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Guilin landscape courseware

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Guilin landscape courseware

all around chinese How to write Guilin landscape courseware? I believe many people want to know, right? The following is a small editor for you to sort out four Chinese Guilin landscape courseware related data Welcome to read!

 Guilin landscape courseware

Guilin landscape courseware

Teaching objectives:

1. Learn new words and new words through self-study.

2. Guide the students to read the text correctly, fluently and emotionally. Recite the text.

3. Read into the scenery, read to understand the feelings, understand the characteristics of Guilin landscape, feel the beauty of Guilin water, feel the language beauty of the text.

4. Through self reading and self understanding, we can understand the author's meticulous observation, grasp the characteristics, and use the method of comparative description of scenery.

Teaching focus: guide students to feel the unique beauty of Lijiang River and Guilin landscape.

Teaching difficulties: through self reading and self understanding, we can understand the author's meticulous observation, grasp the characteristics, and use the method of comparative description of scenery.

Teaching preparation: wall map or video of Guilin landscape. Students take scenery photos when they are traveling.

Instructional design:

First, stories guide people and stimulate interest;

1. Students, last summer vacation, the teacher had the honor to go to Guilin, Guangxi. The painting of mountains and water is really a masterpiece of nature, which makes people relaxed and happy. There are mountains, rivers, bridges, trees, almost all spread a section of moving magic story. For example, father and son Yan, it is said that in ancient times, there were two men named long. They were very skilled in shipbuilding. They not only loaded more grain, but also ran as fast as arrows. Unexpectedly, a councillor named Wan took a fancy to their craft and forced them to build a big boat for him, preparing to collect the grain and rice of the people for the emperor to buy officials. The grain and rice have been emptied by him. Don't you want to starve the people? The father and son of the dragon family refused to do it. They heard that "Guilin landscape is the best in the world", so they came to Guilin in admiration and hid in the caves here. Because of lack of food, they finally starved to death. Father and son rock got their name in this way. In addition, there are Xiangpi mountain, douji mountain, Momi mountain, kupo bridge and Wangfu stone among the beautiful sceneries of Guilin. Are you interested in enjoying it? Listen to that amazing story again?

2. Today, the teacher will go with you to enjoy the landscape of Guilin and appreciate its unique beauty. Take your boat and we're going.

Second, overall perception, leading to the situation.

1. Read the text£¨ Play the video of Guilin landscape)

2. What is the most important sentence you want to say at this time£¨ Let students tell their true feelings)

3. Summarize and quote the first section. No wonder people say it¡° Guilin's landscape is the best in the world£¨ Blackboard writing: the best in the world)

Third, read the second section carefully to understand the feelings.

1. Read freely.

Requirements: write out the most attractive and beautiful place with strokes, practice it well, express the beauty you feel by reading aloud, and tell us why you read so.

2. Exchange and read aloud, in the reading experience of water: "quiet", "clear", "green".

Show the text: the water of Lijiang River is so quiet that you can't feel it flowing; The water of Lijiang River is so clear that you can see the sand and stone at the bottom of the river; The water of Lijiang River is so green that it seems to be a piece of flawless jade.

(1) the static, clear and green water of Lijiang River is highlighted by means of fan reading, naming reading and Qi reading£¨¡° The sentence "Jing" is read lightly and slowly, which makes people feel that the water is flowing gently and slowly¡° The sentence "Qing" was read with surprise, so that everyone could see the sand and stone at the bottom of the river¡° The sentence "green" is read with admiration.

(2) understand the subtlety of the author's expression of "green".

Guide the students to compare the "flawless jade" with "green lawn" and "green glass", and realize the vividness described by the author and his love for the water of Lijiang River.

(3) after reading this sentence, how do you feel about the water carried by Li? In a nutshell, please£¨ Blackboard writing: quiet and green)

1. Experience the author's method of describing the characteristics of scenery in specific images.

(1) show the text: the water of Lijiang River is so quiet!

The water of Lijiang River is so clear!

The water of Lijiang River is really green!

In this way, can we not write the characteristics clearly?

(2) compare with the original sentence, which sentence impresses you more deeply?

Summary: Yes, we do composition We should not only tell the characteristics of the scenery, but also describe it concretely, vividly and meticulously, which can leave a deep impression on people.

(3) show the text

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