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Lesson 22 courseware of Chinese volume 1 for grade 3

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Lesson 22 courseware of Chinese volume 1 for grade 3 of PEP

1¡¢ Textbook analysis

 Lesson 22 courseware of Chinese volume 1 for grade 3 of PEP

This is an article about scenery. The author uses vivid, concrete and vivid language to write that Xisha Islands is a lovely place with beautiful scenery and abundant products. So as to stimulate students' love for the motherland.

The whole article can be divided into three paragraphs according to the order of total, score and total. The first paragraph is the summary of the full text. It is said that Xisha Islands is a lovely place with beautiful scenery and abundant products. The second paragraph describes the beauty and richness of the Xisha Islands from the sea surface, the seabed, the beach and the island in the order from top to bottom, from near to far. The third paragraph is a summary of the heroic children guarding the island, which will make the Xisha Islands more beautiful and rich. The full text is clear and well-organized.

This kind of narration is not only reflected in the whole article, but also in the paragraphs, sentence groups and sentences, forming the outstanding characteristics of the article structure.

In addition, the echo between the beginning and the end of this paper makes the structure of the article complete.

This paper not only has the paragraph form of total score relation, but also has the section form of causality and juxtaposition relation. It is a good teaching material for middle grade to carry out the training of section.

The language of this article is vivid and concrete. The author uses the appropriate metaphor to write the characteristics of things vividly, leaving a deep impression on the readers.

2¡¢ Teaching requirements

1. Make students understand that Xisha Islands is a lovely place with beautiful scenery and rich products, and stimulate students' love for the beautiful rivers and mountains of the motherland.

2. Learn the new words in this lesson. Accumulate new words:

The coastal defense outposts on the rich islands are crisscrossed, colorful and extremely high and low

The gorge blooms and creeps, and there are all kinds of strange and huge habitats

Focus on understanding words with dots.

3. Learn to write the meaning of the sentence more specifically.

4. Be able to read the text correctly. Understand the narrative characteristics of the general beginning of the text. Understand the general method of "total, sub, total", "juxtaposition", "cause and effect" and the general method of summarizing paragraph meaning.

3¡¢ Teaching ideas

Make full use of the teaching materials, highlight the training of the section. Teach students to know some common paragraph patterns, understand the method of connecting sentences into paragraphs, learn to stratify typical paragraph patterns and summarize paragraph meanings.

4¡¢ The teaching time is three hours

Lesson 1: read the text for the first time, understand the main content of the text, learn new words, focus on understanding the words with dots, and clarify the context of the article.

The second class: read the text, understand the content of the text, focus on paragraph training, understand the method of linking sentences into paragraphs, learn to stratify typical paragraph patterns and summarize the meaning of paragraphs.

Lesson 3: summarize the full text, complete the exercises after class, and read the text with emotion.

5¡¢ Teaching process

Section A

(1) inspire conversation and stimulate interest.

Show "coral, sea cucumber, lobster, shell" and other physical specimens and "flying tiger fish", "drum fish" and other wall charts.

Q: who knows about these aquatic products? What are they? Who knows where they are made?

(2) reveal the subject. Rich Xisha Islands

What is an island? What are islands?

Show the map of China

This paper introduces the geographical position and importance of Xisha Islands.

What is the central word of this subject£¨ Rich)

What do you know from the project£¨ The full text should be written around "richness"

Listen to the tape.

Thinking: what is the Xisha Islands like?

(4) self study new words.

(1) put forward the difficulties and problems encountered in self-study

(2) key inspection

A. pronunciation

(z) ¨¤ n) (R ¨²) Moving a cluster (c ¨´£© Q ¨©) interest

B. distinguishing the font type

C. understanding the meaning of words

Through wall chart and material understanding; Combined with the above and the following understanding; consult a dictionary.

(5) read the text and clarify the context.

1. Read the text freely

Thinking: 1. How many sections are there in this paper? What do you write in each section?

Which sections specifically describe the beauty and richness of Xisha Islands?

(3) what role does the opening and ending sections play in the full text?

(4) how to segment the article according to the structure of "total - Score - Total"?

(5) from what aspects is the narration part written? In what order?

2. Read the full text in sections

(6) arrange operations.

1. Copy new words

2. Read the text well

blackboard design

Section B

(1) review and check.

How many paragraphs are there? What's the segmentation?

(2) read the text.

1. Read a passage by name

Q: how many sentences are there in this paragraph? What's in every sentence? What is the relationship between these two sentences£¨ What is the main part of this paragraph?

