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Chinese s version of Guilin landscape courseware

Time: 16:36:41, November 22, 2019 Courseware I want to contribute

Chinese s version of Guilin landscape courseware

Guilin landscape is the representative of China's mountains and rivers. The typical karst terrain constitutes a unique Guilin landscape. Guilin landscape refers to a wide range of projects. Guilin's mountains and waters are "green, beautiful, grotesque and beautiful rocks", including mountains, waters, karst caves, stone carvings, etc. its landscape scenery is world-famous, and has enjoyed the reputation of "Guilin's landscape is the best in the world" for thousands of years. Here's what Xiaobian brought for you chinese S version of Guilin landscape courseware, welcome to read.

 Chinese s version of Guilin landscape courseware

   Teaching objectives

(1) knowledge and skills:

1. Know 8 new words, be able to compose words and dictation, and be able to correctly read and write words such as "flawless, towering, craggy, magnificent and continuous".

2. Recite the full text.

(2) process and method:

1. Through the understanding of the author's language expression characteristics, master the use of quotation, contrast, parallelism, metaphor and other techniques of scenery description;

2. Be able to imitate the example paragraph and learn to write a paragraph with the same sentence pattern.

Emotion, attitude and values

Feel the beauty of Guilin mountains and rivers, cultivate love for the motherland, love the feelings of nature.

   Teaching emphasis: Feel the beauty of Guilin mountains and waters, learn to describe the scenery with the technique of scenery description.

   Teaching difficulties : understand the language characteristics of this article, master the techniques of parallelism and metaphor.

Class hours: 2 hours

   Teaching aids: Guilin landscape pictures

   Teaching process:

   1、 Interesting introduction

Please show the pictures and words of Guilin landscape collected after class in groups data Or songs.

Through the intuitive feeling of Guilin landscape, stimulate students' interest in learning this course. The teacher summarized the students' presentation and introduced the topic Students, we have shown us the beauty of Guilin's mountains and waters in various ways. We can't help but want to go to Guilin to have a look, and praise "Guilin's mountains and waters are the best in the world", which really deserves the reputation. Today, let's learn a prose about Guilin's mountains and waters. Follow the author's eyes and have a look at Guilin

(blackboard writing: Lesson 2 landscape of Guilin)

   2、 Preliminary reading and overall perception

1. Teacher's model reading, students mark the position of new words in the text and the important words in the text;

2. Students read aloud freely, and then read aloud with emotion in rows;

3. Guide students to summarize the main contents of each paragraph

(1) Guilin's landscape is the best in the world;

(2) the water of Lijiang River;

(3) the mountains of Guilin

(4) the landscape of Guilin


Please read out 8 new words and group them;

   3、 Read deeply and overcome difficulties

Section study: the theme of each paragraph of this paper is very distinct, and the overall structure is total, sub and general. It is very suitable to study by sections.

The main sentence of the first paragraph is "Guilin landscape is the best in the world". Why do you say that? Let's move on to paragraph 2 Blackboard writing: Guilin is the best landscape in the world

2. Section 2, water of Lijiang River:

(1) ask a student to read the second paragraph. The teacher will focus on the magnificent and flawless

(2) key points: experience the techniques used by the author to describe the water of Lijiang River

Why did the author write about the water of Lijiang River first? What kind of description is this?

B. what are the characteristics of Lijiang River? How to write it specifically?

(on the blackboard: Lijiang River: quiet, clear and green)

Static: using the method of quotation, teacher: the water of Lijiang River is so quiet that you can't feel it flowing;

Qing: using the method of citation, teacher: the water of Lijiang River is really clear. Student: you can see the sand and stone at the bottom of the river;

Green: using the method of citation, teacher: the water of Lijiang River is really green. Student: it seems that it is a piece of emerald.

Here, the ratio method is adopted to highlight the characteristics of Lijiang River water; It also uses the metaphor technique to compare the green water of Lijiang River to a piece of jadeite.

(3) the mountains of Guilin: (blackboard: mountains of Guilin: strange, beautiful and dangerous)

A. ask one of you to read the third paragraph

B. what are the characteristics of Guilin's mountains through independent exploration and group cooperation? What kind of techniques are used to describe the characteristics of mountains?

Comparison, metaphor and parallelism

(4) section 4, Guilin landscape:

A. ask one of the students to read aloud. The key points are: continuous

B. what techniques does the author use to describe the landscape of Guilin? How does the author describe that "people are swimming in the painting when they are sailing on the Bibo mountain"?

   4、 Overall review, expansion and extension

1. This paper first uses a sentence "Guilin landscape is the best in the world" to guide the whole article, and then describes the scenery from the water of Lijiang River and the mountains of Guilin. Finally, the mountain and water of Guilin merge into a beautiful picture, adopting the structure of "total - sub - general".

2. In describing the scenery, the author uses such rhetorical devices as parallelism, metaphor and contrast to make the language of Guilin as beautiful as the beautiful scenery. In our daily life, we also see a lot of beautiful scenery. Can you imitate the writing technique of this article: "really quiet, quiet..."; It's so pure, so clear; It's really green. It's green. Describe the scenery you see.

3. Our motherland is really beautiful, just like a picture scroll. Students, if you can, we must go out and have a look, broaden our horizons and cultivate our mind of opening a room.

   5、 Assign work

Please imitate the writing technique of Lijiang River, write a piece of 60 words or so to describe the scenery you have seen or especially like.

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