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Lesson 8 courseware of Chinese volume 2 of grade 6

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Lesson 8 courseware of Chinese volume 2 of grade 6

Introduction: the journey of life, such as a picture, the smile in happiness is the highlight of the painting. Whenever I recall it, there will always be a faint smile in the corner of my mouth. The following editor will introduce you to grade 6 chinese The second volume 8 lesson courseware article, welcome everybody to read the reference!

 Lesson 8 courseware of Chinese volume 2 of grade 6

Lesson 8 courseware of Chinese volume 2 of grade 6

[teaching objectives]

1. Exchange the understanding and feeling of the learned text, and talk about how to obtain and deepen your own opinions; You can also exchange and study the text of this group, what are the gains in writing and expression.

2. Read and recite famous sayings and form the habit of accumulation.

3. Read and understand the idiom story "learning to walk in Handan" and understand the meaning of the idiom.

[teaching process]

Communication platform

1กข Summary introduction

This group of texts contain a profound philosophy of life, can give us a certain feeling, or have a certain enlightenment to our life. In the process of learning, we combined with the reality of life to understand the truth contained in the article, realized the author's expression method, and tried to use it in our exercises. Have you ever summed up the differences in the expression of each article?

2กข Experience expression method

1. What expressions are used in the text of this unit? Write examples of articles that use this expression.

Expression method (example)

Analogy, a series of questions, a series of well formed words, the way to personify things

Borrowing things to describe people

Write a thing, an object, from which we can feel and be enlightened

2. Besides the text, what kind of expression do you know about the articles you read in the extracurricular books?

Expression method (example)

days and months multiplying

First, read the famous ancient Chinese sentences in the text. If you can't read the pronunciation of the words, ask your teacher and classmates.

Second, read these famous sentences repeatedly, talk about your own understanding, and communicate with your colleagues.

Third, take the initiative to talk about their own understanding in class, accept the opinions of teachers and students, and understand the sentences correctly.

Practice reciting these famous sentences and reciting them to the students.

5. What famous ancient Chinese sentences have you recited for your appreciation.

Idiom story

First, read the idiom story "learning to walk in Handan" twice, trying to explain the meaning of the story clearly.

Second, what idiom stories have you read? Tell them to you. Let's think about the truth of these things?

3. Collect idiom stories after class and prepare to hold an idiom story meeting.

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