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Clear lake courseware

Time: 12:10:21, November 21, 2019 Courseware I want to contribute

Clear lake courseware

Learn the clear lake water, understand the text content, so that students know how to protect nature and enhance the awareness of environmental protection. The following is the second grade of the primary school chinese Volume 1 clear lake courseware related data Welcome to read!

 Clear lake courseware

Teaching objectives

1. Learn the 12 new words and the words composed of them. Know five new words.

2. Read the text with emotion.

3. Be able to understand words and sentences according to the reality of life or context; Cultivate the students' ability to read the text silently, question and solve questions cooperatively.

4. Educate students to know how to protect nature and enhance their awareness of environmental protection.

5. Let's feel the beauty of nature.

Key points and difficulties

1. Learn new words, read the text aloud, understand the content of the text, and carry out environmental protection education for students.

2. Educate students to love and protect nature with their own practical actions.

Class arrangement: 2 class hours

Teaching steps

Section A

(1) connect with life and introduce topics

Students, when you eat food with skin and core in public places such as parks and stations, what do you do? Let's come together today study

Lesson 21 - the clear water of the lake. See how the little girl in the text does it.

The subject of blackboard writing is clear lake water.

(2) first reading the text and overall perception

1. Read the text in a soft voice.


(1) with the help of Pinyin, read the correct pronunciation, read through the sentences, and mark the natural paragraph.

(2) outline new words and new words and read them several times.

2. Check the effect of self-study.

(1) read the text according to the natural paragraph and correct the pronunciation.

(2) check the recognition and reading of new words, and adopt the method of referring and reading together. Pay attention to the pronunciation "Che" and "volume" in the book

Reading Ju n. Don't read "Ju." "N" wave: the pronunciation is "B" Don't read "B" Or "P"

(3) read the text silently

Requirements: put forward the places you can't understand and discuss with the students in the study group. If the group can't solve the problems, put them forward for discussion and exchange in the class, and the teacher can give guidance.

The text describes that Xiaojie went out to play with her parents. She was attracted by the beautiful scenery in the lake and couldn't bear to throw bread paper into the clear water. When she was intoxicated with the beautiful scenery, a little boy threw the banana peel into the water. Xiao Jie was very dissatisfied with this kind of environmental damage. Finally, when the boat came to shore, Xiao Jie threw the bread paper into the dustbin. The purpose of this paper is to strengthen the connection with students' life, and to educate students to love nature, protect nature and enhance environmental protection consciousness like Xiaojie.

(4) understand the text and guide reading with emotion

1. Grasp the characteristics of the scenery and appreciate the beauty of the scenery in reading.

(1) read the text by yourself Draw the sentences describing the beautiful scenery in the article. Read the sentences you have sketched in groups first. Then tell us how beautiful the scenery is by combining the key words and sentences with the reality of life.

(2) class communication.

The following sentences are very vivid and vivid, highlighting the characteristics of the scenery:

(1) look, the rock over there looks like a frog about to jump, the rock here looks like an eagle flying with wings, and the pentagons and stone rabbits on the hillside seem to be running a race.

(the still rock seems to be a lively and lovely little animal, which is very interesting.)

She felt like she was flying in the sky and swimming in the water.

(how beautiful it is to be free and integrate with nature

(3) a small silver fish jumped out of the water and disappeared in the waves, as if performing for tourists!

(fish play and play with visitors, bringing joy to visitors.)

(3) to guide the reading, we can read out the beauty of the scenery by means of finger reading and model reading.

2. Grasp the words and sentences that show Xiaojie's attitude change and experience her psychological changes.

(1) use "n" to draw sentences showing the change of Xiaojie's manner, and explain why she has such a change.

(2) communication: first read the sentence, then talk about the experience.

(3) Summary: Xiaojie was immersed in the beautiful scenery at first. When the clean lake water was destroyed, she felt "dissatisfied". Finally, when she saw the garbage can, her eyes brightened. This change of attitude reflected Xiaojie's psychology of caring for and protecting the environment.

(4) to guide reading aloud, read out the psychological changes.

(5) read the full text and deepen education

Read the full text with emotion by name, and talk about what Xiaojie stepped on the shore and looked around; If you were Xiaojie, what would you say to a child who littered banana peels?

Section B

(1) read the full text and talk about feelings

What do you think after learning the text? Tell your ideas to the group.

(2) teaching literacy and writing, reading and writing words

Pay attention to the guidance of writing the following new words:

Che: we should pay attention to the middle part is "education", not "blind".

Wave: can be compared with "splash" in sound and shape.

Ditu: the first stroke is the horizontal stroke, and the following is the word "to".

Illusory: pay attention to the left is "Yao", do not write "Gu", the right do not write "force".

Jue: it says "" on the top, don't write it as "".

Actor: don't throw a short horizontal bar in the middle of the right, and the bottom is "you, Ba".

Reward: it's a "?" on the top, Cannot be written as.

The order of writing in the middle is.

Ditu: the first stroke is the horizontal stroke, and the following is the word "to".

(3) finish lesson 3

You can act in pairs and have a dialogue to enhance students' awareness of environmental protection.

(4) extended exercises

1. What's the environment around your home? How to persuade your family and neighbors to protect the environment consciously?

2. List some figures and examples about environmental pollution to enhance students' awareness of environmental protection.

Classroom practice

1. Fill in the right words.

White () long () beautiful ()

() of mountains () of lakes () of eagles

2. Think about it and write down the dialogue between Xiao Jie and the little boy who litters banana peels.


Little boy:_______________________


Little boy:___________________________

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