Blackboard writing: beautiful scenery and rich products

2. Read the second paragraph silently

Thinking: in what aspects does the second paragraph specifically describe the Xisha Islands? In what order was it written?

(the description of Xisha Islands in terms of sea, sea bottom, beach and island is in the order of change of location, from top to bottom, from near to far)

¢Ù Read section 2 by name

Q: how many sentences are there in this section? What do you write in each sentence?

Q: what is the relationship between these two sentences£¨ Causality)

Q: what does the author write first? What do you write after£¨ How can we express it?

Practice according to "cause" before "effect", first "result" after "cause".

Discuss how this section is layered£¨ Discuss how to summarize the meaning of a paragraph (whether to grasp the "cause" or "result" of the paragraph meaning should be different according to the text)

What is the main content of this lesson£¨ The Xisha Archipelago has beautiful scenery and abundant products£¨ First floor)

The Xisha Islands have beautiful sea scenery or the waters of Xisha Islands are extremely beautiful

Summary: the short paragraph of causality is generally divided into two levels, one is to write the reason, the other is to write the result. When summarizing the meaning of a paragraph, we should pay attention to the result part.

Practice reading with emotion

¢Ú Silent reading of the third section

Q: what is the main content of this section? How many sentences are there in this section? What kinds of aquatic products are written£¨ What is the relationship between them£¨ How can several aspects of the same thing be layered£¨ On the one hand, the content is one layer, and this section can be divided into four layers)

Read the first, second and third layers by name.

Question: how does the author describe coral, sea cucumber and lobster in detail£¨ The author uses metaphors and personification to write their shapes, movements, appearances, etc.)

Read four levels by name.

How many sentences are there on this floor? Read it carefully and find out the sentence of summary, sub statement and summary. What is the relationship between a few sentences in this layer£¨ Total, sub, total)

Watching the slide: fish

General: wear in groups


Points: some... Some... Flying tiger fish... Drum fish


Total: all kinds of things. Half... Half

How to summarize the meaning of this section?

Summary: it can be summarized in one sentence (the Xisha Islands are rich in underwater aquatic products), or the juxtaposed aspects can be summarized (there are corals, sea cucumbers, crayfish and fish on the seabed of Xisha Islands)

Guide self study section 4 section 5

Tip: how many sentences are there in each section? What do you write in each sentence? What is the relationship between them?

Divide the two sections and summarize the meaning of the paragraph

Guide to read four and five stanzas

Summary: the second paragraph describes the beauty and richness of Xisha Islands from four aspects. These four aspects are juxtaposed. Practice and summarize the meaning of the paragraph£¨ Xisha Islands has beautiful seawater color, rich aquatic products on the sea floor, shells and turtles on the beach, and birds are on the island.)

Read the third paragraph by name.

Q: how many sentences are there in this paragraph? What do you write in each sentence? What's the connection with the first paragraph?

Read the first and last sentences.

What's in this paragraph£¨ Children on the island defend and build Xisha Islands)

(3) arrange operations.

1. Exercises after class 1,2,3

2. Recite the second and third sections

blackboard design

Lesson 3

(1) read the full text correctly, fluently and emotionally.

(2) classroom exercises.

(1) lobster looks very powerful.

The lobster is very powerful.

What are the similarities and differences between the former and the latter? Which one is better? Why? How to write concrete sentences in the text£¨ Write the appearance and movement of the lobster)

(2) there are many beautiful shells on the beach.

It is better to use the same method to compare the latter.

How to write a general sentence concretely£¨ It can be described from the size, color, shape and posture of shells

2. Exercises after class 3

Talk about the meaning of the following sentences according to the text.

(1) Xisha Islands is an island in the South China Sea£¨ The Xisha Islands are a group of islands in the South China Sea.)

(2) the Xisha Islands are just birds£¨ The Xisha Islands are also birds

This topic is mainly to train the students' logical thinking. It is required to judge whether the sentence is accurate in expressing meaning through discrimination.

3. Look at the slide and fill in the blanks

() of flowers () of cliffs () of corals

() of the Canyon () of the woods () of the turtle

The deer antlers of () the shell of ()

Coral on the bottom of the sea () ().

The whole body of the flying tiger fish.

The puffy fish puffed up like.

4. Look at the slide show and summarize several common methods of segmenting and summarizing paragraph meaning

5. Write down the paragraph meaning of sections 2, 3, 4 and 5

(3) listen to the tape recording rich Xisha Islands.

(4) evaluation and analysis.

What is well written? Read the paragraphs and sentences that you think are well written.

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