and bold innovation, with iron like facts, effectively attacked the imperialists, for all the Chinese people for a breath, please read the last paragraph.

How do you feel after reading this passage?

Summary: Zhan Tianyou has made all the Chinese proud. He is worthy of being an outstanding patriotic Engineer in China.

2. Please look at the small blackboard. This is Zhan Tianyou's contribution to the construction of Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway. Please read it silently£¨ The construction of Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway started in 1905 and was completed in August 1909, two years earlier than expected, saving 280000 taels of silver. The total cost accounts for one fifth of the foreign valuation. It can be said that it costs less, has good quality and is completed quickly. How can it not be praised! There is no 200 km long Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway Line on China's railway map. Compared with millions of kilometers, Beijing Zhangjiakou Railway is insignificant. It is the beginning of China's railway. Zhan Tianyou is an outstanding patriotic Engineer in China and the father of China's railway.)

3. Summarize the full text

Zhan Tianyou resolutely accepted the task under imperialist obstruction, coercion and complex terrain conditions. Isn't his lofty imperialist spirit just a model for us to learn from? With his outstanding talent and extraordinary wisdom, he first created the unique "human" shaped line in the world, used new methods to dig tunnels, successfully built the first railway in China, and wrote a brilliant page in the history of China's railway. Having such outstanding patriotic engineers is the pride and pride of every Chinese. Finally, let us always remember this great and glorious name.

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