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The language courseware of nature

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The language courseware of nature

Through reading the text to know what the language of nature in the text refers to, so as to understand some natural phenomena. The following is the language courseware of nature compiled for you, Volume 1, Grade 8 chinese relevant data Welcome to read!

 The language courseware of nature

ˇˇˇˇ Teaching objectives

1. Learn the two new words in this lesson, and be able to read the false pronunciation of polyphyllabic words according to the words.

2. Be able to rewrite rhetorical questions into declarative sentences.

3. Try reciting verses 2-6.

4. Be able to read the text by reading popular science articles of children, understand the scientific knowledge introduced by the language of nature, and cultivate the interest of loving nature and science.

ˇˇˇˇ Key points and difficulties in Teaching

Key points of teaching: recite the text and rewrite the rhetorical questions into declarative sentences.

Teaching difficulties: use the method of reading children's popular science articles to read the text and imitate poems.

ˇˇˇˇ teaching process

1. Connect with life and introduce new courses

Show me the picture. Students, you see () as if you hear what it is saying? This is the language of nature. Today we are looking for more natural languages. Well, let's look in the books firstŁ¨ Writing on the blackboard)

2. Requirements for self-study

1. Read the standard pronunciation, read through the whole text, and pay attention to the pronunciation of polyphonic characters.

2. What language of nature have you found?

3ˇ˘ Learning new lessons

1. Show the slide and select the correct pronunciation ¨Ł ji ¨¤ Leave () ask for leave () cheat () have a holiday ()]

2. Read the text in sections.

Q: a what language of nature have you foundŁ¨ I know when I see it, as if to tell us)

3. Students, how many have we found?

Who's your favorite language? What do you appreciate most about what it says? Talk about its advantages.

Experience the vivid figurative sentences and interesting rhetorical questions.

4. Take time to keep your favorite language in mindŁ¨ Take the students and choose the back)

5. What other natural languages have you foundŁ¨ Let's talk first, then introduce)

6. Today, we are going to be little poets, learn how to write the text, and vividly describe the language of nature we found, OK? Exchange one's own poem, teacher and student appraiseŁ¨ Find similarities)

7. Discussion: my harvest

The language courseware of nature Volume 1

one Language courseware of nature

two The language courseware content of nature

three Comments on the language courseware of nature

four Courseware of the language of nature

five Courseware of the language of nature

six The courseware content of the language of nature

seven Courseware of the language of nature

eight The language of nature courseware

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